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John's everyday carry gear featuring a Ruger LCP

Some think a mouse gun is too small and ineffective to carry as a self defense firearm. The funny thing is, though, we’ve never met anyone who’d be OK taking a .380 round just to show how underpowered they are. See all of John’s gear at Everyday Carry . . .

everyday carry EDC concealed carry pocket gun

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  1. Ive carried my Beretta 21A when no other gun I currently own will do the job.
    Ive never really felt comfortable depending on a 22LR. So I went and got a Sig P238 380acp. Even less dependable!!!! Back to Sig 4 times. I know it will go bang once. Twice in a row?? Maybe, sometimes?? Its a crapshoot.
    So now its my Officers 45acp 20/24/7. it goes bang all the time every time.

    • For a pocket gun I like the Ruger LCP. Mine has never failed to fire. It is no fun to shoot, but does shoot. Sights are near worthless but at the intended range that is not a problem.

    • I had some feeding issues with my P238 during the first 100 rounds or so. It’s fired every time since then, including the Lehigh rounds that shootingthebull410 reviewed and were highlighted here. PNC range ammo and some S&B is what goes through it the rest of the time. I over oiled it when cleaning at about 60 rounds and I think that had something to do with the feeding issues from there. I’ve shot a TCP and an LCP and the 238 is more accurate for me. If you still have it give it a chance to break in.

      • No notification of the comment even though I subscribed to follow up comments. Same as with the old format. This is from my phone so I guess I’ll try it from the laptop. Name and email not saved.

  2. I don’t know why people constantly say things like “we’ve never met anyone who’d be OK taking a .380 round just to show how underpowered they are.” in regards to mouse guns, birdshot or FMJ. I wouldn’t want to take a .22 pellet from a pellet gun either, but you would be nuts to make that your home defense gun. Its about picking the best tool for the job, and one that has a good chance of being able to stop the threat.

    • I wouldn’t want to stand in front of a super soaker full of piss, apparently that makes it a good self defence weapon to some.

  3. I liked ya’lls old layout better than this current system. I don’t know about the rest of the visitors here but this new layout seems super fake and wierd. Go back to the old system.

    • Seconded. This whole ‘low contrast style’ big tech is trying to push everyone onto just looks like crap. I know all the big websites are trying to push us all onto it, but it really really looks like shit and actually hurts my eyes to look at.

    • “I liked ya’lls old layout better than this current system.”


      Worse, the name and e-mail data field issue IS STILL THERE !!!

      Is this something that we readers are just going to have to choke on and suffer with, TTAG?


  4. Hello new look. Well, I know there will always be bitchin (I still like the “original” look from late ’12) but it’ll just take a little getting used to. Right off, I’d say I like the banner transition better…works more smoothly, where the previous one kinda jumped in transition when paging down.

  5. I am looking for a ttag ‘s blog where I can discuss(debate) firearm’s designs, and stuff like mirror polish vs jeweled, vs rough but worn friction factors. Progressive rifleing compared to button rifleing? Bullet designs n stuff like that.

  6. The foundational rule of armed self defense:

    First, have a gun….

    A “mouse gun” on your person is better than a full-size 1911 left back home in your gun safe.


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