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I reckon ItsMeHannahM‘s ditzy speaking style is post-modern ironic. In other words, her over-the-top gesturing and air quotes and all isn’t really her. Until she gets bored with it. And then it is. Got it? Bonus points if you can make it though the whole 3:40 without suffering from shock and appall. We’ll give a box of HPR ammo to the reader who provides the best, comprehensive fisking of Hannah M’s inanity…’cause I’m on spring break in the Gunshine State, trying my damnedest to avoid Kilwins.

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  1. Hey Robert, Where in Florida are you please don’t tell me you’re in Daytona Beach. I live in st. Pete Florida Just was wondering where you were vacationing at?

  2. This is the FLAME DELETED I have heard. People who would steal this FLAME DELETED laptop would not worry about a law that makes it legal to carry a gun. They would just carry the gun. FLAME DELETED

    • Surprised that this wasn’t already replaced with the “FLAME DELETED” tag. Jim, did you get a chance to screen scrape your comment and put it up on the CSGV’s Twitter page as another example of how vile, angry and sexist gun rights supporters really are? Out of curiosity, how much do you get paid for this work? I grow tired of my normal routine and may be looking for other opportunities.

  3. Well, I failed in the endurance test. I sort of stopped listening when she started talking about how we’re going to legalize muggings. Yeah. This is why you need to be able to pass an basic IQ and Constitution test to vote.

  4. I think she needs to go see the school nurse…. The Syphillus has obviously gone to her head. A few Z-packs and she’ll be right as rain again. Til the next frat party, that is.

    • I can’t waste the time to view the video. I just had to laugh at the way the hammers were drawn on those revolvers. I’ve never seen hammers quite like that.

  5. I mean… this is a pretty typical low-info rant. Apparently we’re legalizing armed mugging now. BUT NOT WEED WTF YOU GUISE #legalizeit #feelthebern

    I can’t tell whether she honestly believes that living in the city is the best way to avoid violence. She then threatens to transfer to the smallest town possible to avoid people who carry guns. Definitely no guns in small-town America, no ma’am.

    I can practically smell the communications major on this one. Maybe a pinch of gender studies as a minor, or perhaps it’s “diversity studies” now. As an insufferable STEM elitist myself (Biochem for life, literally), I weep at the thought that this girl took up admissions space that could have been filled by a physicist or engineer or a fellow biochemist. Is this ad hominem? Yes, but it addresses the growing problem of universities as indoctrination centers rather than free-thought bastions. I bet *all* of her friends think in social-justice lockstep.

    There is no reasoning with this young woman. Her examples of library mugging a show that she immediately equated guns with evil. She is incapable of believing that they can be a force for good, therefore, any attempt to argue the other side would not compute in her mind. Only “rednecks” like guns. Mr. Colion Noir would probably make her head explode.

  6. Piece of cake, she’s not nearly as annoying as 4 minutes of Maddow. As soon as I get to an actual keyboard I’ll get to the fisking….

  7. Both high school and college have failed to teach her what literally and legal mean. It doesn’t matter how “legal” a weapon is if it’s being used to commit an armed robbery.

    I can NOT tell if she’s being sarcastic when she says that, “Cities are known to be the safest places.”

    I should apologize to my employer for watching this at work, because the stupid was so strong, I’ll be doing a poor job on the rest of my tasks today…

    • Well, when you have United States Senators declaring that “it is legal to hunt humans”, what do you expect?

  8. Because, like, thinking is such hard work for her, and she would really rather not, cause, like, guns are so icky for a communications major to have to think about!

    • LOL’d at that one.

      This is the kind of “lad”y we used to say was studying for her “MRS” degree but that would be insensitive of me.

        • From

          FLAME: Computer Slang. an angry, critical, or disparaging electronic message, as an online comment.

          I didn’t think I was being angry, critical or disparaging. I thought it was constructive.

          That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  9. 2:27 was my limit. I can’t tell if it’s satire or just obnoxious banter, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I hope for the sake of this generation (I’m 28) that this is completely satire.

