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Here we have a pocket dump that’s truly a pocket dump…firearm and all. And what’s more pocketable than a venerable Smith 642? See all of Ray’s gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Impressed that he carries not one, but two reloads. I rarely carry any reloads. Just the 642 in the pocket holster.

    • I see this meme all the time. If you’re unable to handle the manual of arms with a revolver under stress how you going to handle the more complicated semi auto?

      On a square range with no pressure I’ve seen people grip their semi wrong and drop their mag out on the ground. How you going to handle a tap and rack, or more serious stoppage if you can’t do something as simple as load a revolver?

      Every trip to the range, without exception, I see people have difficulties with their autos. Doesn’t happen often with revolvers.

      If I was a cop or a soldier I’d carry the latest and greatest. But since I’m an old fart with a low risk lifestyle I’ll carry a revolver. Or my Makarov. Or my Sigma.

      • Take any normal person who uses a revolver and auto and see how fast and effectively they load the former compared to the latter under adrenaline. There is no contest. Ease of reload, in addition to capacity, is why police moved away from revolvers despite the protests of dinosaurs. And it’s a good thing, because cops were getting killed over reloads (they first moved to speed loaders for the same reason- many cops began carrying personal ones first against regs).

        You talk about ‘no pressure’ range outings but that’s not what I’m worried about. You wouldn’t believe how many dropped shells, fumbled speed-loaders, and failures to eject properly I’ve seen during qualifications where the only pressure is qualifying (so slightly higher pressure than just going to the range to fire a few rounds). The manual dexterity and fine motor skills needed to reload a revolver is higher, particularly if you’re using speed-strips, than an auto which you can ram the magazine in and release the slide pretty easily, barely looking at the firearm. Compare that to reloading a revolver where both of your hands are busy and you are looking down to make sure you get the rounds in the bore-holes. Under adrenaline dump those fine motor skills… well, get dumped.There is a reason the NY reload was used by many in the days of revolvers.

        The good news is that carrying multiple speed-loaders is, as I said, rather pessimistic; DGUs extremely rarely require a reload (supposedly around .5%), much less two. But if you’re going to need to reload, you would be much better with a semi. And if you think you’re going to get the chance in a firefight to reload a revolver with speed-strips TWICE, well, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

        Don’t get me wrong, I qualified for years on a revolver. I shot it great and could reload pretty fast with speed-loaders (not strips). But it’s nowhere near the easy of reloading a semi. And I recognize that limitation even as I still carry a revolver at times because, as you say, I’m not always in need of the biggest-capacity gun.

        • As I said. If I was a cop or soldier I’d take the auto. But I’m not required to go to the gunfire these days.

          The old school combo of shotgun and revolver will suffice for basic self defense needs for us non sworn members of the general populace.

          Disclaimer. I’m not saying to ban or not allow any type of weapon. If you chose a plasma rifle in the 40 watt range or a katana for self defense, that’s your business.

          But, realistically for us average folk the revolver/ shotgun combo works. And works well.

        • sure sure sure… like I said, I still carry one sometimes (especially in rural areas where wildlife is an issue). That .357 magnum cartridge is nice to have. It’s just that I recognize the benefit of an auto for reloading over a wheelgun.

      • “Every trip to the range, without exception, I see people have difficulties with their autos. Doesn’t happen often with revolvers.”

        Yeah, sure. Good job, you’ve been contrary for no reason.

  2. Just because this guy carries a revolver doesn’t mean you have to. Some people (shocked face) don’t even carry a gun. *collective gasp* I know, now take a breath and calm down….


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