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Sharyn Hinchcliffe, a civil rights advocate, was at the rally to represent the nonpartisan Seattle and Tacoma “Pink Pistols” Chapter.

The organization started as a group to train those in the LGBTQ community to learn how to shoot guns, as well as raise awareness that people in those communities are able and trained to shoot.

The all-inclusive organization now provides safety information and firearms training for anyone who wants it. Hinchcliffe said she is opposed to the legislation that passed Wednesday, and other firearms legislation because the enforcement of such bills are “unequally enforced in marginalized and minority communities.”

“They are dangerous to BIPOC communities,” Hinchcliffe said. And, she added, they are “lethal” to minority communities.

She said that if the proposed gun legislation passes, she believes people will focus on voting elected officials out of office.

“We are working on getting candidates who are not going to violate human and civil rights,” Hinchcliffe said. “And then we’re going to work on getting these laws repealed.”

— Shauna Sowersby in Gun rights activists gather in Olympia to oppose gun bill passed Wednesday night in Senate





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  1. quote—————–“And then we’re going to work on getting these laws repealed.”————-quote

    Believe in what a Politician actually does not what he bullshits you with. Have you noticed that when the Republicans take over a State they never repeal the anti-gun laws passed by the Democrats. Has the Republican Governor of Virginia done anything about repealing the former Democratic Governors draconian gun laws? Of course not because he secretly agrees with them. This is only one recent example of many.

    Republicans are no friends of gun owners and they cleverly let Democrats pass anti-gun laws and then claim they were powerless to stop the anti-gun laws from being past.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, ROFLMAO. You think you are a “friend” of gun owners? You are just another anti-gun radical who blows smoke up our ass.

      Your anti-gun laws are being overturned by the highest court in the land. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

      • your “rights” do not and DID not originate from a court or gov’t. The founders made the claim, they came from the creator GOD of heaven & earth. I pity the sheeople of the Divided Socialist STATE of Amerika if they continue to sleep while funding their many enemies. socialism usually ends in mass murder, Amerika will be no different

    • darcydodo…Your attempts to elevate the party that owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the kkk, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities is futile.

      If it’s not pointing fingers at the Party of Lincoln it’s democRats saying racism was with dixiecrats and all the dixiecrats joined the Republican Party. Of course democRats cannot prove one word of it because no evidence of any such a migration exists anywhere because none of it happened. That’s right…racists somehow in the 60s flocked to the Republican Party when Republicans were voting for Civil Rights and democRats were not. The democRat Party never did care about Civil Rights following the end of the Civil War and the same holds true throughout the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Even Jimmy Carter proclaimed he did not need the Black Vote to win in Georgia because he knew bigots would be there for him. Thanks to democRats bigotry spanned all across America and if you watch the movie 42 it shows a very bigoted Philadelphia which is not the South.

      A few weeks ago you came here beating the same drum trying to give the democRat Party a leg up by saying Republicans never undo democRat Party Gun Laws. Again I had to correct you by pointing out how POTUS G.W. Bush let the 1994 Clintoon Ban Sunset without renewal much to very upset and angry democRat Party objections.

      You and your Rat Party need to stfu and use the funds sitting in your democRat Party coffers to make Monetary Reparations for your laundry list of Race Based Atrocities. Atrocities your slimeball party runs around attempting to lay on the doorsteps of others..,PAY UP democRat whiteboy.

      • it was stupid republicrats that voted to water down your voting rights in 1965. The demon-rats eliminated your vote in 2020. Amerika is evil, corrupt and rigged. women will suffer horribly when the chaos comes full circle. beware & wise up (the stupid will die)

        • Timothy, Don’t you think it is time for you to go to Red China or maybe Russia where you will be more at home?

          If you are white, black or indigo, it does not matter. your vote counts just as much as mine.

    • Why should we believe anything you say, Dacian, when you consistently campaign for a government you deem corrupt to have more control over our means to self defense?

    • Every once in a great while Dacian makes sense. On even rarer occasions, he’s flat-out right. This is one of them.

      Republican politicians are NOT our friends. They give lip service to the Second Amendment, but they don’t actually believe it matters. Given the assurance that it won’t hurt their finances or reelection prospects, they WILL stab gun owners in the back.

      Don’t expect them to roll back any of the Democrats’ new infringements, either, because you’ll vote Republican anyway — simply because you can’t afford to vote for a Democrat.

      Gun owners who care about their rights are a captive demographic. If there are enough of us (and if we ever manage to work together enough) to start primarying the squishes and quislings, that might change.