  10. /startfisk
    1) We don’t have gun control in America. = Then why do I have to fill out a 4473 every time I buy a new gun and have to pay for a laminated license and a class to carry? Feels a lot like control to me.
    2) In America we have too many rednecks . . . = Since most Americans live in large urban centers, and not every rural American can be classified as a redneck, it is statistically impossible that we have too many rednecks. Unless she considers even one redneck too many.
    3) . . . i can understand why you want them. = No, you most certainly do not understand nor are you trying to, so you should stop claiming to.
    4) You know what’s just great about that? = Yep, more good guys who can not only defend themselves, but possibly even you.
    5) I live in the city, and cities are known for being the safest places in America. = Cities are the highest crime areas in every country that they exist in. This holds especially true in America.
    6) You wanna not be killed or threatened, go to a city. = Yea, like Chicago, or New Orleans, or St Louis, or Baltimore, or DC, or, or, or, or, or . . .
    7) Hey girl give me your laptop, and now we’re making that legal. = Wait, I thought you were talking about decriminalizing concealed carry by law abiding citizens not legalizing armed robbery. Like stop like changing the subject ok?
    8) . . . he legally has that gun. = No, felons are not allowed to have guns. Nor do they qualify for the permit that is required to carry concealed. It’s the same guy who illegally brought the gun before the law was changed, because the law doesn’t apply to him.
    9) He legally has a weapon that he can threaten me with. = Nope, threatening people with a weapon is illegal. Unless say it was the guy who went through the permit process who is threatening the mugger that threatened his or your life first. See how that works?
    10) I don’t feel safe like that. = I doubt you even know what feeling safe means, let alone feels like.
    11) I will transfer schools and move into the smallest town . . . = NOOOOO!!! Please don’t bring your blinding ignorance to our towns! You know, the towns where everybody is armed and everybody is safe . . .
    12) We have had a couple of shootings recently. You know what we should do, legalize it. = Wait, I thought you were talking about decriminalizing concealed carry by law abiding citizens, then you changed it to legalizing armed robbery. Now we are talking about legalizing mass murder? Like stop like changing the subject or some junk?
    13) We can legalize weapons but we can’t legalize weed. = Actually, we can’t legalize weapons because they are already legal. Changing something from what it is, into what it is, is a remarkably complex procedure. It requires a great deal of weed to free your mind enough to understand how. Which may be why your college educated intellect is able to figure it out and I am not.
    14) Like, I can tolerate a lot of the things that America does. = Yea, you are like, a shining example of tolerance.
    15) I just feel like America is going down hill. = At least we can agree on that, even if the finer points don’t line up.
    16) . . . because people thing socialism is bad. = Take a few history classes while you’re in college and you may figure out why. N’stuff.
    17) But to be honest. = Why start now?
    18) I’d rather have Donald Trump as president than have my peers be able to carry guns around on campus. = Since they have to be 21 to qualify for the permit, most of your peers won’t be allowed to anyway. Sorry to burst your bubble. You can blow a new one.
    19) That’s all I have to say. = It would have been nice. Another lie.
    20) . . . It was making me very very angry and irritated . . . = If you can’t stop smiling while you say it you either don’t know what it means to be very very angry or you are just trying to draw attention to yourself.
    21) . . . then you’re still cool with me. = You must first be cool before anybody can be cool WITH you. See #12 above.
    22) I wanna know why first off. = No you don’t. You have absolutely no interest, nor apparently the ability to stay on topic long enough to understand why. Especially because it doesn’t involve how I FEEL!
    23) Maybe it will be in the comments below. = I doubt you have that many followers. Maybe somebody from TTAG will waste their time trying to educate you.
    24) I will see you guys soon. = Nope. Either another lie or just miss-information.

    That . . . was painful.

  11. Just based off the still youtube shot I know it’s not worth it for my blood pressure to watch idiots talk condescendingly about things they don’t understand.

    • Hear, here!

      I just can’t bring myself to click the link, as my temples may explode.

      Fine fisk above gives me all the info I need. Irrelevant wench ain’t gettin’ my click…

  12. I’m not trying to be mean, but this is not a great display of intelligence.

    The craziest thing is the:

    Big cities are safe! Like how people get robbed at gun point! So if this passes I’ll move to a smaller city!


  13. Although it is clear that she doesn’t like guns or gun owners and apparently has no ability to understand that danger to her safety comes from a thug, not whatever tool said thug lugs. Her attempt at irony does get a solid C from me because she does have the whole modern speak/gesture thing down to a T. Or maybe it wasn’t an act.

  14. I’m sure someone will post a better response before me, but here are some questions for her and some observations from the cheap seats:

    1) the 30 second intro was strange. She seemed to be trying to present herself as “old and wise” because she is in college. In comparison to HS students, maybe (which I admit she is using as her comparison), but she losing significant credibility through her speaking style and physical movement

    2) she states gun control is an issue in America, which is true. But then she undermines that statement by asserting we don’t have gun control. Her support is that other countries make firearm possession illegal. By establishing that as her standard for control, she has arguably abandoned any hope for reasonable conversation…

    3) until she exempts people who like to shoot guns for hunting, enjoyment, or relaxation. Of course, this excludes rednecks, as she calls out the group which I suspect is most well lien for using firearms for hunting, enjoyment, and relaxation.

    4) she states that her beef is with people who use guns to threaten other people. We finally have a point of universal agreement!

    5) now she’s off in the weeds. First, she indicates that a federal bill is pending (“a bill”), which would allow students in certain states to carry concealed. I think she meant bills are pending in each state, so we’ll give her a pass. I think that only fair as now she’s in the woods…

    6) because cities are “known for being safest places in America.” While I suppose the right thing to do here would be cite references showing otherwise. After all, she indicates that if you don’t want to be killed or threatened, you go to a city, which stands in stark contrast to her next statement that there have been cases at her big city school where people have been robbed, at gunpoint, of their laptops.

    7) she conflates concealed carry with making those thefts legal, asserting that the latter is the point of those bills. She backtracks a little by stating that the assailants will legally have the gun they use on campus. She ignores any possibility that the people making the threats have been previously deterred by the current illegality – and for good reason, because they haven’t.

