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Go big or go home. That seems to be Brian’s credo. Hence the full-size Canik TP9SA. See all the gear Brian totes at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Anyone have one of those Pelican phone cases? Looking at getting one but haven’t met anyone that’s actually used one before.

  2. Is that beard oil? What kind of fedora tipping d-bag carries beard oil on him? “Hang on, bro, I need to change the oil on my facial hair? Also, where do you keep all this? Back pack, mall ninja pants, best, or Duke Nukem pockets?

  3. I have one of those TP9SA pistols, and the 1st gen TP9. I cannot say enough great things about it. There’s no way I could conceal it though, definitely a full size pistol.

      • Im not small by anyones measurement, I cant wear anything here but a t-shirt and jeans during work. Try sitting down with a full sized gun at 3 to 4 o’clock. Butt sticks out like crazy . Barrel pokes you in the thigh. I do carry an Officers 1911.
        Thats as big a gun as I can use. I wont do appendix. I like myself as I am thank you.
        Belt holster is also out. Prints too much.
        IWB only. I cant reach behind my back right handed. 2 shoulder surgeries. So for some of us. Full size even my Commander size guns are out. 4 guns that sit in my safe that I used to carry in my coat and tie days with a belt holster. Model 66 2.5 inch, Hi-Power, and a Commander 1911, and now my Canik.

        • “Try sitting down with a full sized gun at 3 to 4 o’clock.”

          I do this every single day with a full sized pistol IWB without problem. In the summer I throw a light button up over my shirt and it’s good to go.

          “I cant reach behind my back right handed. 2 shoulder surgeries.”

          So, no offense, but you’re disabled. That’s legit.

          Theoretically you could still do it in a shoulder holster. When dressing up in a suit I carry a full sized Jericho 941 in a Roto-Tilt from Falco (No, not a cheap rip off of Galco, it’s European so it’s all fancy and classy and shit. Nah, kidding, semi custom since they’ll do a few mods to your leatherwork. ~$80 after shipping.)

    • I have one too. Havent yet found a way to actually carry it. Doesnt fit in any IWB or pockets I own. I cant belt carry, too obvious here in T-shirt and jeans country. Although I do carry an Officers 1911 daily. Thats as big as I can wear under a t-shirt here.

  4. I have the da/sa version, at 5’7″ and 180 I can hide it @ 5 o’clock with a light over shirt. They really aren’t much bigger then a g19.

  5. This is the first Canik we have seen here!
    Jay, I agree with you that here in Florida concealed carry is a problem with the lightweight clothing we wear here
    Especially in summer
    I have a Sig 938 that I pocket carry in a remora holster
    Holster cover both the the trigger and the safety
    I give up some capacity in favor of always having 9 shots of 9 mm with me
    With an 8 shot reload in the other pocket


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