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HillCntryRedneck isn’t taking any chances. With the SIG P938 and the NAA revolver, he’s ready if something fails (or runs dry). While he doesn’t carry a lot, he carries the essentials. See the details at Everyday Carry.

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  1. Okay, what is the 10 peso coin all about? 😀

    And the heck with his carry gear, I want that counter top!!! 😉

    – Thomas

    • “And the heck with his carry gear, I want that counter top!!! ”

      You’ll have to take that up with his wife…

    • That was the idea.
      I bought one because I thought it was the smallest 9mm I could handle and shoot well. Mine has the fat Hogue rubber grips on it.

  2. This is the best setup I’ve seen yet. What could improve it? Tactical pen? Too cliche maybe. Love this and the counter.

  3. When’s someone going to come along and do a parody EDC, like Agent 47, or the father from Boondocks Saints.

  4. Is that a North American Arms .22 magnum revolver with Rosewood grip? Nice piece.

    I have one in .22lr with the magnum conversion cylinder and folding holster grip. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to the range in the several months since I bought it. Since I haven’t actually shot it yet, I don’t actually carry it yet.

    I like the holster grip because it gives more real estate for a firm purchase, but also because it covers the trigger. With NAA’s half-way notch, the hammer doesn’t rest on either a loaded or empty chamber, but still. I like trigger coverage.

  5. Sure wish I could own one of those little NAA’s. They are not legal here in wonderful Taxachusetts. Well to be technically correct, it’s not illegal for me to own one it’s just illegal for anyone to sell one to me.

  6. This one is the most practical, for me anyway. Beats the heck out of mine. Lint,35cents, and sheet metal screw.

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