    This is key.

    Her entire premise be based on the idea that legal possession of a weapon on campus will convert the misuse of that weapon into legally approved behavior, and that only maintaining that illegality of possession prevents the illegal misuse (except for when it doesn’t). It’s classic blood in the streets.

    8) she closes her argument by stating that if the bill(s) are passed, she will transfer to the smallest town in a state where it is not legal. I’m a little concerned about this decision, as she previously stated cities are safer, so she seems to be suggesting that she wants to be harmed.

    9) she closes with a rant about how the push to legalize campus carry came from shootings, but uses poor phrasing which nobody would ever take out of context (“there are a couple of shootings, lets legalize it!”). She closes with rants about marijuana, which come down to “we can legalize guns, but not weed”, and Donald Trump, which boil down to the candidates are HRC and Trump and Trump is better than guns(!).

    All in all, time slowed down during her presentation, which was mostly distracted by her constant movement. Coupled with her lack of research and poor logical progression, I give her a D. Even if she had made statements I disagree with, I might have supported a higher grade if her observations had been supportable or logical.

    Oh, I wrote this on my phone. Sorry for any typos.

    • “All in all, time slowed down during her presentation,…”

      You nailed it.

      To me, it was kinda like I was in a degenerating orbit around the event horizon of a black hole and I was starting to notice my body being rapidly stretched out into quantum spaghetti right before the plunge into the singularity.

      And that was going to be the sweetest release from that blathering, brainless prattle.

      (I don’t smoke, and I think I need a cigarette…)

      • I will give her kudos, though, for reportedly welcoming comments and discussion regarding her video – and being willing to engage. That puts her more that a few steps ahead of several other diatribes. I’m willing to put up with a level of vapidity in exchange for earnest belief, which I suspect she may have. I think I would have enjoyed meeting her in real life, and having an actual exchange of ideas, instead of likely losing her to the judgement of the Internet.

        I haven’t been to YT to confirm and only watched the embed, though.

    • “She closes with rants about marijuana, which come down to “we can legalize guns, but not weed”

      And she does not seem to notice that the fact that weed is not legal has NEVER slowed her down, she was stoned during this recording. If people ignore the law without any downside, what was the point of the law?

      • But weed has never hurt anybody. Guns are made to hurt puppies, babies, and rainbows. And they can do it even without you trying.

        What do you mean by “impaired reaction time”?

  15. This is why the college tuition bubble will be the next financial crisis. Stupid sacks of flesh like this get guaranteed loans to take gender studies and basket weaving, then wonder why they can’t pay off the debt with that barista job. My campaign promise when I run for president will be to overhaul the application system and assign risk to loans. No in demand high paying major no loan.

  16. Your 4 minutes would be better spent doing what I did, going through all of her videos and just down vote them. She only have about 2 years worth of stuff, took me about 5 minutes to down vote each one.

  17. The only way that her video makes any sense at all is if you turn off the volume and pretend she’s Italian.
    I aplologize to the Italians for that comparison.

  18. My God, Alicia Silverstone wannabe, please go provide comfort to the revolutionary’s.. By the time they are done with you, I expect they will be screaming biological warfare was used on them since they will be 50 IQ points lower in their jihadist SAT’s!!!

  19. First of all, long term use of weed is linked to decreased cognitive abilities. I think she should be aware of this, as she seems to lack brain power. SO cities are the safest place? Hmm, I feel safer in my suburban neighborhood than Detroit, even safer up north… Pretty sure cities have higher violent crime rates than rural areas and suburbs. And criminals commit armed robbery in a gun free zone? Who’d a thunk it? So what problem does she have with law abiding citizens protecting themselves? Personally, as a college student, I’d prefer legally armed people on campus because there are already people illegally armed, and some of the illegally armed ones are there to do harm. “Allowing” law abiding citizens to protect themselves isn’t going to make you less safe, unless you are a criminal. And the bit about socialism, if you don’t want a thief robbing you of your computer, I guess the government can rob you of your money and property and you wouldn’t care, would you?

  20. I watched it. All. I regret every second. Words cannot begin to describe the filth I feel in my ears and burning in my eyes. One of the few times ignorance really would have been bliss.

  21. I has to be satire. Nobody is really that annoying and stupid. She must be faking it. No such creature could survive 18 years (outside of a lab).

  22. Made it 2 mins, but I did scan forward a couple of times so I only saw about 1:30 of it, or less. Can’t stand her voice, mannerisms, nor her unguided thoughts on firearms.

    I just can’t get past that antis think that criminals care whether or not guns are allowed on campus (or anywhere else for that matter). Criminals will carry a gun on campus in order to commit crimes whether or not guns are “allowed”. “Allowing” (which in and of itself is ridiculous due to that whole “shall not be infringed” part of the 2nd Amendment!) law abiding citizens to carry firearms to help counter the criminals is what these laws are all about. You’re statistically more likely to be mugged by an off duty police officer than someone with a concealed handgun license. People with CHLs are the most law abiding group of people in this country. Need not worry about us mugging anyone.

