Enter the 12 Days of Spyderco Giveaway Contest to Win Knives and Gear!

12 Days of Spyderco Giveaway

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Click the image above to enter the 12 Days of Spyderco giveaway. You could win one of the best EDC blades on the planet, the Sypderco Native 5 featuring a super steel S90V blade. You could also win one the best knife sharpening systems made, the Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmpaker or the innovative, compact Squarehead Lightweight. Or you could snag a snazzy Sypderco t-shirt.

Get in while the getting’s good and stuff your own stocking this year with some primo Spyderco gear.


  1. avatar Rimfire says:

    Farcebook won’t allow you to “like” the Spyderco site on their illustrious site when trying from TTAG. The sjw boss sucks over there you know. …ooh my, bad guns and evil sites, lol
    Just go to Spyderco on Facebook and you can like em there
    Do it just to fvuk with them liberal types at Farcebook

  2. avatar Richard Olsen says:

    Same here, of course if i wanted to like a fascist or socialist page i probably could. I liked the TTAG entry on facebook but can’t through the entry page.

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