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Wanting to open carry while IWB carrying while looking like your giant cell phone is hovering in mid-air over your belt? Maybe you just need to hide one of those love handles? Then the Pistol Mask is for you! Press release follows . . .

5 Stone Products releases The Pistol Mask, a Patented Concealed Carry Holster that looks like a Cell Phone.

AUSTIN (April 17, 2017) The Pistol Mask TM, a concealed carry holster that looks like you are carrying a cell phone on your waist, enables self-defenders to carry their own big bore pistol Concealed In Plain Sight TM.  The patented Pistol Mask is one of the most unique holsters to ever come to market and will be available to customers in June 2017.

“The Pistol Mask was born from my desire to carry a .45 caliber pistol in an office environment without having to wear my shirttail out,” said Mark Hogue, owner of 5 Stone Products, LLC, and inventor of the Pistol Mask.  “Wearing a coat all day during the Texas summertime is impractical, and the other options available do not allow me instant, one-handed access while sitting at my desk, in a restaurant booth or buckled in my car.”

Injection molded in America of glass-filled Noryl, the unique Pistol Mask uses magnets to close the panels then spring-loaded hinges for a quick opening when instant access to your weapon is required.  Designed to accommodate sub-compact pistols of up to 1.05 inches in width and 4.65 inches in height, it fits several popular sub-compact pistols, (see their website for a partial list).  And a gripping fabric uses spacers to custom fit each pistol while eliminating the need for a tell-tale belt clip.

Concealing a .45 Springfield XD-S with an extended magazine in the space of an average cell phone involved imagination and a lot of engineering (and 14 prototypes).  An inside the waistband design, the Pistol Mask covers the gun’s grip and has a unique tiered design (the back section is narrower than the front) that gives a thinning effect.  The two-tone color combination adds to the illusion, as the front is black while the back section is gray, to blend into a light-colored shirt.

The Pistol Mask will be available for purchase via the website in June 2017.

For more information, visit


About 5 Stone Products, LLC

5 Stone Products, LLC was founded in Austin Texas in 2014 to design and develop innovative products to help self-defenders better protect themselves and their families. “Pistol Mask” and “Concealed in Plain Sight” are registered trademarks of Mark Hogue, owner of 5 Stone Products, LLC. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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    • That fake phone on my hip would be as lethal to my dating/sex life, as that .45 would be to a home intruder.

    • I always think people are open-carrying when I see a big bulky cellphone holster out of the corner of my eye. The worst part about this is that it rides on top of your belt, like no cellphone ever would.

  1. Honestly, you might as well just carry in a fanny pack and be done with it. I knew a retired police officer who did that. It’s very practical.

  2. The guy at the next desk will likely wonder why you have TWO phones… one on your belt and one in your hand. And why the one on your belt never rings…

    Nice try… no cigar.

    • Evolution is a thing.

      It’s an interesting attempt at a solution. It will be more interesting to see what form versions 2.5, 3.0 and 4.1 take.

      Kind of like the T-shirts available that showed a very realistic picture of a full-size 1911 tucked in at the 3:00 position. Interesting idea if you could get enough people to wear them.

      I have no advice on mods to improve the concept just now, but it’s nice to know that someone is at least thinking about the problem of how to not frighten the gun muggles.

    • A cover disguised as an undisguised colostomy bag would probably work better. It would certainly keep people from looking and asking questions.

    • “cell phones are this big now.”

      This big *now*?

      My first was in a satchel with a good-sized lead-acid ‘gell’ battery to power it.

      And calls were a buck a minute…

      • So you had a bag phone?!? Takes me back! I didn’t make enough with the medical alarms I was selling to get one. Just had an annoying beeper?

        • And it was about 500 bucks, no less.

          You know how it is, single, first real job, all the OT I wanted, and no time to spend it.

          Somewhere I have buried my favorite c-phone, the Nokia 900. It was the one with the ‘good timing’ hidden menu where you could toggle the receiver on manually like a scanner…

  3. so much derp, why not just sew zippers on your shirts, and wear a plate carrier/chest rig? Gotta look less dumb.

  4. Go-Go Gadget nerd-o-matronic-majigger-gun-hiding-device!

    For those of us that carry a full sized pistol is there a tablet version like the size of a Kindle Fire? I mean, I feel like everyone would know exactly how cool I am if I had that on my hip. Especially if I put a bunch of like skate and shoe company stickers on it!

  5. Not the worst idea out there. I think everyone who believes they are being “made” are a mite paranoid. And people do carry enormous phones that could easily be the size of a small handgun. Most folks are CLUELESS…

  6. Stealthgear Rev lets me carry my XDS with tucked in shirt in an office environment and not look like a weirdo all at 1/3rd the price of this thing.

