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Rob calls this his “casual EDC” and lists his occupation as “flight crew.” Good to know the friendly skies are safe, too. See what he’s carrying at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. They can be offended, and still like their ugly ass glocks, ill never buy one and waste my money, especially in colors like that, ew!

  2. Well I like glocks and the possibilities are endless but even I don’t like that. You colors should be on toys so there is no mistaking real for fake

  3. If someone ever falsely accuses him of brandishing, when the police ask for a description of the gun, nobody would ever guess yellow.

  4. I was considering the other day that a cerakote job that matches my flesh tone could be something different that’s also handy. But if your skin looks like this Glock you need to get your liver checked out.


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