      Until then, if you want to know what “our” Republican politicians think of us, look at what Democrats have done for black people — more accurately, TO them. (And subtract some of the exploitation and most of the racism…but that’s a different post.)

      • “On even rarer occasions, he’s flat-out right. This is one of them.”

        Actually, he’s wrong about this one too. Virginia elected a governor, not a dictator. The new gov doesn’t have the power to roll back legislation without the legislature.

        Did Youngkin run on any specific VA gun laws? Most of what I heard was related to schools, but I’m not a Virginia voter.

        BTW, I agree that the Republicans aren’t our friends. I think we’re all aware of that now, especially after the last few years. You shouldn’t encourage the troll with positive reinforcement. 😉

        • Right on the major point, wrong on specifics. Is there still a D majority in the Virginia legislature or not? (I don’t know.)

        • Republicans now have a majority in the House, but dems still hold a slim majority in the Senate. Hopefully, there are some swing seats up for reelection this year.

          The dems fully controlled the government in Virginia, and they still couldn’t get their gun control wish list passed. I think the only thing they passed was not being able to carry on certain government properties and not allowing purchases by someone convicted of romantic partner assault. I think they also passed the silly one handgun purchase per month limit nonsense. I’m willing to bet at least some of that gets rolled back as soon as they take the Senate.

          I don’t live there, but I visit often, so I pay some attention to the politics there.

        • To Dud Brain

          quote————–You shouldn’t encourage the troll with positive reinforcement. 😉————-quote

          No you asshole you are a coward who is not man enough to admit when someone is correct. I may not agree most of the time with ING but I respect him for being honest when someone is correct and he is not afraid to admit it.

          Crawl back into your hole in the ground.

          No wonder you voted for Trump you are both of the same ilk.

    • ALL the gun grabbing laws are proposed and passed the the leftist Dems…like YOU. You are a Communist wolf in sheep clothing trying to divide and conquer. Stop this charade.

  2. Well, I’m a dunderhead. I always though any law that restricted any firearm in any way affected everyone. But to read this article, I must be wrong. These only hurt BIPOC folks. If it is the law, it should be enforced equally. If it is a crappy law (like this may be), elect officials that will change the law or challenge it in court and have it declared unconstitutional. Restrictive gun laws affect everyone and everyone should fight against them.

    • Agreed.

      However, leftists tend to be more responsive (e.g. willing to backtrack) when they are accused of hurting minorities, rather than everyone (including minorities). So from a tactical standpoint I see the sense of this approach.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        “So from a tactical standpoint I see the sense of this approach.”

        Damn straight. And it puts a smile on my face and a *snicker* on my lips to feed them a stiff dose of their own medicine… 🙂

      • I’m 100% on the side of all those oppressed BIPOC folks. I’ll happily help them vote the lying Democrat pieces of shit out and restore their civil rights.

        • You’re missing the fact that they will show their displeasure by voting for a *different* Democrat, and then wonder why nothing actually changes.

        • Or maybe the next D in line has a fresh reminder not to touch that third rail. That’d be enough of a win for now.

      • “However, leftists tend to be more responsive (e.g. willing to backtrack) when they are accused of hurting minorities…”

        I’m not sold on that idea. I think they’re shameless hypocrites that have faith in the propaganda machine continuing to work for them, no matter what. What people need to do is stop fighting on their (lefty) terms.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      “I always though any law that restricted any firearm in any way affected everyone.”

      Gun laws have always been about selective enforcement, when it gets down to it. TTAG’er JWM had such an experience many years back in the San Fran bay area, and since he was one of the ‘right people’ (non-black), the cop let him go on his way.

      Now, had JWM been a greasy guy in a black leather jacket, he most likely would have been rousted and put in front of a judge.

      ‘Racism’ can be exploited for our needs, if we put our minds to it. There’s some non-subtle irony of using Leftist Scum tactics against them…

      • Guilty as charged. Only I wasn’t charged.

        miner49er knows that gun laws will adversely effect, at a much higher number, the minority communities. Even his support for teaching gun safety in school is another back handed slap at the minority community. He knows that an inner city school district is not equal to one in the burbs. White kids will benefit and poc will be left behind.

        Miner also knows that planned parenthood uses the sanger plan of genocide against the black community. A plan that has been devastatingly effective.

        He knows all this and he still supports this. He is a better fascist than rant7, He lies to hide his true racist self.

