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It doesn’t get much more minimalist than this. As Outwardhound says, “The LCP and Case Stockman are in my pocket every day, all day (and night), whether I’m teaching a class, on a tractor, or sitting at home. They’re practical and unobtrusive, although depending on the day’s activities I’ll often add items including a Beretta 92, light, keys, phone, and wallet – but regardless these two items are truly my EDC.” See the details at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • Yup. A minimalist like me. The only thing I’d add to that is a wad of cash.

    • I’ll call it an honest pocket dump.
      Way too many of these guys are just trying to show off their fanciest gat and the field notes book that stays in their desk and never leaves the house.

      • I wonder about this. Sometimes it does seem like people are trying to show off and venture into the absurd.

        Other times I feel like there’s a disconnect between the EDC website and TTAG calling it a “pocket dump” where it’s kinda clear that the person is showing their business EDC that involves all the stuff they use for work on a daily basis.

        I dunno where the line is. I know someone who’s EDC is a pistol, spare mag and 20+ pounds of tools on a tool belt because he works construction. If he did an EDC I don’t feel like he’d include the belt and tools.

  1. What, a pocket dump that fits in a pocket, only one knife and no Field Notes? Unpossible!

  2. A nice base set up, though I hate that gun (it just doesn’t fit my hand).

    Nice that hound admits he adds to it as necessary too.

    Well done.

  3. Strych9 is correct on the disconnect . Many on gear or edc forums or sections of a forum tote a ton of stuff, some just like to add new stuff as that’s what they’re into . Keep in mind most folks feel you’re nuts if you carry one gun.

    Right now at work ( Fire LT) I have two knives , a Strider FB and a XM18 folder that’s about $600 in knives, iPhone, Fenix light, ems gloves 5×9 trauma dressing, pen Moleskinne pad ( field notes are for pikers).

    Off the job one knife , a gun, wallet, phone and a single cell CR 123 light as there is a 100% chance of darkness, oh and always a watch I have several in my rotation from a Blackface Explorer II to a Gshock. I have a folder and light on me at the gym….as well as phone .

    Must have been that whole Boy Scout thing.

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