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That’s a lot of firepower (not to mention weight) to tote around on a daily basis. See everything RR’s toting at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. He could get a Glock or a P320 with one extra mag and hold the same amount of ammo with half the weight.

  2. River rat gonna sink like a river rock with all that hardware if he goes overboard. Please tell me that’s the rotation and not the load out. I’ve always wondered about those double taps but I can’t see making the ammo sacrifice to carry one over a shield or a kahr or the like.

    • don’t buy it. shooting it is the equivalent to trying to catch the end of a baseball bat being swung by a league professional. I had to make a pair of spent shells for one here in maryland, I regretfully made the second casing and for the next hour, I could have sworn I broke my hand. sore for the next day and a half.

  3. Or carry a modern gun with a spare mag and have far superior fire power. Seriously is a 3rd reload for a backup backup derringer realistic in any world?

  4. Well…to each their own I reckon. The snake slayers and doubletaps are cool as far as novelty guns go…unfortunately they aren’t priced as such. Why not ditch the derringers and just add another 1911?

    • my only handgun at the moment is a Jericho 941 fullsize steel in .40 S&W. Love the gun, love how it handles. It is not easily concealed, esp. in summer when I am out walking the dog in sports clothing or cooler fabrics. I’m squirreling away for a Bond 45 Colt/.410 due to some of the other more aggressive dogs and wildlife in the neighborhood. It isn’t the most ideal carry gun but A gun is better than NO gun. I can also get a .40 barrel and swap out if and when I want…plus I can share ammo with some of my other firearms. We all have to balance out our needs with what is practical.

  5. This ‘edc’ brought to you by the department of redundancy department, where 2 is 1 and 1 is none.

    • Eh, if you’re outdoors it can be a lot smarter to have a GPS instead. Cheaper in the long run than upgrading to a phone (his looks like it might not suffice) and works better in some areas.

  6. Im gonna give him the benefit of the doubt that he keeps all that crap stashed in his car because hes some kind of driver … or maybe hes just trolling.

  7. I was going to call BS but when I looked at the actual page at EDC it has his vocation listed as truck driver. With that in mind I could see that being doable…he could have a gun in the glove box, one in center console or stashed somewhere else in the cab while the third gun is on his body. Seems like a lot and it is for one person to tote around, but in a vehicle this could make sense.

  8. Bull, carry a Sig P-938 9mm in a nice holster and you’ll be set, lite , easy to carry, nice fire power, any one that says 9mm can’t get it done is nuts

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