  23. Watch that? I’d prefer to set my groin on fire with lighter fluid, then try to stamp out the fire with an ice pick.

  24. A complete moron that devalues a college education. Then again, I wonder what college?
    As far as the armed robberies occurring in the libraries goes, well fer chrissakes just put up signs declaring them gun free zones. All fixed!

    • Ya think? What about the 240 lb linebacker who gives the 105 lb freshman girl a shot or two upside the head and then says “give me the laptop and drop your panties”? At least we were saved from an armed robbery, huh?

  25. Tourette’s Syndrome is a serious condition for people who suffer from it. She shouldn’t be mocking them. That’s so microaggressive.

  26. First off, ad hominem attack. She is the epitome of low information voting. Moving on:

    -“There is no gun control in america.” REALLY? Have you ever bought a gun, read anything about how guns are bought or sold or the legalities thereof? There are lawyers dedicated to nothing but this discipline and have gone to schools for years to hone their craft.
    -“Rednecks?” really? How about we just go down the stereotyping ladder where I say that you’re going to drown because you’re trying to smell a scratch and sniff sticker at the bottom of a pool due to blondeness.
    -Using guns to threaten other people is illegal. It has been for a long time.
    -People are ALREADY walking around you with guns and other dangerous weapons. You just don’t know it. Just like chances are you wouldn’t know it if they were doing it legally. The wolves of the world do not care that a piece of paper tells them they can’t do something. I do agree with her about the gun in the backpack.
    -Cities are the safest place in the world? I have a curb I’d like to drop you off on in the South Side of Chicago without a cell phone.
    -I would like to see the part in the campus carry bill where armed robbery is legal. I may be naive as I have not read the actual law, but I would think that this is conceptually false. In Illinois to be in possession of firearms you have to have a FOID card. Someone who’s probably going by the nick name Captain Obvious decided that they needed to print on the FOID card “WARNING:This card does not allow the bearer to UNLAWFULLY carry and use fierarms.” No shit sherlock, as if the state of Illinois is going to issue a license to kill or something. I’m not going to be 00Andrew Lias all of a sudden because I’m legally allowed to have a gun.
    -I don’t think weed being illegal stopped her from smoking plenty of it, just like a law will not keep a felon from carrying a gun. Just saying.
    -I will say that she got Hillary right at least.

  27. Google transcripted the video – I thought it might make more sense this way, but it’s as without grammar and punctutation as the narrative. I’ll intersperse commentary below – You’ll be able to identify me by my capitalization and punctuation. 🙂

    hey whats up guys it’s me I guess it’s a little spring break from ESP 1516 going to college like this is technically in it but because they’re not know school I am in college I wanna talk to you about something and it is because the train that lives outside my house so everybody knows that gun control is a key issue in america we don’t have control (Really?) we have like what we call them but we don’t have gun control like 700 guns (Having more than 700 guns? 700 different types of guns? This is a new one on me.) are illegal but in america we get too many rednecks who love their guns (*Spit in spitoon sound here*) and meet and the thing is is that refuse your guns for hunting purposes like enjoyment relaxation things like that I understand (No self-defense?) why you want them but my issue isn’t new ice it’s the people who like to use guns to threaten other people (Funny – those people are why I want campus-carry along with everywhere else carry) so there is a new bill about to be passed or being debated on right now which in certain states it all out people to have a concealed gun on campus you know it’s just great about that it means that people have been flocking around you with a gun in their hearts and minds that’s associate his finger could possibly go to use you know like to personally I live in the city and cities are known for being the safest places America (Uhmmmmnnn…. like Chicago, Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles. Safe places. Gotcha.) you want to be killed or threaten go to a city and at the school at 2:30 been a couple of people that go to the library to study and in some guy comes up to the weather gonna go hey girl give me your laptop and no more lip and now we’re making that legal so if a guy comes up to me and tells me he wants my laptop you legally has that gone he’s legally he legally have a weapon that he could threaten (What if he had a hammer. Those are legal on campus. So are axes. It’s the action that’s illegal, not the tool, you tool.) I’m sorry I don’t feel safely I don’t know here’s the thing if this gets past I will transfer schools movement to the smallest town I possibly can in a statement this is not be able to get that politics (Someone want to tell her that small towns usually means less government, more self-reliance, and therefore more guns per capita?) is a whole internet some Republicans and stuff and we’re in your right mind would you think 02 couple shootings recently you know we should do legalize it but we can we we can legalized but we can’t legalize weed (Maybe wave a joint at the guy who wants your laptop.) I can tolerate a lot of the things that America does but this year america’s going downhill because donald Trump for president and then the other candidate we have a bit as hillary because no longer accept the most people think socialism is bad but to be honest I’d rather have donald Trump is my president and have my peers be able to carry guns around campus thats all I have to say anyway it is me and and I needed to get that off my chest because it was making me very very angry about it republicans if you’re a republican but you’re not crazy you’re still caught me but if you’re so we should be a lot of them on campuses I want to know why first off like we might have we might have caused below and I will see you guys soon.

