Walther Guns & Gear Giveaway

Walther Guns & Gear Giveaway

Check out the $2,000 Guns & Gear Giveaway, and enter now!

You’ve got to see what’s included in the prize package for this awesome $2,000 Guns & Gear Giveaway.

This could seriously be a major game-changer in regards to your firearm, accessory, and gear collection. This is what’s included in the total prize package:

Walther Guns & Gear Giveaway

C’mon, when was the last time you saw such an all-inclusive, wide ranging prize like that?! There isn’t much else we could dream of that would be on our wish list!

All you need to do is enter your email address and you’re eligible to win. Walther, Badlands, Umarex, Axeon, and Optical Dynamics are all great brands making awesome stuff, so you know it’s well worth an entry.

See the full contest rules here.


  1. I don’t know? $150 for a pair of pants seems a little steep? Is this fleece fleece like real fleece, or is it synthetic? If it’s real it might be worth it? I’d have to realy get a good service life from those pants or jacket for those prices. Sadly my fixed income is fixed all right, most of my clothing is from Saint Vincent’s ( any shoes, boots or sizes $1) or the thrift shop. ….. Then if I won I’d probably be taxed on the stuff, more money, the UPS would probably deliver the stuff, then “The Man” would know where I lived. Can’t have that. Probably a good deal to win but in the long run maybe not so much.

  2. I entered because I would like to have a free .45 caliber pistol.
    I don’t have any guns in .45
    I don’t care about any of the other stuff.

    • I hope you win that .45. It’s my favorite,I like the way it recoils, shove not snap and I kinda get a kick out of shooting a big old pellet gun, 850 fps. .44 Special I like that one too

  3. If I won the NRA’s bunch-of-guns-and-a-pickup-truck lottery it would seriously be a major game-changer in regards to my firearm, accessory, and gear collection. This, not so much. Still, why not?


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