    • hey man, er… possum, embracing my BIPOC heratige is great. Every time some do-gooder white lib tells me what communities of color need, i ask them how exactly they are qualified to speak on behalf of me and mine. “well i have friends… and my cousin married a xyz..” is the usual response. Then I get to ask them if they consider their friends too ignorant or lazy to make this argument for their selves, and why they need a white savior to do it for them. Count me in for a border enforcement argument, because that’s where I can really play my whole hand of race cards.

      Challenging the authority of an authoritarian is fun

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        “hey man, er… possum,…”

        With the Possum, I find it best to imagine that he actually is a marsupial with jagged yellow teeth and a rat-like tail.

        Because if you read enough of him, you can see he that he’s actually into the persona of a Possum with the comments he makes… 🙂

    • Bisexual people of color? Bipolar people of color maybe? Bacically icky pieces of chit? Binary idiots poop on Chicago?

        • Aren’t ‘blacks’ and ‘indigenous’ ‘people of color’?

          Also, what about light tan? That’s a color, isn’t it?

        • there can be ‘people of color’ who are not black or indigenous, for example, (non-black) Asians are considered ‘people of color’ but not indigenous like, for example, the American Indian. But broadly used, ‘people of color’ is used in the U.S. and Canada to describe any person who is not white, but it does not solely refer to African-Americans but instead encompasses all non-white groups.

          So I guess you could say that for BIPOC is a little redundant to say “Black” and “people of color” in the same terminology. But that’s the world we live in where everyone needs to be special so they say ‘Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color’, to have a catchy representative acronym BIPOC.

        • “People of Colour”? FUnny thing.. we ALL have at least SOME melanin pibment in our skin. So it is not a matter of people eing “of colur” but HOW MUCH colur, cause we ALL have at least some.

          Just some folks on a whinge about life and the raw deal they’ve gotten from life, looking for a way to stand ut a bit. At root, meaningless.

          How many of the “truckers” now blocoakding much of Canada are white” and how many are “other”? FUnny thing, nearly every face I’ve seen has been that of a white male. Yes, there are plenty of pakistanis and iraqis and whatever. But the vast majority of them are at least as white as I am (there is a tiny bit of chrokee came into the family lineage on Mum’s side back in the early 1800’s). But the “esteemed” DingBatInChief Justin Trudeau has decreed that “the truckers are racist” in their demands. Silly boy. He has not yet opened his pea brain to the tiniest inkling of what he is really up agasins t.

        • It isn’t redundant. It’s making sure everyone knows that black and “indigenous” Americans are at the top of the leftist identity hierarchy.

        • It that only the most recent Injun tribes or are the tribes the were defeated/absorbed also “indigenous”

          Drop ALL the prob tribal BS.

  3. avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

    “Hinchcliffe said she is opposed to the legislation that passed Wednesday, and other firearms legislation because the enforcement of such bills are “unequally enforced in marginalized and minority communities.””

    We really need to get better at attacking those laws, and if it means exploiting the current whistle-words of ‘structural racism’, all the better.

    As Deborah frequently reminds us, gun control is about keeping “those people” from being armed, as the thought that they may be armed alarms the pearl-clutching contingent…

    • “Judging people by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character has a rich history in the Democratic Party.

      “Democrats have been solely responsible for defending slavery, starting the Civil War, opposing reconstruction, lynching blacks, founding the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow laws and segregation, poll taxes and literacy tests.

      “The Party voted against the 13th amendment (end slavery), 14th amendment (black citizenship), and 15th amendment (black right to vote), filibustered the 1960 Civil Rights Act (elimination of poll taxes), and tried to filibuster the 1964 Civil Rights Act for 60 days, the longest filibuster in Senate history.”


      And here the Demokkkrats go again, in a state that until very recently was evenly divided between D and R at the state level. Give them an inch, and they’ll start to lynch.

    • It’s not exploiting the “whistle-words” when there is documentation in historic records and laws of the use of gun control laws under the guise of “gun safety” (which we know is not accurate) to specifically disarm specific immigrants, ethnic and racial minorities, along with marginalized communities.

      The 1911 Sullivan Act in NYC was used to prosecute exclusively Italian, Irish, and Eastern European Immigrants and their children as well as Black Americans moving up from the Southern States to find employment. Pre-dating the Mulford Act out of California by several decades. And, sadly, the Sullivan Act is still used to prosecute those who are neither politically connected or wealthy.



  4. I roll my eyes at this sort of stuff but the truth is that gun control has historically been applied in a racist way. If the Democrats want to talk “systemic racism” lets ask them why they are passing laws that will ultimately be used as tools of that system and make it so that people who are “privileged” (such as the police they wish to defund) are allowed their full rights to self defense.

