Chuck Schumer Fully Semi-Automatic
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Schumer Goes Full Semi-Automatic

It’s so hard to keep the things they legislate against straight . . .

It’s naïve at this late date to expect most federal lawmakers to comprehend the legislation they pass. However, it’s not too much to ask that the lawmaker the New York Times described as the “workhorse” behind the 1994 “Assault Weapons” ban know the basics of firearms operation.

Schumer isn’t the first to use the “full semi-automatic” term. In February, a CNN reporter went to a range with purported firearms expert Lieutenant General Mark Hertling, who proceeded to fire an AR-15 on what he termed “full semiautomatic.”

Perhaps with his comments Schumer was adopting the bizarre theory of firearms operation posited by Australia Green Party politician David Shoebridge, who earlier this year registered his opposition to a rifle that is cycled by use of a thumb lever. Shoebridge described the firearm as “semi-semi-automatic.”

ATF Gun Search Trace
courtesy and Getty

ATF Gun Traces Up More Than 10 Percent

Firearms traces by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives increased more than 10 percent between 2016 and 2017, according to a report from the agency released on Tuesday.

The report shows the ATF ran 322,078 traces of firearms recovered in the United States during 2017. The agency ran 289,223 in 2016, which means it processed 32,855 more in 2017. That represents an increase of 11.3 percent over the previous year.

The report said California had 41,527 trace requests in 2017, making it the state with the most requests in the country. The state also had the most requests in 2016.


California dark-money group attacking pro-gun control state senator for being anti-gun control

Try to follow along . . .

State Sen. Gary Farmer, D-Fort Lauderdale, filed bills in the 2018 legislative session to require firearms to be stored with trigger locks, to mandate that even private sales of firearms have background checks and to repeal a ban on a state firearms registry.

He filed the same trigger-lock and private-sales bills in 2017, his first session in the Florida Legislature.

None of those bills passed in the Republican-dominated legislature, or even got a committee hearing, but he filed them nonetheless.

He also voted against the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School Safety Act, despite provisions that required three-day waiting periods on gun purchases and a 21-and-older age limit, because of a provision that could arm teachers in schools. He also, strategically, believed that if the bill failed, the legislature would be forced to go back and add more gun control measures.

Because of the gun-control measures in the school safety bill that Farmer voted against, Floridians Against Guns is calling out Farmer for voting against gun control.

And yet, Farmer is now being attacked as a pro-gun candidate.

courtesy and AP

State Supreme Court clarifies when felons can regain gun rights

People in Washington state who want to have their gun rights restored after a felony conviction must be crime-free for five years, but it doesn’t have to be the five years immediately before they petition.

That’s according to a 6-3 ruling Thursday from the Washington Supreme Court. It came in the case of Edgar Dennis III, who was disqualified from possessing guns after robbery and assault convictions in the 1990s.

Dennis went more than 15 years before he was convicted of another crime, a misdemeanor for negligent driving.

Two years after that, in 2016, he petitioned to have his firearm rights restored. Lower courts rejected his efforts, citing the misdemeanor conviction within the past five years.

Louie's on the Lake Shooting

The reality of the ‘good guy with a gun’

It drives them insane that two good guy with guns stopped a shooter in such a conspicuous way . . .

In a nation grappling with frequent mass shootings, Second Amendment activists have urged that more people carry guns so that they are prepared, like Nazario and Whittle, to respond to an armed threat. The morning after the May 24 Oklahoma City shooting, the National Rifle Association tweeted that it was “just another example of how the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Local police also praised Nazario and Whittle, saying their swift response ended what a police spokesman called “a very dangerous situation.”

But police also noted that armed citizens can complicate volatile situations. The first of 57 uniformed police officers arrived just a minute after the initial 911 calls and found a complex scene with multiple armed people and no clear sense of what had happened or who was responsible.

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  1. I hope every time a politician or an Anti drops the term “Full/Fully Semiautomatic” that they’re asked what the definition of that means. Because currently, it may as well be a fake term on Urban Dictionary and mean a term used by idiots who have no idea what they’re talking about.

    “Hey Bob, look over there. It’s one of those Fully Semiautomatic types running for governor again.”

    • Shh, don’t tell them that. Let them pass all the bans on “full semi automatics” they want. Every second they spend on made up bullshit is a second they’re not coming after us in a real way

        • Sort of like being like semi-semi-fully automatically pregnant ,almost, due to illegal omission of a cock lock and improper storage .

      • The more newspeak and bullshit buzzwords that the Anti’s throw out there for low information voters to consume, the worse it is for us and the 2nd. We can’t allow this type of propaganda out there and be left unchallenged.

        There’s no such thing as “fully semi-automatic” and that needs to be drilled into the people’s brains because if you allow well meaning, but stupid people to believe that “fully semi-automatic” guns are legal, they’re gonna think they’re machine guns and machine guns are a red line when it comes to gun ownership in the US.

    • Be careful what you wish for. Thanks to so many people getting the definition of “assault weapon” wrong thanks to the leftists the dictionary definition of that term has now been changed to INCLUDE semi-auto weapons which will now no doubt figure into any new “assault weapon” legislation.

      • Agree 100%!

        Careful Everyone!!!

        “Full semi-automatic” is not an “Accident” or lack of firearms knowledge by Schumer and company.

        The left is deliberately Trying to use language such as, “Full semi-automatic” and Senator Dianne Feinsteins “Fast Fingers” terminology, to describe revolvers, to Try and blur the line between Automatics and any Firearm, so as to make Gun Bans more palatable with the American people.

    • “Full semi-auto” reminds me a bit of when people jokingly say “60% of the time, it works 100% of the time.” Except these people are serious.

