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Have game system, will travel. Check out Steven’s gear (including his choice of holster) at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • Turns out that was Staff picks. Looking from newest I’ve found four guns by page four. Apparently the Staff over there thinks lockpicks and lucky statues are more sensible than a gun.

      Also, do people not realise you can easily make a copy of a key from a picture? Really?

        • Lots of clues available. Username hints, other objects in the photo, EXIF data of the photo, other posts by that same username, could wait for them to experience a TTAG-style database failure where everyone’s email addresses become visible to everyone else or cause one themselves with any number of methods.

          Short answer, if somebody wanted to find a lock for any of those keys they could.
          Ease is not the issue because once somebody wants to it becomes fun no matter how many hours, days or weeks it takes.

          Shia LeBeouf’s flag should be beyond proof enough for that.

        • If you say so, McGruff, but if anyone out there has that combination of freakish obsession, impressive technical skills, and the boundless idle time to use them both to get into your shit, I really don’t think his master plan is going to come crashing down just because he lacks a picture of your keys.

        • Thanks to Shire-man, very well put. I would also add casual acquaintances- coworkers, regulars at the same places you are, shifty friends of friends Who recognize your kit or the fact that many of these are posted using their full name. You and I are both more at risk for this due to our pretty forthright user names.

        • Shia LaBoofus managed to motivate a lot of people with technical know-how and too much time on their hands to do something and gave them a live-link providing continual hints.

          Some random post on everyday carry is not compromising op sec, tacticoolness aside.

          Also, no one cares to try and track you down when they could just break a window of the house the neighborhood over. Lower the paranoia quotient unless you really want to be like Shia.

  1. There’s not a lot to like about popular culture these days, but the fact that people who don’t recognize the emblem on his handheld are now considered the weird ones is a beautiful thing.

    You’ve come a long way, geeks.

    • I must be one of the weird ones. I don’t even know what his “hand held” is. It looks like an old PDA. But then, I am of the dinosaur class. I refuse to “upgrade” to a smart phone. My computer has no camera or mic attached even though it is Windows 10. I don’t use (or even know how to use) twitter, have no FacePalm account, etc. And to bring things full circle, I won’t ever own a “smart gun”; my favorite gun is a Colt SAA in .45 Colt.

    • lol no, sorry. Users of a particular handheld gaming device are not the majority, and they’re the only ones that care.


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