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If you hang out here regularly, you probably saw RF’s notice to fans of the Galactic Empire everywhere that, thanks to the White House web site, you can express your desire to see the Death Star become a reality. Hell, you may have already signed it, since it’s registered well over 25,000 supporters so far. Reader Don N. appears to need more to do at work because he’s been rooting around, looking through all the other petitions on the White House’s site. And looky, looky what he found! A petition urging President Obama to veto any attempt to reinstate a federal “assault weapons ban.” Now there’s an initiative anyone can get behind, whether you back the Emperor or the white hats in the Rebel Alliance. Trouble is, this one only has about 12,700 signatures so far. We need to do something about that. Perhaps we can find new ways to motivate you . . . .

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  1. “The petition you are trying to access has expired, because it failed to meet the signature threshold.”

  2. It says on you can create your own petition.
    Any ideas on how we can word this to make it a viable petition??!

    • Use the word sporting rifles a lot lol
      In all seriousness if you create a petition, it needs to be spread around to the SAF, NRA, TTAG etc. That will generate signatures.

      Also I would like to nominate Bruce W Krafft for the position of TTAG scribe on this matter.
      I would like to put this to the floor for a vote. 🙂

  3. Dear R.F. Please don’t take the following personal.

    ROTFLMAO!!! Send who what? (Just pi$$ed my pants from laughing). You want to send President Obama, Our President Obama, Barack Husein Obama, a petition that expresses the will of the people? And this is going to influence him? Where have you been for the last decade? Look, I agree all avenues must be explored to preserve our rights, but good Lord, lets stick with things that have at least the proverbial snowball’s chance and not waste time with that guy (B.O.). And add the 2nd Amendment Foundation to the list of effective advocates we can support.

  4. There are a lot of anti’s who would also use this image for their gain because since that guy represents evil and antis believe firearms of military utility are evil this image goes hand-in-hand to further their propaganda.

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