  7. Wanting to open carry while IWB carrying while looking like your giant cell phone is hovering in mid-air over your belt?

  8. All that creative energy and honest work ethic. Wasted. I wish you well, but c’mon man.

  9. I like this idea. In PA I’m free to OC; and, with my License to Carry Firearms, CC.
    I’m tempted to OC; however, I really don’t want to stand-out as making an individual statement about myself. I’d cheerfully participate in an OC demonstration where the obvious purpose is to make a collective political statement, not an individual statement. Things are great in PA; I can’t remember seeing a No-Guns sign anywhere. It’s No-Ask/No-Tell, businesses don’t make an issue out of carry.
    At the same time, I carry not one wit about being “made”. If they made a 44 Mag out of aluminum, I’d carry it in my pocket. I wouldn’t care if everyone noticed. I’m not making any statement whatsoever; what is inside my pocket is no one’s business but my own.
    In this vein, I would use this holster to get much closer to the accessibility of open-carry. The fact that anyone could figure out that I’m carrying wouldn’t bother me. In fact, I might put a sign on the faux-phone reading “S&W Inside!” I like carrying with my T-shirt with a picture of a dinosaur with a proclamation: “Licensed to carry small arms”.
    Seems to me that such a practice – conspicuous concealed carry – is the best of all worlds. No one can legitimately complain that I’m frightening anyone with the display of my gun. Nor do I appear to be displaying my gun as some sort of aggressive personal statement. And, yet, gradually people get used to the idea that they are regularly crossing paths with gun carriers; it’s just that they can’t see the guns themselves. So, what are they going to do about it? Complain about my T-shirt? Complain about my faux-phone?

  10. “This will go great with the CCW badge I bought as a birthday gift to myself!”

    *scrolls down*

    “It’s even got a big ass CHL sticker in the lid!!!”

    *clicks Buy It Now button while drooling*


  11. You’ve got to be kidding. Who thought this was a good idea?

    “while eliminating the need for a tell-tale belt clip…”

    Yeah but it adds what appears to be a levitating phone over your belt. That is not how phones click on and is a helluva lot more noticable than a ‘tell-tale belt clip.’ People specifically looking for a belt clip will see it, but no one else will. Everyone will see this and wonder what the hell it is.

  12. Just to be clear – that guy pictured is CONCEALED carrying, not OPEN. If you can’t SEE the gun, it’s by definition concealed.

    And it does look pretty stupid.

  13. Open carry is legal here. I’m not bending over backwards to poorly conceal and look ridiculous at the same time. Better to just poorly conceal.

  14. Seeing as how it’s been more than a year since the switch to LTC, why the CHL plate? Also, how much is it going to do you when you bump against something and the _spring-loaded_ hinges pop it open and out your weapon. Discreet, this isn’t.

  15. I can easily carry a 5 inch Government 1911 in the office with a tuckable IWB holster, or in tshirt and shorts. Another solution where there is no problem.

  16. Sorry, but I don’t think that thing is gonna fool anybody. Is it real or is this a late April fools gag.

  17. If this is what you have to go through to avoid detection, just buy a small .380 and a pocket holster.

  18. The holster’s a big “nope,” but bonus points to this guy for carrying a Springfield XDm in it. That’s a great gun.

      • Hard to tell the difference at that angle. I’d like to have an XD-s (maybe someday when finances break into the black again), but as it is I have only one pistol to do it all, and the compact XDm does it all pretty darn well. Springfield’s pistols are great workhorse guns.

  19. I’ve got this idea, I’ll integrate an iphone into a gun handle, that way you can stick your gun in your pants, and it will look like you’ve just got your cell stuck in your pants. Gotta be careful answering calls though.

  20. Pet peeve: “The patented Pistol Mask is one of the most unique …” It’s either unique or it’s not. Unique does not take a qualifier. It means literally one-of-a-kind, you dumb turds.

    Your pistol mask “holster” is a dumb idea, and you all are too dumb to learn English. Zero stars out of a possible 5. Will not buy.

    • Those actually exist. They made the rounds on Facebook about 6mo ago. Not legal to own in CA.

  21. i can,t apologize for all of new york city.but just for my little part of it brooklyn/queens area.i,v had a what they call a premise/residency handgun permit,and its 340.00 every 3 yrsand have had one for 37 yrs,and when i ask one police plaza for a carry permit,theyask you why do you need one,i say how about to protect my family and me,and there answer is thats not good enough,and now with these new commissoner o,neil he says no to ccw,he says there,s to many guns already in nyc.i hope mr trump can do something to wake up this o,neil,because he is another anti-gun guy like deblasio is.

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