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Jeremiah thinks he’s well fixed for the zombie apocalypse should the shambling hordes ever visit his neighborhood. It’s hard to figure why, since there’s nothing that’s been painted electric puke green in the display of gear he presents above. Maybe he prefers keep things on the down low. Are zombies color blind? Be that as it may, check out everything Jeremiah plans to use to de-zombify his environs at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Why all the vaping hate? If the setup wasn’t so darn expensive, I’d definitely be doing it. The Apple Watch, though, that’s a bridge too far.

  2. Damn, son. Jeremiah must buy his trousers four sizes too large in order to fit all that gear. Or maybe he buys parachute pants at MC Hammer yard sales.

  3. Sorry, but that is too much crap to carry EVERY DAY unless you are hell of motivated or live in the ghetto. The dude needs a Batman belt.

    Not to pick on Jeremiah, but some of these dumps are ridiculous. I have seen guys with that much stuff and more, but there is zero opsec in their game and would be the first person I took out in a crime spree….and most of the time the.public looks at them like freaks, which clearly doesn’t help promote firearms ownership.

  4. I wonder how often people that carry that much crap around have actually used it in a practical scenario

  5. That’s a lot of stuff. I carry a $20 burner phone, a ratty 12 year old wallet, a car key and a PPS in a Comfort holster. I’m beginning to feel inadequate. It is also a little weird that I know my wallet is 12 years old.

  6. Finally a p2000 in the endless sea of shields and g43s. My edc as well, though just night sights on mine, no dot. Some like to customize their guns a lot. Personally not a fan of stipple jobs, the p2000 isn’t a cheese grater but it doesn’t leap from my hands either. Perhaps he should look into the usp compact?

  7. I am always amazed by the amount of crapola some of these characters (pocket ninja’s) seem to carry on a so called “EVERY DAY” carry.
    After 20 years military career and 20 years as a cop wearing all that junk seems counter productive to moving quietly and smoothly.
    Get by with a Galco Miami Classic and 2 spare mags for my G30 total of 30 rounds an Emerson CQB-8 pocket knife and a phone.
    Me thinks some people are showing off with 2 guns, 3-4 knives and other assorted gear.
    Just sayin’

  8. Does the guy need suspenders AND a belt to hold his pants up? Two knives and two flashlights (not including the rail mounted light). And to think that I don’t even like any crap on my key chain.


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