Dave E's EDC including a GLOCK 43
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If you’re wondering how Dave totes all of that, he says it, “all packs down and is carried along with other essential items in my Maxpedition Fatboy Versapack or on my person.” Check out all the details at Everyday Carry . . .

edc everydaycarry.com everyday carry

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    • I’m buying one anyway.
      Is a CATS better? Yes.
      Would I carry a CATS? Sometimes, but not always – too bulky.
      Will I carry a RATS? Yup. No excuse not to.

      Beats the absolute crap out of trying to use a belt.

      • Its already attached to an IFAK, by itself yeah I can see a rats being easier to deal with but when you already have it packed onto a kit a CAT or SOF-T doesn’t increase bulk that much at all, especially when flat packed. Not to mention the RATS has been proven in studies to not provide the occlusion necessary to seal off a full major arterial bleed.

      • What Logan said.

        But yes, its better than a belt, but VERY marginally.
        I’ve tried the CAT ones on Ebay for $7, work great, pack easy.


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