    • “Full-semi-automatic” is a meaningless term but, as far as gun-controllers are concerned, this kind of imprecision doesn’t matter at all. Gun-controllers don’t care about technical accuracy—something they attribute to evil gun-owners anyway—because the audience they are addressing doesn’t know much about guns.

      What Shumer was trying for was maximum symbolic impact, something that can be very different from technical accuracy.

    • Don’t you know? “Semi-Automatic” is not PC anymore, we POTG prefer the term “Self-Loading” now. Sheesh, get it right.

      • Schmuckmer is Semi-Fully Communistic all the time. He may still have a bump-stock up his ass in case his selector switch gets bumped by satan’s ass-rape.

  2. It’s amazing how law abiding gun owners don’t shoot at responding police while criminals such as spree shooters will shoot at police or kill them selves. With such differing responses, it must be quite difficult for police to figure out who the criminals are.

  3. “…Firearms traces by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives increased more than 10 percent”

    Ok. But you didn’t mention how many crimes were solved using those firearms traces.

    • DING! That was my first question. They can perform all the traces they want, but if those traces lead to dead ends, what have they accomplished? I guess they don’t want us to know.

    • Its not about solving any crime, its about outing/punishing the original lawful owner from whom the gun was stolen.

      On rare occasion might result in a gun finding it’s way back home.

  4. I have a fully automatic bolt action ghost rifle with an overcapacity clip that shoots a bazillion rounds per second. It even has a thingie that goes up. For the spraying effect, of course

  5. Ummm…an article about Floriduh gun control and you say California in the headline…does anyone proofread these posts?!?😄

  6. ‘The first of 57 uniformed police officers arrived just a minute after the initial 911 ca lls…’

    …and subsequently just a 59 seconds after armed civilians had resolved the situation without waiting for the police…

  7. “But police also noted that armed citizens can complicate volatile situations.”

    Yes, it’s so much easier for the cops to figure out what’s what when all the good guys are dead.

    • Better. Relinquish and disband all police on all levels nationwide. Except for state police. Reinstate all American citizens 2nd amendment rights to keep and bear ARMS. *(constitutional carry.)* Problem solved

  8. I had a Sig Mosquito once that I’m pretty sure was partial semi-automatic. Especially with Winch ester white box. Every third shot was a malfunction drill.

  9. The whole thing about the aussie politician describing lever release guns as “semi semi automatic” is actually a pretty accurate way of describing their operation. Imagine having to hit the bolt release every time your AR fires and ejects a round, cause that’s basically how they work.

    • And a bolt action is a “manual semi-automatic”. So is a lever-action. User-required action other than a trigger pull between shots makes it not semi-automatic, the Australian was just trying to scare people, as is Chuck “Assault Weapons” Schumer. And people forget that manual (lever, bolt, or pump) action weapons can be fast, even if they aren’t “semi-semi-automatic”. See the Brits with their bolt actions in the World Wars, their Expeditionary Force was fast enough in aimed shots during the start of WWI they panicked the Germans into thinking they were using machine guns when all they had were bolt actions…

  10. “The first of 57 uniformed police officers arrived just a minute after the initial 911 calls and found a complex scene with multiple armed people and no clear sense of what had happened or who was responsible.”

    Note that:
    1) The first responder was 1 minute after the 911 call, which was an undetermined amount of time after the shooting started.
    2) All shooting had ended by the time the officer arrived.
    3) The police had no effect on the outcome of the event.
    4) Despite being “complex,” no good guys were mistaken for bad guys and arrested or shot by the police. They were detained, which should be expected. If you shoot someone, you should expect to be questioned and your story examined.
    5) Despite having multiple unrelated good guys responding, they didn’t mistake each other for the bad guy and shoot each other or anyone other than the bad guy.
    6) Is this an argument against police carrying off duty or in plain clothes? One of the good guys was a security guard and former cop. A responding officer wouldn’t be able to tell an armed off duty cop from a retired cop, a legally armed civilian, or the perpetrator, except that the perpetrator might be threatening unarmed people. Police need to be trained not to be trigger happy and issue commands first. The good guys will comply. There are numerous cases of police shooting unarmed citizens, and the article mentions shooting of a plain clothes detective by police in Prince George’s County. There isn’t an example of armed samaritans taking each other out.

    Seems to reinforce the NRA position, and the saying, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

  11. My AR-15 is fully semi-dual-clutch-automatic with a flappy paddle mag release so I can shift between high capacity clips in just 8 milliseconds.

  12. So Floridians Against Guns — love the acronym — is a California-based PAC that exists to troll anti-gun Floridians into voting against one of their own anti-gun legislators. Probably a waste of time and money, but then again, you never really know until the votes come in.

    • Wow. I didn’t even catch that. F.A.G. Seriously? These people are beyond full semi retarded.

    • Fascinating point. According to the article the reporter called the group’s founder:

      Reached by phone and asked why a California Republican who never lived in Florida was so interested in a South Florida Democratic primary, Heard responded, “That’s a really good question,” and promised to call back after concluding a call on another line.

      Heard did not call back.

      This seems like world-class political trolling to me.

      • It really doesn’t make much sense politically, as Farmer’s opponent is a Republican(!) named Iotova, who so far hasn’t made much of a showing, and whose website is damned near invisible.
        Why knock an all-but-assured winner, who is on your side?
        Not calling back may be a way of admitting a mistake has been made.

  13. Unsure who was who, officers handcuffed all of the men and put them on the ground as the shooter bled out into the grass and died.

    One of those rare times where police procedure saves taxpayers money.

  14. It’s the same kind of logic as the plate on the back of my wife’s Subaru: PZEV= Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle.

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