“I would like to see if Erin Andrews can dance her way through a hail of gunfire.” This unveiled threat and lame-ass pun from yet another “fan” obsessed with the ESPN anchor and Dancing With The Stars contestant. TMZ reports that the latest loon, from Newport News, Va., emailed an even worse pun (the lowest form of stalking?) via DirecTV’s Dan Patrick Show: “Better yet I would love to shoot her with a Barrett rifle.” The latter reference is to both the Murfreesboro, Tennessee firearms manufacturer of military style weaponry and Michael David Barrett, the creep who videotaped Andrews through peepholes in her hotel rooms. TMZ says “law enforcement sources” tell them that the FBI is reluctant to arrest the author because he’s engaging in free speech. Crap. FYI Back in February, the.338 Lapua Magnum Rifle won American Rifleman’s Rifle of the Year award and Michael David Barrett won two-and-a-half years in prison for his videography skills.


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