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Ron, who work in “tactical communications”, shows this as his summer carry compliment. Then again, he writes that when things get cooler, “Not much changes during the winter, except the firearm might change.” Fair enough. Check out all of his current gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • Yeah, I’m really liking that clip.

      Kinda like a modified ‘Mexican carry’.

      But with the long, slow, heavy (yet oh-so-smooth) trigger, a whole lot safer than striker-fired with one in the pipe…

  1. I’ve been really looking hard at trading out my LCP for an LCR 9mm…

    Looks like Ron has pocket flame thrower (aka, snubby .357.)

    • If you don’t mind clips the 9mm is easily the better choice for most. What they need to do is make the 3″ in .45ACP (though I’d love .44 Special). Even if you’d need to go to a 5 shot capacity, a 3″ LCRx in .45 would be a hoot.

  2. Just curious: all the edcs we are shown belong to men. Have any pro Second women submitted their choices for their handbags or, more rarely, pockets?

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