Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Hogre Franky

Hogre  says, “Last time I posted my EDC people didn’t beleive that I carried all this. I wear 5.11 Stryke pants and a very stiff SOE EDC belt. The Sig P320 and extra magazine are housed in NSR holsters. This combination makes for a very functional and mostly comfortable system with alot of capability.” Check it all out at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. avatar SpazC says:

    Unnecessary duplication is unnecessary…. and uncomfortable as the mall ninja admits in his post. Can yall change the title of these EDC posts to ” Mall Ninja/Timmy of the Day” . Its super rare to see in any of these pictures anything that comes close to what is necessary to carry on your body.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      I also see mall-ninja, the fixed blade knife and double-flashlights being giveaways.

      Wanna bet that ‘badge holder’ is carrying a ‘security’ tin or ‘conceal carrier’ badge?

      1. avatar Muzzle Device says:

        total mninja. gear’s too clean. probably bought it for this pic. baggy pants is half the fun. what “SOE EDC” belt is holding up all this low end steel and outdated lighting?

      2. Bwahah, I was thinkin’ CCW “badge” and you beat me to it lol!

      3. avatar Hannibal says:

        I was wrong, it’s not two flashlights, one’s a baton.

        Which is even dumber.

    2. avatar Jean-Claude says:

      Wow. Look, I can see carrying the basics—pistol, spare mag(s), flashlight, cell phone, keys, knife, wallet. Heck, maybe even a small med kit.

      But a fixed blade knife and a pocket knife? Two flashlights?

      Seems a tad excessive but it’s not my back…

  2. avatar marauder4 says:

    Hey now! He’s got a LaRue Dillo! Gotta be legit…

  3. avatar Jake Franklin says:

    Lol haters gonna hate.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      So tell us. What type of tin do you have in that badge holder there, ninja?

  4. avatar Tile floor says:

    He carries more crap than I do at my PD job…going TO aggravated situations. I can’t recall a time I ever thought “golly gee willickers I sure wish I had a giant fixed blade knife!!”

  5. avatar OmnivorousBeorn says:

    Hogre Frannky: At first, no one believed my EDC.
    Internet troll: What about now?
    Hogre Frannky: Still at first.

    (Note, this is joke. Not actually trying to be a jerk.)

  6. avatar dm says:

    Excellent stuff. I’d swap the baton for a tq, the fixed blade for one better suited for protecting your hand from riding up onto the blade, and the wml for something with more lumens though.

  7. avatar Paul says:

    Where’s the fold-up grappling hook and paracord bracelet?

  8. avatar strych9 says:

    I often defend people who are ragged on for “too much stuff” but this time I can’t.

    A baton, nearly 6″ bladed knife, flashlight with finger retention/punching device… as… EDC… oh, and I forgot he has a folder too. Again as EDC.

    I believe that a belt can hold up your pants with all that on it. In fact, I know it can. I can even see how you’d set it up if you had a holster for that baton. That said, two knives and two blunt striking weapons (technically three) plus a gun with a spare mag… that’s just overkill. You could spend your money and the weight you’re carrying far, far better.

    1. avatar Jake Franklin says:

      I won’t respond to people who are rude but you seem like you’re posing more of a question and doing it in a respectable fasion. Everything I carry comes from experience.

      The baton gets clipped to a pocket like a knife so I don’t need a holster. Having a less lethal option that’s light weight and easy to carry doesn’t seem like a bad option to have.

      I see the retention device on my light as just that, not a weapon and have never trained to use it as such. I do find it very handy to be able to pick something up without setting the light back down.

      I have used alot of knives and I found even the best will due relatively quickly when cutting things like cardboard. So the one knife is for everyday tasks and the other stays sharp for emergency purposes. And because it’s a fixed blade that could mean self defense, emergency survival use like building a fire or even as a pry bar.

      As for the size of the knife I use the same philisophy as my p320 compact, if I may have to use a weapon, what would I WISH I had. To me I see it more of a place holder for a backup gun. Even with the 5.5 inch Blade it’s still half the weight and thinner than a kel tec pf9 unloaded.

      Finally the spare magazine. I really don’t carry the extra mag for the ammunition. I carry an additional magazine to quickly fix a malfunction and get the gun back up and running. The additional capacity doesn’t change how it carries so I use a 21 rounder.

      I get not everyone wants to carry this much lol and it is alot. I also recognize it’s also alot of capability. I could probably stand to swap something out for a med kit or tourniquet. I also recognize that I carry some of it because I enjoy quality equipment and sharing my hobbies with people I meet.

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        I’m not going to get on you for carrying stuff. I carry quite a bit because I roll with a backpack nearly everywhere I go and as such I’m not generally constrained to what I can carry “on body”.

        I simply see a lot of redundancy in this set up that I personally find unnecessary. It’s just MHO that reducing that redundancy would let you replace certain items in ways that would give you more flexibility. I get the whole two is one and one is none thing but in my view that doesn’t really apply to certain objects.

        Also, if you cut a lot of cardboard, as I used to, I’d add a box cutter. It’s a lot cheaper to just swap blades on one of those in the longer run and will save you a lot of headaches too. Unless you’re OCD and really like sharpening knives the way I like cleaning guns the box cutter is a great tool.

        1. avatar Jake Franklin says:

          Thanks for the suggestions, I may give the box cutter a try.

  9. avatar Tal says:

    Some of you are the biggest girls about this kind of stuff. The gun community must rival some cheerleading squads in terms of bitching. I don’t comment on what someone else may or may not need considering antis tell us we don’t “need” to carry a gun and the statistical reality is they are likely right.

    I don’t think he “needs” half of that stuff, but I’ve been wrong before.

    I’m sure all of you calling him a “mall ninja” are all legit operators right? Or guys who think cops are equivalent to Navy SEALS?

  10. avatar Docduracoat says:

    A Sig P 320!
    I suspect we will be seeing a lot more of these since the U.S. Army picked it as the new service pistol

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