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As a police officer, Gaige can carry the auto knife were it might otherwise be illegal, depending on where you live. The NAA revolver, on the other hand, is good to go wherever concealed carry is legal. See what he totes on date night at Everyday Carry . . .


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  1. Why do cops get a carveout to carry illegal stuff? Oh, sorry… Guess we’re not supposed to ask those questions…

    • When it comes to automatic knives, technically they don’t. Active duty military and emergency responders have a carve-out when they’re carrying said knife in commission of their duties. In other words, not in uniform, not legal. There may be exceptions on a state by state basis, but they’d better not cross any borders.

    • The carve outs for cops are BS. but fortunately the auto knife silliness is going away in many places. Clearly brain dead to disallow someone who can carry a pistol from carrying an auto knife. An OTF auto like the one pictured is safer than a folder just because you are unlikely to cut yourself closing it.

    • Bans on auto knives exist in some form in 16 states. They’re a holdover from back in the day.

      Many states also regulate they carrying of other blades such as “Bowie Knifes” and “Arkansas Toothpicks” (actual wording of state laws).

  2. Two types of cops that I don’t trust: 1. Cops that don’t carry off duty. 2. Cops who carry a 22. And no, a 22 is not better than nothing.

    • I may not have the stats handy to back this up, but I would hazard a guess there have been a few dirtbags who quickly reconsidered their career choices at the barrel of many a .22 throughout history.
      I certainly won’t volunteer to get shot with one, would you?

      • bLoving,

        There are two huge downsides to .22 LR handguns for self-defense:
        (1) .22 LR cartridges are prone to have defective primers and hence fail to fire.
        (2) .22 LR cartridges stop committed attackers slower than larger calibers.

        If you are somehow unable to carry anything else, then go with .22 LR. Otherwise, carry something in a larger caliber that is NOT rimfire.

        Caveat: I would consider an eight or nine-shot double-action revolver with a four inch barrel in .22 LR to be a marginally okay-ish choice for self-defense. If you have a bad primer, you just squeeze the trigger again and still have seven or eight shots left. And eight or nine shots, if you can put them on target, have a cumulative effect that helps compensate for the small, light bullets.

        • Defective primers?
          I’ve sent greater than 10K rounds through my MKII in the last 30 years or so, and can count the failures on the fingers of one hand.

      • The .22 isn’t the problem. THAT .22 is the problem. If I had that knife on me, that would be my first choice in a defensive situation. That NAA .22 is a point blank weapon so why not just use the knife? The one time it is better to bring a knife to a gun fight is when you are faced off against the NAA .22LR Mini.
        At least there is no trigger guard to stick a pen through for the photograph. Otherwise, this is the dumbest PD of all.

        • I don’t think it matters. If the person is high on meth or seriously determined a .45 won’t deter them. In that situation a blade won’t deter them either and trust me, I can tell you from personal experience, you don’t want to get tangled up in a knife fight even if you’re the one with the knife.

          If they’re sober and not that determined any gun will get them to reconsider. As I said to a friend of mine who made fun of my MKII, “OK, stand over there and I’ll shoot you with it”. He didn’t take the offer and no rational person would.

          When my buddy caught one to the head we were told that .22LR is one of the most dangerous rounds ER docs and trauma surgeons see (gangbangers usually carry small caliber guns like .22, .32 and .380). .22LR bounces around inside you and causes serious problems. People get shot in the leg and they find the bullet in their lung.

          Being on the receiving end of a bullet is nasty business. Dishing out that bullet isn’t much better. I suggest people avoid both as much as possible.

          • Not picking a fight with you, but if I was, I’d prefer you had the mini revolver, single action don’t forget, and let me have the knife. We’re both going to the emergency room but you’re not going to make it.

            P.S. I own that revolver. I’m well aware of its limitations.

        • I agree about that particular gun. Having what amounts to a belly gun that you have to cock repeatedly to fire is… well IMHO, stupid.

          That’s why I carry a .45, a knife, and a flashlight and train quite seriously to fight with all of them.

          While I’m not recommending .22 as a carry caliber I’m quite certain that if you replace that POS gun with something like a MKII/III from Ruger you may manage to kill me with the knife but you won’t make it to the hospital breathing either. 10 rounds of .22LR in your chest isn’t something you’re likely to live through.

      • I wouldn’t want to stand in front of a piss filled super soaker but that doesn’t make it effective as a carry piece.

      • “I certainly won’t volunteer to get shot with one, would you?”

        I’ve heard variations of that line for years. I don’t think it’s much of an argument. I wouldn’t volunteer to get shot in the face with a BB gun, either.

    • Pretty sure you and bLoving just won some sort of “Cliches in 2 comments, Category; unintentional” award.

      • I’m not game to be shot by a pellet rifle but that doesn’t make it an effective weapon for self-defense (I’m also not game to go around robbing people).

        • +1 Trying it prove that a 22 is an effective weapon against a drugged-up psychopath trying to kill you by asking if you want to get shot by one is a pathetically stupid argument.

        • A .22 LR revolver is a fantastic self defense weapon for someone who wouldn’t carry a weapon otherwise. Recoil averse, arthritic hands, inexperienced non-tactical types, folks who don’t want to carry a heavier weapon, etc. A .22 LR revolver is infinitely better than no weapon at all. In fact, I already have the .22 LR LCR set to be my old guy gun in a few decades.

  3. Unless you’re a knife fighter, your gun should probably be bigger than your knife.

    And if you are a knife-fighter, you probably prioritize your gun even more because you realize that knife fights suck.

  4. That flashlight is rated to IPX-4… splash resistant… in a EDC flashlight… wow… You can get a flashlight that’s IPX-8 for like $50 and drop rated for 4m to boot.

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