Remington R1 Lightweight Executive .45 ACP
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Here we go again. It’s finally officially summer and that time of year when we open our pages to our knowledgable, articulate and persnickety readership, giving them the chance to share their talents with the gun world. Judging by the quality of past entries, this is going to be good.

This year’s Summer Content Contest will work like the others. Simply create brilliant, entertaining and informative content on any firearms-related topic. It can be a gun or gear review, a comparison of guns, a how-to piece, a bit of history, something political or gun rights-oriented…the choice is yours. Again, as long as it’s gun-related.

Put your entries in the form of a Word doc or in the body of an email and send it to us at [email protected] with CONTENT CONTEST in the subject field. If you’re including photos (and please send lots where appropriate), send them separately from the content (don’t embed them in the Word doc, please).

This year’s grand prize winner will win a Remington 1911 R1 Ultralight Executive .45 ACP pistol (see our review here). The runner-up with get a ZORE X Core gun lock.

ZORE X Core Gun Lock

We’ll be accepting entries through the end of July. Post-worthy work will be published on the site until we’ve run out of publishable content and then we’ll announce the winners some time in August. You can enter as many times as you like during the entry period.

Good luck and start writing!



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    • “To hell with it. I never win.”

      Dude, you have safe after safe after FUCKING safe *stuffed* with guns I or most TTAG readers will never be able to afford.

      HUNDREDS of them, by your own accord.

      Is winning a lousy stock 1911 that important to you, compared to the thousands of TTAG readers who may have only one or maybe even no guns at all?


      • Easy there Geoff, look up and you’ll see that joke.

        But as a point of fact, I’m down to about 100 guns. I know, I know, shameful. But I wanted to start a new small business and I needed some cash, so I sold off a bunch (80?). I mean, I had a ridiculous number of black tactical 12 gauge pump action shotguns, of which I shot 1. I’ve since sold almost all my pump shotguns in general. Sold 2 LCPs I never shot. (Though I liked the guns.) I had 2 Glock 40s for Christ’s sake, and a Lone Wolf 40-9 conversion barrel. Have I EVER shot those? And then bolt guns…Jesus, it was asinine. I sold all but 2 of the Mosins. One of the STI’s a 2011 and a 1911. A Colt series 70 Government. All but 2 of the H&R single shots. Sold several AR15s, one of the AKs. All but 3 of the 22s. The 17HMR. And others.

        I’ve instituted a 1 in/1out rule now. Which I’ve immediately violated, buying another subgun, 3 black powder 44s and starting some new project revolvers.

        I also don’t have a gun safe. I have a gun room. Come to think of it, it is looking kinda bare…


        • I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM!!!
          You don’t happen to have a 4-inch blued GP100 357 for sale, do you? Dan Wesson 357 pistol pack? Walnut furniture for a G3? Mauser chambered in 9.3 x62? Used Colt Delta Elite? Come on man, I need.

        • I solved the problem of a cramped gun safe by buying a second safe. I’ve sold a few and bought a few the past years and I’m currently collecting modern walther pistols. I want a PPQ in several combinations and maybe a few other lines.

          I’m not a fan of 1911 pistols in general or Remington specifically so I’d end up selling the R1 is i was lucky to get one.

  1. I thought of entering in years past, but some people out there have such amazing stories I’m just going to sit back and read. This contest always brings in great stuff.

    • Should I write about the boating accident where all my firearms were lost and I was stranded on Gilligans Island with Ginger and Mary Ann.

      • Mary Ann, yes. Ginger, no! Ginger is way too high maintenance.

        Think of the ZZ Top song, Tube Snake Boogie.
        Insert into the lyrics:

        “… Ginger won’t do it, but Mary Ann will…”

        • Your on an island. For years. Two great looking women. And you pick just one. Nay, Nay, Nay.

  2. I may as well give it another rip, as I’ve done so on at least one, or was it two, other occasions. I need another R1, but lightweight, and lightweight, and executive!

    Now for a subject…

  3. I have to read this site to keep it up and running, no way am i going to start writing for them too!

  4. Oops!
    Uh, Dan? I didn’t know about this before I hit the button on yesterday’s email… still counts?
    …. not that is was Winner Grade material, but still…

  5. I have a gun review all written–except for the shooting part. (It has to happen outside; first it was too cold and wet, and now its too hot!)

