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In the same way that George Costanza has different names for his daily clothing selections, JR calls this selection ‘functional vintage.’ All we know is that the Kahr CW9 carried inside the waistband is a reliable, comfortable way to go. See the rest of JR’s Everyday Carry choices below . . .


  1. Kershaw Cryo
  2. Casio MRW 200H
  3. Bushnell Pro-T501
  4. Hand made leather notebook cover – 1970
  5. Kohinoor Rapidomatic 0.5mm
  6. White Hat Holsters -Micro Tuck
  7. Kahr CW9 9mm
  8. Vintage 1975 Pigskin Satchel (Germany)
  9. Listerine breath strips
  10. Alpine Swiss Money Clip Wallet

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  1. Tuzky Koh-I-noor do celeho sveta! 🙂 (Koh-I-noor pencils to the whole world! Old Czech commercial this reminded me.)


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