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Sales and marketing maven Andy Chen’s not satisfied with the run-of-the-mill. He’s taken an off-the-shelf GLOCK 19 Gen4 and blinged it up with starburst stippling, a double under cut on the trigger, Taran Tactical springs and connector, a Vicker’s Tactical mag release, a set of Ameriglo Straight 8 sights, an OCC Custom trigger and an Agency Arms Gen 4 magwell. See the rest at Everyday Carry.

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      • Yes, the MUT is absolutely the *best* Leatherman I’ve ever carried too. It’s heavy, but I use it daily for all sorts of stuff and has the best wirecutters of any multitool I’ve ever carried.

    • I do. Its not that hard, I have a small Fenix flashlight clipped to the back left pocket everyday. It produces more light than a phone is ever capable of doing and is far more accessible in times of need that one that is dependent on fine motor skills like a touch screen phone. It is mounted on the left pocket because I carry my firearm at 4 o’clock and should I ever need to access both I have them on separate sides. Identification of a target is key and I don’t want to flag someone that doesnt need to have a gun pointed at them if I’m stressed. I can simply draw with my right hand and light up the alley or dark nook and cranny with the left hand while the gun is pointed safely at the ground. If I need the gun its right there but I don’t have to be pointing it at the area that I am examining.

    • Yes, all day everyday. A solid flashlight is the one thing nobody ever questions, even walking through TSA (unless it’s a maglite 6-D cell baton). And yet it’s the most used item I carry, even more so than a good pocketknife. A decent 1xCR123A or 2xAA model can produce 150+L, plenty to light up the side of a barn, and temporarily blind a BG. If it turns out that dude isn’t so bad and just seemed so in the moment, all you’ve done is owe him an apology as he staggers away searching for his retinas. In the continuum of force, barring the need for immediate and violent action, a flashlight sends a strong message: you’re prepared, equipped, and alert. Move on little man, go steal someone else’s wallet. At worst it buys you a couple precious seconds of him trying to regain vision while you draw and make a decision. It removes a BG’s biggest weapon–the initiative–and places the fight in your court.

      Non-hostile encounters aside, I use my EDC light 2-3 times a day, such as walking outside to put the animals away at night. I can’t count the number of times I’ve used it in situations where life without it would have been less safe: walking around at night with tree branches waiting to put out an eye, walking along an unlit street with cars passing by that wouldn’t be able to see me without that beam on the ground in front of me, etc.

      I second the guy above in carrying a Fenix. I carry a PD35, though a Nitecore P12, Gerber mini-cortex, or streamlight 2xAAA occasionally work into the mix.

    • 1, half of the day is night, and not all places have enough lighting for the night, and sometimes i just have to be in one of those places. A light is smaller than an NOD.

      2, force continuum. Verbals, then fists, then a high-candela light as a temperary blinding device and an impact weapon, then knives or guns. It’s not like the thugs doing this to me deserve this much consideration. It just serves to keep my legal fees to a minimum.

      3, i can pass the TSA with it. In areas where no guns or knives are allowed, it’s my weapon and glass breaker.

      I carry a Surefire EB2. It’s a shame they stopped making the tactical switch model.

  1. Just want to point out that the name Andy Chen doesn’t sound white. I thought all gun owners were OFWGs.

    Can someone help me understand how this is possible?


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