EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights
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See the difference in speed-to-target technology with the wide collection of EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights.

It’s the 21st Century, are you shooting your gun accordingly?

What we’re getting at is the blatant fact that the capabilities of technology-driven firearms are only going to speed up. It will probably happen exponentially, too, especially in the optic market. Are you going to get left behind?

Stay ahead with a Holographic Weapon Sight, specifically like the ones EOTECH is highlighting in their collection, fit for just about any modern sporting rifle with a rail.

EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights

Use them, and you’ll get why they’re the close-quarter combat sight of choice for America’s most elite military and law enforcement units.

EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights

With ten models to choose from, the EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) line represents some of the most advanced view- and focus-enhancing developments in riflescopes.

Instead of looking through a reticle or red dot, the holographic reticle is all about the shooter’s perception that it’s there. Our eyes are having a hard-enough time trying to see both the reticle and the target, often switching back and forth, which does little for accuracy or confidence.

With the HWS that EOTECH has created, that switching is a thing of the past. The field of view encourages shooters to keep both eyes open, meaning they’re able to quicken their speed-to-target acquisition almost instantly.

The sight’s wide, rectangular window aids in peripheral vision, and promotes more situational awareness.

All Hours, Day or Night

Many of the EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights are equipped to work in conjunction with night-vision devices, maintaining their excellent performance and frame of view. Darkness settings and a stealth-like, non-reflective sight window will keep you from view, and there are no mirrored or metal-coated surfaces to give away your position.

EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights

Naysayers will often point to the battery life of hi-tech tactical tools, but when you’re running over 2,000 hours, depending on what kind of batteries you’re using, there’s little argument.

Go Green

The Holographic Weapon Sights are shatter- and water-resistant, and will consistently work under some of the roughest conditions an operator could ever find themselves in. But, it gets even better.

The coolest new additions to the HWS lineup are the Green versions of the EXPS2 and XPS2 sights, fitted with green-reticle technology, said to be five times easier to see than red in bright, daylight conditions.

It’s just one more reason why EOTECH is at the front of the pack when it comes to research, development, and testing.

Stay towards the front yourself by checking out EOTECH’s HWS collection, and see for yourself the difference it can make.

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    • Now what would you pay? But don’t answer yet…
      BTW: “new and improved”!
      In other offers: Learn how to sell sheeple anything, with just a few buzzwords(exponential, elite, Green, etc.), that they won’t understand, but that will compel them to do things. Have fun! Impress your friends! Now what would you pay?

      • If I like something, I buy it. Price is immaterial. Money is a renewable resource. Heartbeats not. But, rarely pay MSRP. I could just buy it, but enjoy searching for a deal….especially better than my friends bought it. It isn’t the kill, but the hunt… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Making plenty of money is only part of the equation for comfort and enjoyment. How much you KEEP……in spite of Government’s insatiable appetite . I pay whatever I want to enjoy the things which I find interesting. Yeah, I understand Marketing and Sales are paid handsomely to separate a fool and his money….been there, done that myself. Worked hard and effectively for 50 years to not have to worry about money. And, I have no adult supervision in my life….and, no one to leave it to. No!!!!, to your next question. I find those that snipe at others for spending what they want, usually never figured out how money and business work. Usually jealous of success.

  1. I wish I could spend more on an eotech than my AR is worth! I’m likely getting a Truglo Red dot with my “budget”…

    • I agree. Dont get me wrong I’ve shot a KelTec bulpup with an EoTech and a Tavor with Meprolight and they phenomenal and variety is the spice of life and all, but with decent sights like the TRS-25 It isn’t justifiable to me since my dissapator costs about the same as a Eotech. Besides its logistical to just get a functional sight and a 1000 round than one awesome sight and no money for ammo.

    • Nothing wrong with that! Just make sure fixed sights are always ready. I prefer the offset style, but if I had a simple red dot like you I’d keep them in the stock spots and I’m sure you already know this, but avoid flip up sights.

  2. You forgot to mention the enhanced failure drills from the automatic MOA-shift that happens any time it’s hot or cold.

    • Supposedly fixed on the newer models.
      I haven’t had any shift with hot weather and have yet to try it in the cold.

    • Been using them on my duty M4 in Iraq for years now. Seriously, the hype about MOA shift is overblown. Got a couple on my rifles in the USA and have never had an issue. Don’t fall into the internet hyperbole trap, you risk sounding like a mall ninja.

