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Dustin’s motto is ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worst.’ Toward that end, he totes a Beretta Nano in a Celtic Holsters Wee rig. See the rest of his worst case scenario paraphernalia at Everyday Carry.

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  1. And what’s wrong with a vaping device? I smoked a pack a day for 16 years. Have been off real cigs for 5 years now. Can definitely tell a difference in my health, for the better. My NeBox is part of my EDC. It, along with my M&P Shield, goes everywhere with me.

    • I smoked a pack or more per day for 18 years and have been smoke-free since 2005. Lose the habit, gain some healthy years. YMMV

      • They say if you quit smoking, drinking, and chasing wild women you’ll live longer. Not true, it only seems longer.

    • No one cares if you vape… but someone seems to want people to care, gotta put it in an “EDC” photo! Eyeroll.

      • I don’t see how putting a vape device in an EDC pic is “wanting someone to care” if they carry said vape device every day. Sounds like somebody has an axe to grind or something.

      • How many of the edc photos have had half a dozen knives? They use each knife every day? WHO CARES what people carry with them? Reserve the judgement for those who deserve it (if you must) not fellow people of the gun.

  2. Thanks for the post. The only other things not in this picture I carry are my wallet and my keys. And as for my Vape, I do carry it everyday and I haven’t had a real cigarette in 2years after 15 years of packing a pack a day of those.. As for the two knives, big ones got an edge, and the little one is generally hidden, but I use it for cleaning fingernails and just general crap a knife is handy for other than cutting.

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