    If anything they should take those “systemically racist police” and give them 10 round mags first so they’re less likely to shoot black men to death or something equally absurd. Yet some how the Democrats don’t seem to mind that they can legally walk around with full autos while the rest of us plebes can’t despite being systemically racist.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      “…the truth is that gun control has historically been applied in a racist way.”

      Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ in action, rule # 4, “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”… 🙂

    • Andrew Lias,

      …gun control has historically been applied in a racist way.

      While I agree completely that the Ruling Class originally implemented gun control civilian disarmament to disarm minorities, for the last 60 years or so many members of the Ruling Class have been (and still are) Hell-bent on disarming all of the Working Class, not just minorities.

      • The ruling class disdain for the working class is on full display right now with the pearl clutching apoplexy (on both sides of the border) over a bunch of Canadian truckers driving around honking their horns.

      • U_S, I’ll buy the last 30 years, but I don’t buy the last 60. It was just 30 years ago I read an article by a guy who had just spent the day with a group of TX lawmakers in the state capitol. He recounted for us being present during a break when a group of good ol’ boys gathered in one of the hallways and commenced a “show and tell” of the BBQ guns they were currently carrying, despite there being no authorization for carry of any kind in TX. All present were illegally armed. In the ensuing discussion it was completely clear that TX’ gun control laws were *only* applied against blacks, period full stop, and always had been since Reconstruction. The upper echelons of the state government openly ignored the laws with no fear of prosecution, and I do not recall if the party or parties involved was even mentioned.

        • “The upper echelons of the state [and federal] government openly ignored the laws with no fear of prosecution”

          Fast forward 30 years, and we’re seeing the same thing with Covid restrictions. Skin color is no longer the determining factor of enforcement. Now it’s the ruling class versus everyone else. That’s why it’s important to call them out. We shouldn’t let this go. They’ll just do it again with something else in the future.

        • To Dud Brain

          quote————-“The upper echelons of the state [and federal] government openly ignored the laws with no fear of prosecution”—————–quote

          Too bad you are so glazed eyed brainwashed with the Trumpite cult that you do not realize Trump is the star poster boy in regards to your statement above. No one will ever surpass him in the laws he deliberately ignored and broke.

          I do think that before Biden leaves office Trump will go to prison, and that will prevent him from ever running for and desecrating the office of the Presidency again.

        • “I do think that before Biden leaves office Trump will go to prison, and that will prevent him from ever running for and desecrating the office of the Presidency again.”

          Care to put your money where your mouth is? If you truly believe that, then let’s make a bet. If you’re right, then I’ll never post on this site again, even under a different name. If you’re wrong, then you never post here again. If you lie, and change your name, we’ll still know it’s you. What do ya say?

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD just what “crimes” has Donald Trump committed? Being rich? Last I heard that isn’t a crime. If it was, Nancy Pelozo and the rest of your ilk in Congress would have been jailed a long time ago.

  5. Let this be an indication of how far society has shifted left and compressed the right tail of the political spectrum.
    There was a time long ago when trans and bipoc folks were generally assumed to be out on the far left. The left still assumes they will all vote as a block for democrats. Yet here they are, joining in with more and more traditionally-(R) causes, peacefully marching side by side with those evil hillbilly redneck conservatives they’ve been told hate them.
    The Overton window just keeps creeping more and more left. The things the clintons said 20-30 years ago are “conservative” compared to what most republicans are saying these days. Even plenty of obama’s positions are “problematic” for the current standards – remember, obama was against gay marriage (michelle is a special case..) his whole career, right up until his campaign for reelection in 2012.
    I will also lump in that the recent attempts at assassinating MLK’s character are probably because how his grand speeches about valuing somebody by the content of their character go against the left’s current push to divide us by the color of our skin to help push us towards a “reset” and the fabled redistribution of wealth.

    • Dan from Detroit,

      …how far society has shifted left…

      I am not convinced that society has shifted so far to the left. I am convinced that prominent Far Left voices give that appearance.

      The fact that so many groups–traditionally under the Democrat umbrella–are leaving the Democrat Party is evidence of the fact that society is nowhere near as far left as those prominent Far Left voices would have you believe.

      Think about that last sentence for a moment if you have traditionally voted Republican. How far off the rails would the Republican Party have to go for you to start voting for Democrats? As it stands, we talk about RINOs and using the Republican primary system to vote them out. Imagine the Republican Party being so bad that you abandon the idea of using the primary system to remove “bad apples” and just abandon the party all together. Yeah, that is how bad the Democrat Party has become.

