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“A California memorabilia company, Moments in Time, is shooting for a big sale with a custom-made Smith & Wesson revolver that Elvis Presley once gave to former Vice President Spiro Agnew. Agnew returned the gun when he was accused of bribery and later forced to resign from office.” I knew that Agnew was eventually forced to return $268,482 in bribes from Maryland construction companies, in what MD Attorney General Stephen H. Sachs called “the greatest deal since the Lord spared Isaac on the mountaintop.” Paving the way for one of the most unlikely not-to-say unqualified Presidents in this nation’s history (Chevy Chase. I mean Gerald R. Ford). But who told that nattering nabob of negativism to return this kitsch meisterwerk? Anyway, “in about 1976, Elvis presented the gun to then-Shelby County Sheriff Gene Barksdale who said Monday he gave it to his nephew, Thomas Morgan because he ‘didn’t want anything to happen to it.'” Moments in Time reckon they’ll get $275k for Elvis/Agnew/Barksdale’s inlaid handgun. Really?

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  1. stranger things have been known to happen. it’s connected to elvis and he’s made more money since he died than he did before.

  2. No thanks, im going to go to Gunbroker, type in auction # 296204026, buy a tri-color glock, advertised for my “lil banger” because it comes with custom broken firing pin, finish that is GUARANTEED to wear off (goes from flat dark earth, to pink, to glock black), GUARANTEED not to fire (tested and proven) and for the low low of $5,000.

    Seriously. Advertised as “street cred” finish and every con is covered by a pro *CUSTOM* broken firing pin. *AWESOME* finish will wear off.

    I actually sent this to Mr. Farango asking if this was a joke, but if I can expose it to enough people thats good enough for me.

    • I would guess that brillo123, the seller of the gun, is unhappy with the finish that was applied by Texas Custom Guns and that they probably broke his firing pin in the process. This is brillo123’s way of providing feedback on TCG’s quality control.
      My guess anyway.

        • Yeah ken that is not a working website, it brought me to “make up artists”.
          I’m guessing you just read that on the auction.

        • Don’t know what to tell you. It works for me.
          “custom guns for sale, repair, custom paint coatings . . .”
          and so forth.
          “Located in Alvin, Texas – Greater Houston Area”

          I would do a screen-shot of the website but I don’t know how to do that and I didn’t want to hyperlink it.

        • You’re right, I guess my computer at work was having trouble pulling it up :p
          either way.
          Custom broken firing pin?
          Sounds legit to me.

  3. Jerry Ford the least qualified? Aren’t we forgetting the Kenyan Community Organizer?

  4. A gun connected to Elvis with all that hoo-hah engraving? $275k is probably an underestimate. Reminds me of a “Dallas” (TV show) engraved rifle. “Let’s see, did we miss any little area that could have some extra gold?”

  5. That may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s hardly kitsch. Lots of high-end European over-unders have similar oak-leaf-and-game-scene engraving. If you’re going to engrave a gun, that’s about as classy and classic a theme as you’re going to find. It’d be more appropriate on a long-barreled hunting model, though.

    • I like it too. I think the grips are unbelievable. This was a high quality job by an expert craftsman.

  6. This piece is awesome when it comes to craftmanship. I personally know the present owner, and have seen. Who would not want..its better than money in the bank, demand for high end investors

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