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We don’t know if Greg uses the snubbie as a backup gun or carries it on days when the GLOCK is just too much. Either way, we can’t argue with his choices. See everything he’s selected at Everyday Carry . . .

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      • So far… I figure it’s like margarine vs butter… Both bad in large quantities. Guess I just think it’s odd to add to an edc post, though it’s probably more truly every day than the other items are.

      • That has been proven to be true or false yet. Hasn’t been around long enough to see what the long term side effects are.

        • My point is this: if you’re buying quality ejuice for that thing it’s three chemicals an no carcinogens. Nicotine isn’t good for you but you can have it with three chemicals (nicotine, β-propylene glycol a derivative of corn syrup and glycerin) and no carcinogens or you can have it with 4000+ chemicals, tar and 43 known carcinogens.

          There’s no way you’re going to convince me that vaping is as bad/worse than smoking. Especially since I used a vape box to quit smoking. If you’ve just got to have that nicotine fix, vaping is the safest way to get it.

          Then there’s the fact that the main ingredients have been studied and in terms a concentration of 1800mg/kg they produce no problems. To put that in perspective that’s 138.6g for a 170lb man. That’s like 10 normal vape bottles a day when even heavy smokers use one bottle a week. In fact, you really can’t hurt yourself with the propylene glycol that’s in this stuff because the nicotine would have poisoned you long, long, long before you reached 1800mg/kg of β-propylene glycol.

          Has this been rigorously studied in terms of vaping? No, but the chemicals in this stuff are known, have been studied and have MSDS sheets. Some of the flavors may produce problems, I will grant that. However, if you’ve taken even basic Chemistry you know that this, by definition, must be safer than cigarettes.

          It’s also a fantastic way to wean yourself off of nicotine.

  1. That looks like a Hawaii driver’s license. Hats off to this man for obtaining that state’s CC permit!

      • Gray man is a proggie marxist that doesn’t believe the bit in the 2a about not be infringed. He’s always on about ‘illegally” carrying and not to do it.

        He’s trying to be a useful idiot for kapo bloomberg and the like. Also tries to split gun owners and vows no support, financially or otherwise for gun owners. Calls gun owners attention whores.

  2. Ha! At first glance I though the vapor thing was a suppressor.

    If it was, this dude would an OPARATER!

    But then….I did not see two or three flashlights or any field notes…..just sayin…

      • What’s with the tiny wallets? Between access cards, business visa, my own credit cards, CPR / first aid card, professional licensure, DL, CCW, etc. $50 in cash feels like a brick.

        • 1. Need tiny wallet to make room for stuff.

          2. No money after.buying aforementioned stuff.

  3. Medical gear, if you carry gear to poke holes you need gear to plug holes. Handheld light and weapon light would also be beneficial.

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