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We like the gun, of course, the blades are nice, and the lock picks are an interesting choice. But bourbon flavored toothpicks? Yes, please! See it all at Everyday Carry . . .


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  1. Nice setup, but that lockpick set makes me nervous. Whose locks are you picking, eh?

    Anybody know what’s going on with the grip on that XD-S? I can’t tell if it’s an adhesive or if the original texture was sanded down and then stippled.

    • It’s not strictly speaking legal, but picks are a great way to screw with your friends (the ones who won’t call the cops) by rearranging their furniture when they’re not home and re-locking the door on your way out.

      From what I’ve heard, *cough* after a few times they start to really freak out. Nothing is missing though so they have no reason to call the cops because there’s no evidence of anything and they’d look crazy.

      My sources tell me it’s best if a wife or husband is in on it to record the victim’s reaction (and make sure they don’t call the police).

    • Ones $21 the other is nearly $100 (that Benchmade is a great knife but hard on your fingers if you pocket clip it).

      The cheapo Gerber is a beater knife, the other one is taken care of, likely kept sharp for use as an actual last ditch weapon.

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