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As HillCntryRedneck notes, it’s warming up down here in Tejas and time to adjust to lighter EDC choices. It’s hard to quibble with his minimalist choices, too. Make the jump and see what HCR includes in his Everyday Carry compliment now that it’s starting to get toasty . . .

  1. Olight S1 Baton 
  2. Kimber Micro Carry STS .380
  3. Microtech Automatic Knife 
  4. Haystack Needleworks Handkerchief 
  5. Copper Pocket State

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  1. Here’s a question: Do people consider Everyday Carry their tactical stuff or the stuff that people carry everyday, all the time when they are out.

    • It depends on the person submitting, I think most guys submit all the tactical garbage so they can to look tactcool. Seldom do we actually see “pocket” carry. Usually we see man bag carry!

      • I put my keys and wallet along with my guns. Everyday carry is everyday carry.

  2. I’m as proud of my home as the next guy, but what’s the point in hauling around a chunk of copper? Does it do anything besides take up precious, precious pocket space?

    • Yes.

      It lightens your wallet by $28.

      WTF is up with *that*?

      (Maybe I should look into a water-jet, laser or plasma cutter and undersell his ass…)

      • I don’t have a waterjet cutter, but I have a bandsaw. Maybe I could just specialize in the Western states. I’ll bet I could turn out a pretty convincing Colorado or Wyoming for less than $28… Heck, even Utah and Nevada are within my capabilities…

  3. I’m on a few forums that have an EDC page or thread ( The Usual Suspect Nework being about the best most civil forum out there btw ).

    It’s what guys carry day to day or on that particular day or time, such as work EDC , week end carry and so forth. It’s big with guys into all kinds of gear, be it knives, watches, flashlights , guns , pens and more or any combo .

    On the USN there are guys with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of custom knives they seem to swap out daily.

    Knife, light , gun seem to be the big three , with watches , pens and tools like Peter Atwoods coming in close behind .

    Guys like to,own and show their cool toys. Right now in my pockets are a LCP , Spyderco Delica , 4 Sevens light , IPhone and bandana .

    Pretty much covers what may need. 100 % chance of darkness tonight, phone keeps me in communication with family, knife because God gave me crude teeth and nails, bandana comes in handy for wiping sweat or wet seats , make shift bandage. Gun ,well you know than one .

    I’m guessing he carries the copper state because he likes it.
    Many carry challenge coins, he may see it like that or perhaps a good luck charm or gift, but mostly I’d say he just likes it.

  4. Go for it Geoff ! Keep in mind many makers are doing similar things , and $28 seems pretty cheap . Peter Atwood makes small one piece ” tools”, bottle openers , with screwdriver ends, hex holes for bits and the like. His prices run around $60 to close to $150 and when he releases some for sale they sell out in minutes, and the secondary market drives the prices well over Peters prices. Often Peter sells only via a lottery , if your name is pulled you get to buy one !

    That’s the good news, you never loose money buying his tools.

    Wish you the best in your under cutting , put me down for 4 NY states .

  5. My typical pocket carry:
    Cheap white hankie
    Keys – Little LED light attached
    Either a Swiss Pocket Knife (shorts or slacks) or a 20+ year old Spyderco Delica (I like the plastic clip better than new metal clips) if I am wearing jeans.

  6. I have a challenge coin I’ve carried for decades, paint’s wearing off. I’ve never seen the need for a tactical pen or notebook, cheap works for me. As for a light, have one in my vehicle, if it gets dark, I’ll put it in a pocket. Otherwise, everything in my EDC is just enough to get me to my vehicle where I can gear up.

  7. I don’t understand carrying handkerchiefs…

    I can see how carrying around a snot, and other bodily fluid, cloth in your pocket was a smart idea before the advent of portable tissue packs and our current understand of germs.

    But now, it’s just seems kind of gross and unsanitary.

  8. Still having a tough choice between Kimber Micro and the Sig 238 for the spousal unit.


    • Maybe you should let her decide…

      I’ve yet to put a small .380 in a women’s hand and have her enjoy shooting it.

      Every time they end up liking larger guns (usually 9mm) much better. YMMV.

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