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Chet’s cash-positive pocket dump reminds me of an idea I’ve encountered a number of times: mugger money. A spare wallet to hand over or throw down if you’re mugged. The idea appeals to me, but not as a distraction designed to enable a counter-attack . . .

Should my situational awareness fail and I’m unlucky enough to face a mugger again, I may or may not counter-attack. If I do, well, I haven’t practiced the throw-the-wallet-draw-my-gun-and-fire maneuver. I reckon I’d use a Krav-strike-and-draw move. Or…not.

But I love the idea of avoiding the hassle of getting a new Texas driver’s license and license to carry. By separating my ID from my cash, I could miss out on that bureaucratic bonanza.

At the end of the day, my pocket is stuffed as it is. And as the typos in these parts indicate, my memory isn’t what it used to be (which wasn’t great to start with); I could easily forget one or the other of my two wallets.

So…just one for both cash and plastic. You?

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  1. Mostly just wanted to say +1 for the North American.
    As for carrying throw-down money? I’m too stingy to give even a bundle of blank slips of paper wrapped in a single $1 bill. And since the only cash I carry is in my DeSantis City Slicker tucked in my waistband, a mugger won’t like me reaching for that to “present” to him.
    So I guess my best defense is to stay off this damn phone when I’m out and about and pay attention to what’s going on around me.

  2. When I worked in certain sections of Miami, Brownsville for instance I carried a throw down wallet back in the late 70’s. The other workers told me to do so. We could not carry any weapons and the druggies and other criminal elements would slip a knife in you or shoot if you resisted. It was easier to just hand them a wallet with some fake ID’s and a 20 or two inside. I gave up 2 wallets during the 8 months was stuck working there. As soon as I could I bid the hell out of that hell hole and never looked back. When you were going into places where the police would not go in at night to escort you to turn some ladies power back on what did that tell you? If I did’nt have a wife and young child who needed the medical insurance I would have quit that job the first week.

  3. I don’t carry cash so I’d just toss my wallet and cancel all the cards.

    The dip, however, will be pried only from my cold, dead hands.

  4. I carry the same type of wallet, but it’s not for “mugger money.”

    I switched to that type when I started carrying for 2 reasons.

    1. Carrying at the 4:30 – 5:00 position, my wallet wasn’t as easily accessible as it used to be in my right rear pocket… so I condensed to the necessities (cash, plastic, ID cards) and switched to that style carried in a front pocket.

    2. Not that I have frequent run-ins with law enforcement (haven’t been pulled over since the late 90s), I didn’t want to have to reach anywhere near my firearm to get to my wallet.

    Bonus reason: If I do ever happen to be mugged, I can reach for my firearm with the same basic gesture as if I were reaching for my wallet.

  5. Never carry cash in a wallet. Always in a front pocket. Wallet is one of those minimal Danco deals. Late father’s influence once again. “Right front pocket is for your gun, nothing else”.

  6. Nahhhh….if you throw down a wallet they may shoot/stick you anyway.

    If they let me get out a small, black wallet, they will find it is a Ruger LCP.

    • Youth and strength are no match for age and wicked deviousness: distract them by “making it rain” with a handful of play money while you clear leather with your other hand.
      I can just imagine the looks I’d get practicing that maneuver at the range…

  7. U got a gun and mugger money? Not something I’d do. Muggers will always run your pockets, where he’ll find a pistol and a knife. Skip the foreplay and give him the lead

  8. When I lived in NYC in the ’70s, carrying “mugger money” was considered necessary. After my wife was robbed at knife point twice, I switched to carrying a .38.

  9. Having long carried my cash separate from my wallet I have many times thought about being able to throw cash at a mugger in order to facilitate my removal from the situation.

  10. True story. An American CEO and billionaire many times over is in NYC walking to a board meeting. Two guys mug him. He pulls out his wallet and with one motion, flicks it across the bust street. One guy takes off after it. He immediately explains to the other guy that there is around $3,000 in the wallet, and if he wants some of it, he had better run down his friend. The guy takes off. The CEO goes onto the board meeting and never mentions the occurrence until after the meeting.


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