      At this point it is entirely plausible, going forward, that the Democrat Party will cease to have any significant position in politics beyond their strangleholds on the West Coast, Cook County Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        “The fact that so many groups–traditionally under the Democrat umbrella–are leaving the Democrat Party is evidence of the fact that society is nowhere near as far left as those prominent Far Left voices would have you believe.”

        Case in point – The recent immigrant population from ‘Down South’.

        Those folks have fresh memories of being promised social utopias (Shining Path), while getting family members ‘disappeared’ in the middle of the night.

        Oh, and there’s the *very* ‘inconvenient truth’ that the majority of them are devout Roman Catholics. The tipping point has already been reached, and they won’t be voting Leftist Scum in the future.

        I’m just waiting for the inevitable complaints from the Leftist Scum as to how underappreciated they feel for all the hard work they put in for them, and them now biting the hand that fed them… 🙂

  6. The reason so many guns are pumped into the illegal pipeline by so-called legitimate gun dealers is because there’s been no real enforcement.

    Contrary to popular belief, the ATF is actually a right leaning organization that gives a free pass to gun dealers who are found to be supplying guns to prohibited persons. The facts bear this out:

    “In one of the most sweeping examinations of ATF inspection records, The Trace and USA TODAY found that the federal agency in charge of policing the gun industry has been largely toothless and conciliatory, bending over backward to go easy on wayward dealers such as Uncle Sam’s – and sometimes allowing guns to flow into the hands of criminals.

    Gun industry lobbyists have fought for decades against tougher oversight by casting gun dealers as among the most heavily regulated businesses in the USA. The Trace and USA TODAY’s review found that dealers are largely immune from serious punishment and enjoy layers of protection unavailable to most other industries.

    Reporters spent more than a year analyzing documents from nearly 2,000 gun dealer inspections that uncovered violations from 2015 to 2017. The reports showed some dealers outright flouting the rules, selling weapons to convicted felons and domestic abusers, lying to investigators and fudging records to mask their unlawful conduct. In many cases when the ATF caught dealers breaking the law, the agency issued warnings, sometimes repeatedly, and allowed the stores to operate for months or years. Others are still selling guns to this day.

    More than half of all stores with violations transferred guns without running a background check correctly, waiting for the check to finish or properly recording the results. More than 200 dealers were cited for selling guns to people who indicated on background check paperwork that they were prohibited from owning them. Dozens made false statements in official records, a violation that includes facilitating illegal straw purchases.”


    And no surprise, today uncle Sams is still in business selling guns, now they are known as “US Loans”…

    • I have a fakebook “friend” who lives in Washington. Across the river from Portland,OR. I told him to get a gat. He didn’t. If he asks me I’ll tell him to get a 357/38. Or 44…

      • If it was strictly for hunting I’d say .44Mag, if I was looking for a duel purpose handgunm Id say .357.
        .44 special is okay but it’s harder to find emu

    • Miner MINER49ER ROFLMAO. Legal gun dealers don’t sell guns illegally. That would be your buddies the criminal element. USA Today is not a legitimate source. It’s is as anti-gun as you are. Get a fricking grip and quit the “I’m on your side” nonsense.

      • minor49iQ…Even if the paperwork, etc. is sloppy it still leaves a trail to the buyer. A trail LE uses to tie a bad guy to the crime, etc. And it supplies stats for dolts like you to exaggerate to the point of making FFLs look like they go out of their way to cater to criminals.

        Perhaps you should make a straw purchase at your local Gun Store and see if you can get further than the sneaky democRat spaceman Giffords when he attempted to straw purchase an AR to show how easy it is. Hop to it.

    • Thanks, Miner, for providing yet another reason why the ATF needs to be disbanded. It can’t do its job properly no matter which direction you squint at it.

  7. This isn’t a law…yet. It hasn’t been voted on in the House and signed by the governor. There is some question as to whether there is enough time in the legislative schedule to get this through the House this session. But, the voters in Washington have been inexorably turning their state into California so some form of this law is probably inevitable.

    • The outsized population of the Puget Sound metroplex, with its overabundance of “progressives,” has been doing all of that by itself. There’s a very good reason why 70% of the eastern half of the state wants to separate from the west side.

  8. “I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. ” Robert A. Heinlein

  9. Hang on!!! Hold your horses!!! This direction to limit the number of rounds in a magazine may have some merit. Consider this quote from George Burns:

    “It only takes me one drink to get drunk The problem is that I can never remember whether it is the 14th or the 15th”.

