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Mr. Myles pocket dump features one of my all-time favorite firearms: the FN FNS-9c. In fact, I gave the Belgian-born ballistic bauble a five-star review. FN USA’s relatively new 509 is another great handgun, in terms of reliability, accuracy, durability, ergonomics, design and trigger. So . . .

why aren’t FN’s getting much respect in gun stores? Or, for that matter, with you?

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  1. They do, I have an FNX-9;
    Loved it. Until I found my Steyr M9. I don’t think I’ve shot the FN since then 2 years ago. (I am planning to shoot it tonight though).

    When I handled the Steyr I just fell in love with it.

    • I’ve always heard good things, but more through the grapevine. Is it a lack of advertising on their part?

      Now that I look at it, is the trigger like the S&W hinge style? Some folks like it. I could never get used to it.

  2. I dunno.
    Name recognition I guess…
    In my shop Smith & Wesson and Glock dominate the mid-priced selection. Taurus takes up the lions share of the economy line with their PT111…
    Sometimes folks just don’t have the time or inclination to learn about other brands that are just as good or better for them. A good salesman shouldn’t lay his opinions on too thick to a first time buyer and risk confusing or alienating someone who isn’t interested in learning more and unfortunately, we get that a lot.

  3. I’ve always heard good things, but more through the grapevine. Is it a lack of advertising on their part?

    Now that I look at it, is the trigger like the S&W hinge style? Some folks like it. I could never get used to it.

  4. So far I’m 0 for 3 in my quest to replace my P938 or Officers 45. Tried a Canik S&W 2.0 compact. And a Sar B6P. Next is the FN or Walther compact. Truthfully price has kept me away so far.

    • Why didn’t you like the M&P compact 2.0? The only negative thing I’ve heard so far is that the largest backstrap keeps the mag from releasing. Just curious.

    • Why would you replace mid-highish end pistols with a cheap one? Bored, looking for something lighter, want to go from SA to striker? If you like 1911 quality you will probably need to spend the $$$ to find something else, or stick with what works.

      Some 1911 folk like the HK45/hk45c as you can carry SA with safety, or decock for da, or get a Lem trigger. Otherwise… Hudson 9 is the 1911/striker combo.

      You seem to like Sig, so why not 320 or new 365?

      • Id need a holster that completely covers the grip. Belt carry is not an issue at all. Nothing I tried worked for me. I carry IWB at 3:00. My daily dress is a t shirt and jeans everyday. Even if you sand down the grip insert. Which I did the large one. The frame has stippling too. I ended up using a Pachmyr sleeve and some surgical tape covering the left upper part of the frame under the insert.
        All said and done. I find the grip still longer then Id like on the 2.0. So its time go for a high cap sub compact. These guns are Glock 26,27 size for the most part and I don’t care for Glocks.
        The FNC or Walther PPQ-Sc should fit the bill. But I have to have one in hand first. This time before buying it.

  5. FNs are slick but expensive, and I’m happy with the M&P line.

    BTW, I EDC that Olight. Not recommended. It’s bright, but has no throw. Having a magnetic tail cap is nice, except that that means the button’s on the side, which is small and hard to find. Also, it’s been unreliable since I dropped it on a parking lot from about four feet.

  6. I used to be a major FN proponent. The FNP-45 was the first pistol I ever really lusted after, and I still hold that pistol in very high regard. My problem with FN is not their product, but rather their customer service. Several years ago, they changed things up internally and they instantly went from one of the best to sub par.

    Guns are too expensive to support companies that do not support their customers when there are plenty of viable alternatives.

  7. “So why aren’t FN’s getting much respect in gun stores? Or, for that matter, with you?”

    Are they not? Is there some reason to believe that FN isn’t getting much love in the US? Personally, I like FN pistols. I don’t own very many at this point but they’re a brand that I have respect for and would acquire more of over time.