    Sorry – my narcissistic ignorance capacity has been overloaded. Can’t do anymore.

  28. I made it to 2:31. Do I win? Watched it in my college class where sadly there is a carry ban but it’s a private college.

  29. Can I get some boo-lits for lasting a minute??? Fer sure,whatever and twit alert. Torture thy name is goofy girl…I wanted to bust the screen.

  30. I vote for her to be on the first trip to mars! Two thumbs up!!
    OMG! Wtf was that?
    She’s like every drunk girl I’ve ever met.

  31. While I understand your fear of the unknown, it’s not wise nor just to strip away the rights of law-abiding students simply due to your own ignorance. Here in my home town, a series of rapes occurred, ending with the rape and murder of Briana Denison at the hands of James Biela here in Reno, NV. Although carry on campus was illegal, mere laws do nothing to deter criminals from committing their acts upon their victims as seen on campuses everywhere. Due to the uninformed and frankly childish opinions of people like you, Amanda Collins, who was of legal age and held a concealed carry permit was raped at the hands of this future murderer and unable to protect herself due to the campus ban on firearms carry. While mass shootings garner media attention and bring a call for more “gun control”, countless stories of victims who could have protected themselves slip through the cracks unnoticed.

    I will stand with you and fight against the legalization of armed robbery (although I am unaware of any bills or efforts legalizing stealing laptops or other goods at gunpoint) however I ask that you let other students defend themselves responsibly with one of the few tools that allow individuals to protect themselves against anyone of any size/strength that may seek to harm them. As it stands, only criminals can carry guns on campus, and without the ability to use firearms and other “equalizers”, victims are limited to defend themselves with merely their own strength. Considering the typical disparity between rapists (typically men) and their victims (typically women), the odds of successfully defending one’s self are slim. Please don’t enable more predators by disarming fellow students, help enable their potential victims instead. It may even save someone’s life, as Brianna Denison could attest to if she were still alive.

  32. My comment from the youtube page because she asked for responses there at the end of the video:

    So if you actually answer comments on this page I would like to get some clarification on a few things…

    At 1:25 you state that because of a law being passed that allows for listened carrying of firearms by people, that this allows for firearms to be carried by those that would use firearms to intimidate. How is this not already the case before the law is passed? It seems to me, and apparently a lot of other people on here, that people that use firearms for illegal purposes such as crime, murder, or intimidation, are also going to disregard a law that states that you cannot carry your firearm on campus. Furthermore, the very people that would be allowed to carry their firearm with a permit, would not qualify as those with a history of violence as that would make them unable to purchase a gun (with a felony conviction) or obtain a permit to carry (from local Police and signed off by a judge in many states.)

    At 1:36 you talk about the city being safe. Now I took this to be sarcasm so if it was not than I suppose you can take this into consideration before answering. However, if the city is not the safest place, (which data shows to be correct) and cities are most often those that implement the most strict forms of gun control (Chicago, LA, DC, Detroit etc) how does this help your argument? Keeping people from carrying their firearms legally in these places (cities) has not helped a thing for the violence there so how is this salient in keeping people safe on a campus?

    At 1:45 you have the story about someone using a gun to get someones laptop in the Library. How is the current state of affairs that makes guns illegal on campus preventing this? It seems to me, that the people that want to use guns for illegal purposes (such as the person in this story) are able to bring guns on campus even when the law says that they cannot, but that girl who is now in danger is unable to get a permit to protect herself. I feel as though you have argued against yourself once again.

    At 1:50 you have made a mistake that a lot of people have pointed out already but for clarity sake I will make mention of it as well. The ability to carry a firearm DOES NOT grant one immunity from crimes such as Assault and Battery or use of a deadly weapon in commission of a crime. Just because you can legally carry a gun does not mean you can use that gun for illegal purposes. Thats like saying that by giving people licenses to drive a car you are making it legal for them to drive at 150mph or drive it into a crowd of people. Its absurd.

    At 2:00, you say that the person legally has that gun. How do you make this inference? There is still a process to go through to carry a gun (unless it is a constitutional carry state) and if that individual did not go through that process it is still illegal. Furthermore, what is the difference on whether it is legal anymore? To use the above example, does it really matter that someone legally is in possession of a car once they are using it to run over people?

    At 2:10 you use the statement “I don’t feel safe like that.” This might be true, but since feelings are subjective and everyone has their own feelings on the topic, who is to say that someone else feels that they DO feel safe like that. Whose feelings get trumped? Which is why typically feelings have no bearing in a conversation about what is lawful. Your feelings on who I get married to, how I treat my body, what religion I have etc are not salient to the conversation.

    At 2:22 you use the Republicans statement to alienate 50% of your audience. There are people from all over the political spectrum who believe in the right to keep and bear arms. Look into the Pink Pistols foundation comprised of homosexual individuals who assert their right to keep and bear arms as vehemently as those you deem “messed up Republicans.”