    So, we need some science to determine which of the rounds tips the scales, converts a magazine from being an artifact of the second amendment to an indicator of criminality. Let’s not be arbitrary, after all selecting a count of ten rounds is simply prejudice of our base-10 system. We need real science here!!! When does a magazine become drunk?

      • Thanks for posting that video again! People need a dose of common sense, and that video shows just how dumb magazine restrictions are.

      • Sheriffs doing science!!!
        Love it!!

        Too bad they don’t do science at leftist universities. Too bad the Federal and state governments eschew science in favor of propaganda.

        Let’s beat them over the heads with facts until their heads collapse.

      • Booger Brains video proved he is as dumb as the people conducting this test. They claimed that the two 15 round magazines actually took longer to shoot than the 3 ten round magazines. That had me laughing so hard I almost fell off the chair. Perhaps they should get someone who actually knows how to shoot a pistol next time.

        Also notice this was under ideal conditions with the spare mags laying right in front of the guy on a table not under real life conditions where people often have to reach for the spare mags they are carrying on their person which could be anywhere including in a back pack or stuffed down inside a pocket.

        I am surprised these charlatans did not make some asinine statement that Steven Paddock could have killed 58 people and also shot 400 some people with a bolt action rifle with 5 round stripper clips in the same time he took to use 100 round drum magazines at full auto.

        And if we look at the time frame of the slowest as compared to the fastest the time factor that seems short would actually have let people ducking for cover survive between mag changes or even attack the guy when he attempted to change mags which by the way has happened in real life and enabled people to take out or subdue the nut case killing people.

        Sorry Booger Brain your video backfired for people who have any grey matter between their ears which leaves you out as you were duped hook line and sinker.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD Tell me you did not really aimed at Booger? For your information using a stripper mag is rather quick. Not as fast as a modern day mag but pretty darn close with just a little bit of practice.

          You still claim to be an “expert” on the subject of firearms? Tell us then what is the firing sequence of a cartridge?

          If you are properly trained (and I am sure you are not) you can drop and reload a mag in less then 1.5 second and be “in battery.”

        • “Also notice this was under ideal conditions with the spare mags laying right in front of the guy on a table not under real life conditions where people often have to reach for the spare magazines they are carrying on their person which could be anywhere including in a backpack or stuffed down inside a pocket.”
          I have to give credit where credit is due. I think that Dacian is absolutely right about in the above. I might also add that the shooters were counting their rounds, thereby leaving one in the pipe, so they didn’t have to rack the slide after mag changes. Try THAT in a high-adrenaline DGU situation.

        • TTAG Shadow, Did you read what I wrote? dacina, the DUNDERHEAD is wrong. Have you ever fired a double string of 15 rounds from a pistol and then did the three 10 round mags drill? I have. And the three 10 round mags can be (usually, depending on the shooter) be fired quicker than the 2 15 round strings.

  10. I do not know about the rest of you but I can shoot 40 rounds quicker out of one magazine then two. It must make a difference or else wise waterfowl hunters wouldn’t be limited to three shots.
    Shall not be Infringed
    Only law abiding people would pay attention to a magazine restriction limit anyway, the criminals will not.
    So what a magazine restriction does is disadvantage a law abiding citizen.
    I do not know why my lawmakers would want me to be disadvantaged when attempting to save my life.
    And why stop at ten as the cut off point?
    Big game hunters get 5 and waterfowl hunters get 3. I suppose your chance of being bitten by a wounded duck is less then being bitten by a grizzley bear?
    If they are going to restrict magazine capacity 5 should be the maximum or maybe 3, 2, 1.
    Shall Not Be Infringed.

  11. Stop fighting on their terms, and stop using their nonsensical words. Don’t fall into the identity politics trap. We shouldn’t be perpetuating that garbage.

      • Not supporting lefty language and symbols, and not supporting “alternative” gun clubs are two different things.

        I support the “alternative” gun clubs because some people (who have been conditioned by leftists) aren’t comfortable going to a traditional range for instruction. It might help to bring more people into the fold. Once they get past that hurdle, they might be open to other ideas. It would be an educational experience in more ways than one.

        Why would they be “uncomfortable” getting instruction from someone that has a different skin tone, or from someone that has a perceived different sexual orientation? That’s another problem. It’s called anti-[fill in the blank] prejudice. They may eventually be introduced to the “others,” and realize their prejudice was misplaced.


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