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A Buck 110 a dependable watch and five rounds of .357 (with five more in your pocket) will handle just about anything that comes your way. See what Festus carries at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. LCR + .boot grip + .357 Magnum, hurts my carpels, metacarpals & phalanges just lookin’ at it

    • The boot grip is better than the “stock” grip, but once I tried the Pachy there’s no going back.

      • “Better” in what sense? The boot grip has less to hold onto, less shock absorption. Smaller isn’t always better.

    • I had to look up ‘phalanges’.

      But yeah, I’ll bet it’s no picnic to shoot that combo.

  2. Why not load the clip with the 1 more round? Why doesn’t my hi point everyday carry picture get any traction? Why do people like corn nuts? Life is full of mystery…

  3. Field notes are for the hoi polloi , I much prefer Moleskine, same as Picasso, Van Gogh and of course Hemingway .

    Not sure if they like corn nuts but I suspect Picasso might have .

    • Pachymayr grips. Search it and you will see.
      What is the biz about field notes? What would someone need to take notes about? If I need to take notes, it is a legal pad.

      • Yeah figured it out after I posted
        I remember when they first hit the market in the 1960s and my generation have just always called them Pachmyars

  4. Awesome ! Now where can I get uniform pants with a big enough cargo pocket to,fit a legal pad ? Oh and how does the paper hold up,in rain and snow ?

    They put it right in the name FIELD notes.

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