A CZ-75 P-01 carried in a Just Holster It IWB rig. That’s a carry complement anyone would feel confident with no? Check out the rest of Jo Ad’s gear at Everyday Carry.


  1. Just did my pocket dump. Lint, 35 cents in change, bic lighter , and small sheet metal screw. My wife just did her purse dump. PA63, spare mag, boot knife, handy man tool, swiss army knife, mini mag flashlite, pepper spray, pliers,1/2 wrench,9/16 wrench, phillips and flat screw driver,small role of duct tape, super glue,8ft. of 120Lb.test nylon rope,chapstick, bandaids,pain relief pills,scissors, needle and roll of thread, 4ft wide roll ace bandage, S&W handcuffs, cell phone. 4 energy bars, keys with knife on key chain, rubber tourniquet, zippo lighter, change purse, small bottle tincture of iodine, DL. credit cards, emergency phone call list, cash purse, small magnifying glass, tweezers, and believe it or not a tiny toy plastic kitchen sink.

  2. Cue the “I don’t know why you’d tell anyone what you carry in your pockets the government or an internet nerd will figure out who you are and dox you, besides this defeats the purpose of concealed carry” guy.

    Cool stuff, man!


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