It probably shouldn’t surprise you that Matt Dillon’s faithful deputy chooses a wheel gun as his EDC piece. Check out the rest of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. Why do you link to these clowns? They intentionally won’t feature guns on any of their featured pics. They’ve openly come out and said so.

    • Kinda quaint, huh? It doesn’t have any of those new fangled features like failures to feed, failure to eject, failure to return to battery, dropped magazines, manual safeties, etc. Just plain jane pull-the-trigger-and-BANG every time. Unless a round fails, and then you just pull the trigger again and BANG. Not very exciting. It even fires reliably from a pocket, shot after shot. It’s almost as if he just carries it just to launch bullets when his life depends on it. What a fogey.


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