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Matt’s a creative director for 5.11. And while he says he’s relatively new to concealed carry, he seems to have it down. While he’s also pocket-carried a Smith 340PD, he’s happy with the 9mm Shield IWB for now. Check out the rest of his Everyday Carry choices below . . .

  1. Seiko Black Monster on bracelet
  2. Bellroy Hide & Seek wallet
  3. S&W M&P Compact (9mm)
  4. VTAC sights by Trijicon
  5. Spare M&P Compact 10 round mag (CA!)
  6. 5.11 EDC flashlight
  7. DPx HEAT
  8. DIY monkeyfist lanyard
  9. OG Gerstner Machinist’s Chest
  10. Southpaw stippling by Taran Tactical Innovations
  11. Blade-Tech Total Eclipse IWB
  12. iPhone 6 in MagPul case

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    • “The Gerstner chest is an EDC item?”

      Take a look at them on eBay, some of them latch down on top and have carry handles, so, mebbe…

    • Because he feels the need to post a picture of all his knick knacks on his knick knack chest for the whole world to see, he’s probably the genius who created their new plaid tactiskirt.

  1. V quick straw-poll… Who here has views on 5.11 quality control?

    I’ve had numerous items of 5.11 kit, which is generally well designed – but there have been serious failures on several items much sooner than I would have expected at the price-point:

    Rush 24 backpack: main compartment zipper failed in under a week of normal use

    Skyweight Rapid-dry boots: sole split all the way through at the ball-of-the-foot point, after less than one month of routine use

    Taclite plate carrier: one of the cinch buckles for adjusting shoulder position snapped literally the first time I tried to adjust it

    Now don’t get me wrong, I think 5.11 products are (generally) fantastic for ergonomics and well thought through design. But out of the maybe dozen items of 5.11 equipment / clothing I’ve bought, three have failed way before they had any right to do so.

    So – anyone else, serious QA/QC issues with 5.11…..?


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