      • It was a real thing until EOTech fixed the issue but not after they got sued over it by the government. Otherwise EOTech wouldn’t have been so quick to settle let alone buyback the optics sold commercially at MSRP. Yes some things get overblown but the thermal drift in the affected optics was an actual issue that in some cases wouldn’t allow a return to zero and that’s actually on EOTech’s website.

  3. I own an older EOTech…it works well…but, battery life is not what newer systems offer…the biggest drawback to EOTechs is that any visual astigmatism (my dominant right eye…for example) and the dot and circle are really fuzzy / indistinct. Not had that issue so much with the Vortex and Leupold RDS dot-only sights. Would love to try the Mepro and Trijicon systems…however, they’re spendy.

  4. My EOTech HWS is an older model 511. Bought used off of GunBroker.com. After I got it I realized it was dim and could not be set bright enough for full daylight use. Contacted EOTech and learned that, at that time around five years or so ago, they had a standard $79 flat rate repair offer. Sent it to EOTech, came back within a couple of weeks. Arrived in a plain white box with pre-cut foam to hold it, a new set of batteries and new instruction manual. After the $79 repair fee it was still cheaper than buying new.

    My 511has worked perfectly ever since. So I’m impressed.

    Oh and all my “Operator” stuff is about clay pidgins, targets, steel plate here and there, empty shotgun shells at a 100 yards, targets, random tin cans and other dangerous and dastardly foes of the inanimate sort.

    • Someone does. Vortex makes a 1x prism called the Spitfire, have one on my daughter’s turkey shotgun. Primary arms does as well but the reticle is more complicated.

  5. EoT 512 in Hardwoods green camo to match the camo on Mossberg 835 Turkey Tactical with Boonie Packer (patrol ready style) sling. “Afraid the turkeys are going to over run your position old-timer?” Well, hopefully so!!!! But, after handling the setup and actually borrowing it to bag several birds, about 7-8of those whipper snappers now have the same rig. And, yes the turkeys do over run our positions on our property. Aw, Life is GOOD!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. Eotechs are nice, especially that the illumination isn’t visible to the threat. I’d like someone to make a lighter weight shield for the exps to help cut down the weight a little.

  7. I never had enough money to play with EOTech sights, but in Call Of Duty, they were to bulky so I never used them.


    In all seriousness, I sprung for an ACOG because it was something I was familiar with and kind of the medium that I like to have, then got some fixed offsets. It was about $300 more than my AR. But when it comes to EOTech, unless it was supplied to me, I’d have to pass on that price range. My .300 still only has iron sights, because divorces suck the funds out of your life and fuck women.

    • Thats right, lol. Women, can’t live with or without them, but Guns will always be there. Love guns, fuck women.. in that order. πŸ™‚

      I’m buying one off Gunbroker, $300+. I figure it’s worth trying in my quest to figure out what I like best.

  8. I have a 512 from before Eotech got into trouble for claiming no POI shift, and an XPS3 that I picked up a few weeks ago (didn’t need the NV compatibility, but LGS only had the one at same price as the XPS2). I really haven’t noticed the POI shift with either one, but I am not an operational operator operating operationally in Alaska on Monday and Death Valley on Tuesday.

    Understand that the shift is supposed to be average 1.4 moa (up to 3.4 moa at -4 and 122 degrees) and that at 50 yards 1.4 moa is about 5/8″. In addition, I have read that all red dot and HWS experience POI shift due to temperature. I don’t really worry about it. After all, temperature can affect ammo performance to a startling degree (what’s the expected POI shift of .308 ammo between -4 and 122?) As a CQB optic you will never see it. I read that the USSOCOM have recently gone back to Eotech.

    I like them, especially the ring and dot reticle, and that the non QD models are perfectly co-witnessed with my BUIS. I wish the battery life was better, but really have not had any issues with mine that have made me decide to get something else. That being said, there are so many options these days, you really can’t go wrong with any quality optic you pick.

  9. I have astigmatism and the reticle is only blurry to me when I’m not shooting. When I’m shooting with both eyes open, the reticle appears to be projected onto the target and it’s totally crisp. The only issue I have with EOTech is the seals can leak and when that happens they get dim and you have to send them back for repair.

    • Had the same problem with my 512. I moved it a little further from my eye and dimmed it as much as is practicle. With both eyes open , fantastic and clear.

  10. Had 2 of them on 2 different MSR’s. Batteries were always dead when I fired up the sights. Had to be a parasitic draw. Sold them and bought an ACOG. No regrets.


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