  6. Can we get one of these as a caption contest prize? Unfortunately my wit and brilliance seem to peter out after a couple of sentences.

  7. Hmm… Ok guys should I review my pawn shop purchased Mini 14, my buds purchased Armscor (Rock Island Armory) 1911, my buds purchased SCCY CPX2, or the Ruger Security 9?
    Wait!!!! Maybe the youth Savage Rascal or Mossberg 464 rimfire probably have my boys do those….

  8. Which would be most interesting? My 70’s Smith experience, Taurus Judge 4.25″ and why it’s a great carry gun, or another PX4 review?

  9. I’m waiting for someone to write up a DGU. It would have to be a cleared incident for sure.

  10. To those who say they can’t afford guns I call BS!!! I was introduced to shooting by my “Granny”. Although grandpa shot with me, “granny” would take me out to shoot often by putting a milk jug full of water in front of a tree about 30 yds away. I would shoot a single shot 22 or a Remington Nylon 66. We also shot her old single shot .410 which she used to kill snakes. Growing up in the mountains of NC, there were plenty of snakes to practice on. As I came of age I bought many guns from pawn shops. This can open up a cheap way of purchasing firearms. As you become a “regular” purchasing guns at a pawn shop, the owner will begin to allow you to haggle prices. I have even had pawn shops that would allow me to buy guns for the “pay off”, or loan amount (what they have in the gun). This is especially true about less desirable guns or calibers. Another way to afford a gun is to lay them away. Most reputable dealers offer this. Today I sign up for as many sale emails as I can. With all the incentives given to gun stores today, you can easily find a suitable hunting rifle, shotgun, or pistol under $300. I am know as a person others call for firearm advice. I see too many people put too much emphasis on “brand”. In reality I see cheaper guns that can perform in every way, and often better than the owner can actually shoot them. Savage is one of the most accurate guns out of the box, and a very affordable new gun. Ruger American rifles are affordable also. Ruger 10/22 can be purchased in the $200-250 range new, and cheaper used. Another thing to consider is your purpose. Hunting in a wooded area, most shots will occur at UNDER 100 yards, and most at 30-50 yards. This being said, you shouldn’t need higher priced calibers like 7mm mag or 300 Win mag. A 30-30 or 30-06 can be found cheap and pretty much anywhere. So if you say you can’t afford guns, you either don’t really want one or you have the money management skills of a middle school child. Another option is to make daily purchases with cash as often as you can and clean your pockets of change every couple of days. I have used this tactic before and you can have a couple hundred dollars in no time at all, and by using change, you really don’t miss it. Hope this helps.


    I would love to win a Gun and the Remington R1 Lightweight Executive looks like a good one. I have been looking to buy a gun for some time now, I use to own a few in the past but had to sell them and have been looking to get back into shooting again. Thanks

  12. I have a tip for you money-conscious individuals. I visit outdoors FREQUENTLY, not always to buy, but to browse. One thing that bothers the crap out of me is…I see individuals going to these big stores to buy gun safes. BIG MISTAKE! Is no one researching major purchases anymore?!?! The best-kept secret for purchasing a safe is Tractor Supply. I had to sell my safe when I moved because it would not fit into the door of the house we rented when we moved to a new state. After a promotion at the new job we bought a house. Top of my list for new purchases was a new safe. I researched the hell out of it. On a trip to TSC i noticed they sold safes. Cannon brand is one of the main ones offered there. The main reason they caught my eye was the fact that they have a 90 minute fire rating. This is crazy since many of the ones offered at BPS and Cabelas were 60-70 minute rating. I opened one of the Cannons to look at it and was blown away. Not only was the interior as nice as any $2000+ safe made by a certain gun company I have seen, but included pistol and accessory pockets on the door. The kicker was the 64 gun safe price was $999, and the 80 gun model was $1199…WELL below the normal prices in bigger outdoor stores. The next thing blew my mind…Usually every 2-3 months they run a sale which dramatically drops the price to $799 for the 64 gun and $999 for they 80 gun. This definitely makes gun safes more affordable. I talked the wife into the 80 gun safe because of the price and promised her I would store important documents and her jewelry in it ( I have nowhere near 80 guns, but couldnt pass up the awesome deal) . Like many of you I am not rich so I am always looking for the best deal on guns and gear. I hope this helps you guys. Check these deals out for yourself…you will be impressed.

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