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Ayub is what one of my business school professors called a bizzie student. And he’s one who obviously means business, toting that Norinco CF-98 in what he IDs as a US Army sidearm holster (upper right). See the rest of what this “alpha male” carries at Everyday Carry.

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    • no 3 shots then mag change, then witty line time. “Sucks to be you!” then cig. a cigar would be more manly though lit with a zippo lighter which is then flung into the spilled flammable liquid that the BG is lying in.

      oooooooh 5.8×21, you might only need 3 shots. Ok, I’ll give him a hat tip for coolness.

  1. But, how does he carry the gun…

    Mexican carry, pocket carry, colon carry; inquiring minds want to know.

    • In all likelihood the holster pictured in the photo but as to where on the body he decides to secure the holster, the world may never know.

        • That was my first thought as well, however in the description it lists it as a “US army sidearm holster” so I don’t know. Looks like a mag carrier as well but there might be something behind it like a holster/mag holder combo on a drop leg but that would be a bulky set up.

  2. Jeez a type 92

    Reminds me of my good ol days doing biz in China

    That gun, the originial version issued to Chinese military, is CRAP. I used to have fun with it at the local range (yes, there are two civilian shooting ranges in Beijing, both huge in size. Dunno about other cities)

    Very low quality, poor fit and finish, ergonomics poorer than HK, has a service life of several thousand rounds.

  3. Ha on the vape trashers, he went full blown cigg n cheap lighter to boot. Kinda like sayin,uhhumm, I figured thered be more trash talk on the norc.

  4. Pocket dump? Who the hell carries a watch in their pocket? God, I hate these EDC features.

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