  8. Price. This is a capitalist economy. I can find something as good or better for cheaper. And that’s the way it should be.

  9. Need to get a big contract, Major Military contract, Federal LE, Special Forces. And then Shout about it.
    Or get their products in movies.
    Make their unique products (5.7×28) more available and cheaper. Bolt rifle, compact pistol.

      • Very true, but we cannot conceal carry one.
        If the military or FBI carried one of their handguns I think it might help, Or if Bruce Willis had a 509 in the next Die Hard movie.
        Although plenty of Military units carried High Powers and we see the P90 in movies

  10. Well…over on gun deals…you can go back a couple of weeks and not see any 9mm FNs listed. So they are selling well enough to not need closeout sales or not enough have been sold to distributors to saturate the market.

    The were a little late to the game with plastic striker guns and then they were pricey. Their hammer fired 45 is a neat gun but way too high for a range toy.

    FN used to be a lot like HK and focus on governemnt sales which does not do much for consumer prices and interest. Dont know about now.

    Their compact pistol looked ok but not good enough to unseat my SR9c. Holster selection may also have something to do with it.

    HK seems to address the consumer market with their SK versions which are usually cheaper then the service sized gun. Mainly the P3O and VP9.

    Maybe the bottom line is that FN doesnt get the nuances of the American Market and invest in the right advertising and marketing.

  11. First, I like what you’ve done with the EDC posts RF, you have actually made them interesting and conversation starting.

    As for why I don’t use FN, it’s because I don’t get a steep discount on them like I do with Glock, SW, and Ruger. I would love an FN .45 but I just don’t have the extra cash right now with a one year old and with another on the way. In fact, I’m not buying any guns for the foreseeable future 🙁

    I carried an FN M240 for years. Now that was a great carry piece

  12. Bought one with night sights a couple years ago. Would probably be carrying it if I weren’t a .45 kind of guy

  13. I’ve got three FNs. And local stores can’t keep the Five-seveN in stock. So I think they are getting some love.

  14. I have three and love them. The 9C, FNS 40 and FNX 45. All three have been absolutely reliable. The 9C is one of my carry guns and the 45 is my night stand gun. As far as cost goes, the 9C was $450, the 40 was bought new for $320 and the 45 was bought used, in great condition for $499. I’ve heard radio commercials for them, so they are targeting the consumer market. As far as why they don’t get the respect in gun stores, I can only guess that they’re crowded out by Glock, S&W, Sig and Ruger.

  15. But if I get a FN I’ll have to replace the SIG sticker on the back of my silver Ford Escape. You know the one that’s on the opposite side of the back window from the baby Groot wearing headphones.

  16. Hard to say why. Love my FNS9 and FNX9. I think they’d be more popular if spare mags didn’t cost so freakin much and were compatible from model to model. It’s really expensive to be an FN fan boy, that’s why there aren’t any.

    • Exactly! Why didn’t FN make the FNX-9 and FNS-9 magazines the same? The high price of the magazines would be easier to handle if they were compatible.

      As an FNX-9 owner (two of them actually) I wanted to cut down the handle on one to fit the FNS-9c shorter magazine and make my own FNX-9c. But nope, not compatible. And FN probably will never make an FNX-9c.

  17. I absolutely love my FNX 45, and everyone that shoots it loves it as well. I got a great deal on it because it’s the stainless slide model and apparently was hard to move so, brand new, it cost me about $610. I even prefer shooting it over my 1911!

    Haven’t bothered with 9mm FNs because my Glocks, Kahr, and CZ do everything I want them to do. The 5.7 is a cool gimmick but I’ve got a lot of other “cool gimmick” purchases to go before I make it to that one!

  18. I have owned FN long guns, shotties, handguns, and carbines for many years. I have used them all in the field (family ranch) to shoot targets and critters and varmints of every description non-human. I have not pampered these firearms. All of them have performed very well for years. I will continue to purchase FN products with glee.

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