    At around 2:53 you talk about Bernie Sanders while ignoring the fact that Bernie Sanders is from Vermont which is actually one of the states where constitutional carry is law. This means that you do not need a permit to carry a gun both openly or concealed. How does this help your argument on guns being a bad thing given gun ownership and carrying is so widely accepted in his State (and he voted against a bill that would hold gun manufacturers responsible for shootings)?

    At 3:04 you state that you would not like your fellow students to carry around guns on campus. My question is how is this any different from the rest of society? Why are students on campus more apt to be murderous since those very same students that have permits to carry can do so just off campus when you are getting bite to eat with them. Why do they become heinous murderers as soon as they step onto the campus grounds?

    Finally, you wanted to get some feedback in the comments below from some people on the other side of the issue so I hope that you got some thoughtful introspection from this. If you have any questions feel free to respond and “have it out” as you stated in your video.

  33. Wow. This is just too easy. There are already lots of long, reasoned statements addressing her ignorance. I don’t think I can really add to it.

    I hope she’s good in bed because the conversation won’t be too stimulating.

  34. Why do you post videos from idiots like this – is it just to have us all go to the youtube page to tell her how uninformed she is on the facts?

  35. I am sorry I share the same state as this bimbo! She obviously goes to Ga Tech or Georgia St…people getting robbed on campus is a weekly event it seems like. I think her smoking too much weed has altered her mind in thinking it is law abiding citizens committing these crimes. Gov. Deal sign the BILL!!!! Hopefully she stays out of my small GA town, lots of guns in my area.

  36. I didn’t realize that passing campus carry laws would legalize armed robbery. Free laptops for everyone. It’s amazing.

  37. 0:50 “If you use your guns for hunting purposes, like enjoyment, relaxation purposes and things like that, I understand why you want them. But my issue isn’t you guys, it’s the people who like to use guns to threaten other people.”

    Okay. So you’re against criminals. Good to know. Gun Rights activists are too. That’s actually why gun rights activists want to carry their guns. Glad we’re in agreement. Unless, you mean using a gun to threaten a criminal who is also threatening bodily harm to an innocent person… Then you seem to think it’s okay to have a gun for fun, but if you want to defend your life or someone else with a gun, then you’re a bad person… That is kind of messed up. You would pretty much be saying that it’s more important to use a gun for fun than to defend your life. Let’s hope that you’re not saying that.

    1:19 “It means that people could be walking around you with a gun in their backpack. And like that’s just the safest thing I could possibly think of.”

    Yeah… that doesn’t sound like the smartest thing ever. It’s high concealability but then you can’t get to your gun as quickly in an emergency and if you just have it shoved in with all the other stuff in your backpack it sounds like a negligent discharge waiting to happen. And what if someone stole your backpack? Much better to keep it under your shirt.

    1:43 “There’s some people who go to the library to study and a guy comes up to them with a gun and goes ‘hey girl, give me your laptop’ and now we’re making that legal.”

    I highly doubt that the campus carry bill legalizes armed robbery…. Unless you mean an armed citizen just wanted to use your laptop for a second and asked politely. If that’s the case, I think that should be entirely legal.

    1:53 “If a guy comes up to me with a gun and tells me he wants my laptop, he legally has that gun. He’s legally… He legally has a weapon that he can threaten me with.”

    Okay, well the second he robbed you, he stopped legally having it because he committed armed robbery. And does your college have metal detectors and police at the entrance to every building? If not then I don’t see how they could have stopped him from having the gun anyway.

    2:08 “I don’t feel safe like that. I don’t; at all.”

    I wouldn’t feel safe either if I were being robbed at gun point. But I highly doubt that anyone who passed the background checks and paid the fees and went through all the trouble to get licensed would do this to you. Oh, didn’t you know that you have to be licensed to carry a concealed gun? So yeah, all the people carrying legally on campus will have gone though background checks and paid lots of money so they can carry it legally. If they had such disregard for the law as to rob someone then they wouldn’t have bothered going through the legal process to get licensed and certainly wouldn’t have paid the fees.

    2:12 “Here’s the thing. If this gets passed, I will transfer schools and move into the smallest town I possibly can in a state where this is not legal.”

    Good luck finding a decent sized university there.

    2:24 “But and where in your right mind would you think ‘Oh yeah we have had a couple of shootings recently. You know what we should do? Legalize it.”

    I really have no idea who is suggesting legalizing murder. Point me to them so we can expose this!

    2:35 “We can legalize weapons but we can’t legalize weed.”

    Technically there isn’t any need to legalize weapons. They’re already legal by the second amendment. Well, there are some laws that make them illegal under certain circumstances but those are unconstitutional. It’s just a matter of getting the politicians to realize that.

  38. Ok here we go:

    0:35: “We don’t have gun control. We have, like, what we call gun control, but we don’t have gun control. Like, so many countries guns are illegal, but in America we got too many rednecks that love their guns and need to have them.”

    You might, like, want to read the constitution sometime, cause OH MAH GAWD it like, totally talks about this! Bonus points for condescending elitism in the opening argument. Also, those countries you like better than this one would LOVE to have you, lol. Anytime you’re ready.

