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A New York Times graphic depicting the transition of most of the country from no-issue pesto and may-issue spruce green concealed carry laws to shall-issue sage (and even some much-loved morning mist gray constitutional carry) over the past thirty years. While the Times’ editors no doubt intend the image as a grim visual depiction of the march of death and violence across the fruited plain, the majority of Americans will view this purty picture as a reflection of the increased normalization of gun toting that has coincided (and many would say correlated) with drastically falling crime rates. Click here for an illuminating full-size view.

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  1. I think the handgun regulations of most states in the past were just ridiculous and really favored the criminal element. Truthfully, in the past, I actually had much more leeway in stuffing a rifle or shotgun in my vehicle, home, or outside property than a hand gun. People could buy hand guns, just could not do very much with them. Of course the bad guys would tote the hand guns around and sometimes the cops knew they had them and still would not do anything. Of course, we had selective enforcement where the normal citizens would sure get dinged if they had a pistol.
    As far as I am concerned, gun laws just work for criminals.

  2. Regarding permitless carry, Wyoming needs to have an asterisk next to it because Wyoming’s permitless-carry statute only applies to Wyoming residents. Unlike those who carry in VT, AK and AZ, non-Wyomingites who wish to concealed-carry in the Cowboy State still need a permit.

    What the Wyoming law does, in effect, is to state that anyone who meets all of the requirements for the issue of a permit does not need to get an actual permit as long as they are only carrying in the state.

    Source: Wyoming Statutes Annotated, Section 6-8-104 (a)(iv.)

    Open carry is legal in all parts of Wyoming except those areas under exclusive Federal control, provided that the firearm is being carried for lawful purposes.

  3. The NYT (and their readers) never miss an opportunity to wet their panties when obsessing about the mere possibility that serfs could carry weapons.

    The most salient and important point to make to these hysterics is “You lost.” They lost the “collective vs. individual right” argument. They’ve lost the argument on CCW, (shall issue or no issue required). Their predictions of blood baths in state after state have never come to pass.

    Now, with CCW reciprocity being discussed at a federal level, their worst nightmare is at their very doorstep: The idea that serfs, little people, people who aren’t very rich and very well connected in NYC… might be able to carry guns legally. This causes them to lose bladder control.

    The idea that Bubba and Cleatus could come in from out of state and pack heat… well, that makes the editors of the NYT (and their faithful readers) lose bowel control as well.

  4. Which does not belong: California, New Jersey, New York, Alabama, Illinois

    Seriously Alabama, get your stuff together. You’re about to lose the right to call yourself the heart of dixie.

    I’m moving to Arizona ASAP!

  5. Yes, as a resident of Alabama, many find hte state has some regressive gun laws. However, the “May Issue” in Alabama is generally treated as “Shall Issue” and there is even an AG opinion which basically spaeaks as much to the subject

    Also note that Alabama’s permit is for concealed carry only. Open carry is legal in the state, but one must have a permit to have a handgun in a vehicle. Alabama’s hadngun laws go back to the turn of the century when the Uniform Firearms Act was passed in several states, and this is the main reason Alabama handgun law is so messy. There is an active movement to change these conditions. Visit for more info.


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