    0:48: “The thing is if you use your guns for hunting purposes like, enjoyment, relaxation, things like that, I understand why you want them. My issue isn’t you guys, it’s the people who like to use guns to threaten other people.”

    Whew! False alarm, guys! She’s talking to criminals and gang bangers, not the millions of completely law abiding gun owners who use their guns for hunting and relaxation, as well as self defense.

    1:16: “You know which is great about that? It means that people could be walking around you with a gun in their backpack and that’s just, like, the safest thing I can think of.”

    At the risk of completely ruining your panties(That came out wrong…. Or did it?), that can, and does, already happen to you. Multiple times every single week. Making something illegal doesn’t mean no one does it, it means those who get caught can be punished. Shockingly (for multiple reasons), you’re still alive and bullet hole free, so I guess it might actually BE that safe! Imagine that! Whoah, slow down, don’t hurt yourself!

    1:31 “Personally, I live in the city, and cities are known as being the safest places in America. You wanna not be killed or threatened, go to a city.”

    Lol, what? Okay, she’s trolling. She has to be. I refuse to accept that someone could be this ignorant and still have working internet access. It simply is not possible. For those of you still unsure, here’s a short thought experiment: Imagine the middle of Detroit. Now imagine an empty field in Iowa. In which place are you more like to be killed and/or threatened? (Hint: it’s not Iowa!)
    (BTW: You all should watch this video with captions turned on. Trust me, it makes the experience 100% better.)

    1:45 “There are some people that go to the library to study and then some guy comes up to them with a gun and says ‘hey girl gimme your laptop and no more lip’, and now we’re making that legal.”

    No, just no. Wait, not just no, but HELL NO! Not hell no as in ‘Naw they di’int!’, but hell no as is you could not be more wrong if you were Asian with a misspelled last name. (I hope that last joke made sense. It did to me, but I’m drinking right now.)

    …You’re right, I can’t finish this… you win.

  39. I don’t know what high schoolers are doing. So I don’t know what is like, technically in, what’s hip.

    Who cares. When I was a student in the engineering program, there was no time to think about hip clothes, or even matching. I grabbed what was clean and jumped on my bike. I routinely saw freshmen and others wearing pajamas and slippers for those that lived on campus. I do recall being delighted that the university admissions requirements and the daunting task of working towards an objective such as a degree was off-putting on lesser individuals incapable of such and I was satisfied they were not admitted. As a result, I was surrounded by likeminded individuals who didn’t care about looking cool, being popular, or the like – more they cared about satisfying their curiosities and self motivations in their field of study. Lately – they seem to admit anyone these days.

    Everybody knows that gun control is an issue in America. We don’t have gun control. We have what we call gun control – but we don’t have gun control.

    Then why can’t I get a rifle with a barrel 16” in length without ridiculous sums of taxes and paperwork. Why can I not build my own machine gun for my own personal use? Why can’t I sell a shotgun to my cousin across state lines without all the paperwork? Why can’t I buy some steel core bullets for a pistol? Why can’t I have an all plastic gun? There is lots of gun control in the US. Hannah needs to do some research – but… something tells me that isn’t going to happen.

    But in America we have too many rednecks who love their guns and need to have them. And the thing is if you use your guns for hunting purposes, like enjoyment, relaxation things like that – I understand why you want them. But my issue isn’t you guys; it’s the people who like to use guns to threaten other people.

    Those people are called criminals. It is against the law to threaten people with guns. It is against the law to brandish a gun. It is against the law to point a gun at you for the purposes of taking your laptop. All this stuff is already against the law. Allowing individuals the opportunity to defend themselves against grievous bodily harm – shouldn’t be.

    So there is a new bill about to be passed or being debated on right now which will allow in certain states, it will allow people to have a concealed gun on campus. You know which is great about that? It means that people could be walking around you with a gun in their backpack and like that is the safest thing I can possibly think of.

    I pretty much answered this above. Although unlikely, is this scenario safe?: Girl, with nothing helpful on hand for defense, running for her life from HIV ridden rapist on campus grounds. How about this one: Girl running for her life down a hallway while being shot in the back by a school shooter.

    …Because you know what? Like at the school I go to personally, I live in the city. And cities are known for being the safest places in America. You want to not be killed or threatened go to a city.

    I don’t know how to answer this one. Amazing. Cities are not safer. In fact, the opposite of her description is true, the larger the city the higher the density of criminals in a small area – the greater the rate of homicides in that region. In the 50 states, only 10 have a higher homicide rate for nonmetropolitan areas. These are: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Virginia. It is easy to see that most of these are due to the fact that the metropolitan areas within these states are small and a large sum of people live in rural areas – most notably Vermont and Alaska. As a result, it is not easy to compare their rural areas to metropolitan areas when there are basically no metropolitan areas. Likewise is true. It is not easy to compare metropolitan areas to rural areas when there is no rural area – as in the case of the District of Colombia, Deleware, New Jersey, and Rhode island. The data indicates that these places actually have no rural areas any longer. For the most part however, when taking a large state with large area and a large metropolitan center, the most crime occurs in the cities and metro areas. Example:

    Arizona – 0.44 homicides/100k in rural areas. 4.88 homicides/100k in cities/metro
    Connecticut – 0.37 homicides/100k in rural areas. 2.74 homicides/100k in cities/metro
    Georgia – 3.5 homicides/100k in rural areas. 6.02 homicides/100k in cities/metro
    Louisiana – 5.07 homicides/100k in rural areas. 10.8 homicides/100k in cities/metro
    Mississippi – 5.19 homicides/100k in rural areas. 10.43 homicides/100k in cities/metro
    Oklahoma – 1.60 homicides/100k in rural areas. 5.06 homicides/100k in cities/metro
    Illinois – 2.99 homicides/100k in rural areas. 5.44 homicides/100k in cities/metro
    Texas – 3.25 homicides/100k in rural areas. 4.46 homicides/100k in cities/metro
    Wyoming – 2.5 homicides/100k in rural areas. 2.82 homicides/100k in cities/metro.
    Minnesota – 0.53 homicides/100k in rural areas. 1.78 homicides/100k in cities/metro
    New York – 3.12 homicides/100k in rural areas. 3.20 homicides/100k in cities/metro
    California – 5.50 homicides/100k in rural areas. 4.36 homicides/100k in cities/metro
    Oregon – 3.74 homicides/100k in rural areas. 1.87 homicides/100k in cities/metro

    As you can see above. Wyoming is very close in both rural and cities. However the cities in Wyoming are very small compared to cities elsewhere. Despite that California, Oregon, and New York, have higher rates of crime in rural areas compared to metro/cities I would like anyone to look at the numbers for this argument that cities are safer. In new York – there were 617 murders in 2014. 588 of those occurred in metro areas and 10 occurred in cities outside the metro. We are talking about 19 people died in the entirety of the remainder of the state. Is anyone really going to admit that it is safer to be in the small area of NYC compared to rural upstate NY? Another example – California. California hosts an enormous land mass that should probably be broken down into smaller states so that rural east californian’s don’t have to eat the fecal matter (laws) coming out of coastal California – but I digress. California has 1699 homicides in 2014. 1652 of them came from the metro areas. 16 came from cities outside the metro areas. And 31 came from the vast rural areas of the state. Is anyone really going to admit that it is safer to be in a small area of LA vs a rural region? In fact, the data is difficult to achieve much meaning when the numbers are so small. 31 people – give or take just a very few and suddenly California has a higher homicide rate in the cities than in the rural regions.

    My numbers were calculated from information provided here:

    And at the school I go to there has already been a couple, of, like, you know, there are some people that go to the library to study and then some guy comes up to them with a gun and goes hey girl give me your laptop – and now we are making that legal.

    That’s not legal. Stealing laptops isn’t legal. Threatening people with guns isn’t legal. Robbing people at gunpoint isn’t legal. There is absolutely nothing legal about that.

    So if a guy comes up to me with a gun and tells me he wants my laptop, he legally has that gun. He legally has a weapon that he can threaten me with.

    Firstly, armed robbery (legal or not) isn’t worth a laptop. Most criminals know this. They aren’t going to do it in plain sight in the library either. They would wait until the opportunity was best presented and least conspicuous. Second, if they are going to commit armed robbery – they probably wouldn’t be able to pass the admission requirements to get into the university (I would hope not – but then again, Hannah was admitted, so you can’t take this for granted). Even if they did and even if they are willing to hold you at gun point to take your stuff, they probably wouldn’t go through the background check, and all the traceable documentation to get a permit to carry. If they are going to rob you and possibly shoot you at gun point – they aren’t going to care about gun permit requirements. These are criminals girl – not your fellow studious colleagues. Lastly, the permit is to legally carry concealed for defensive reasons only. It is to help law abiding people. There is nothing to stop anyone from threatening you – except forthcoming consequences – no permit required.

    Oh, yeah, we have had a couple shootings recently, you know what we should do? Legalize it.

    Shootings aren’t legal. Shooters aren’t going to bother to get a concealed carry permit. Reality check needed here. What it does do however, is allow Hannah to carry a concealed weapon for defensive purposes and that could come in handy in the event of an HIV ridden rapist taking chase, or a mass shooter going to the campus to kill random people and himself for attention. Better to be armed with a CCW than nothing right?

    Because no one wants to vote for Bernie unless except the millennials because people think socialism is bad.

    I am a millennial. Socialism is bad. While at college, please read about socialism.

    To TTAG: Please don’t send me a box of HPR ammo.

  40. I am weak since I couldn’t make it past the 0:05 mark. She had that ditzy dumb blonde valley girl persona that I just cannot stand listening to. Props to those who actually do make it to the end.

  41. “…too many rednecks who love their guns…” “…cities are known for being the safest places…” “…legally have a weapon he could threaten…” “…I will transfer schools…to the smallest town…”

    I stopped right there. So much fail in this video. I feel sorry for the small town she decides to go to. I hope the rednecks in that small town welcome you, and they probably will because they are polite and decent people.

    • And the funniest thing is… small towns have less gun restrictions and less crime. Cities have more gun restrictions and more crime.


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