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I love Eley ammo. I used it all throughout college when I was shooting with the Penn State rifle guys, and it continues to be my go-to brand for accuracy testing in rimfire firearms. New for 2015, Eley is introducing two new lines specifically to service the growing number of semi-auto rimfire rifles. A supersonic “force” brand will be coated in a special finish to allow for easier feeding, and the “contact” brand will be subsonic ammo for quiet shooting and accurate groups. Both will retail for right around $8 a box.

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  1. Quit goofing around and get unhacked – we don’t have time for this nonsense.

    Anyways – Eley rimfire ammo – how much is in a box and the most important question – where can we actually find it.

  2. What make this ammo, or any ammo for that matter, “match grade”. How is “match” ammo distinguished from non-match ammo. From the photos, it looks like any other non-copper clad .22.

    Is it simply consistency during manufacturing? The tolerances from round to round are higher than for “bulk” ammo? It’s not that the ammo per se is anything exceptional, rather it’s the fact that they’re all “the same” so that once you have the gun dialed in to the ammo, it should stay dialed in from round to round, thus removing the variable of round performance from shot to shot.

    Is that it?

    • Bingo. For precision consistency is king. The difference between a guy who thinks he can shoot well and the guy next to him that can actually shoot is that the next round fired hits the target too. Match ammo is consistent and more uniform. Measure the diameter of bulk .22 and you’ll be surprised at how much they vary.

    • In match .22LR ammo, several factors go into making it “match grade:”

      1. Bullet weight consistency.
      2. Bullet diameter consistency.
      3. Rim thickness consistency.
      4. Charge weight consistency.
      5. Using the Eley primer system, which several other match-grade ammo makers use/license from Eley.
      6. Sub-sonic muzzle velocities. Always. There are no real “match” .22LR rounds that are super-sonic at the muzzle.

  3. How can a subsonic .22LR round have enough energy to cycle the action in a semi-auto like my old Savage-Stevens 887? 1060fps stuff does not work. 1260fps does. It’s physics, right?

    • Love to get one of those old gill guns just for some plinking fun.

      I guess it just depends on how subsonic the round is as to whether it will cycle. CCI SV will cycle my buckmark pistol fine, but the Quiet 22 won’t at all.

      Doesn’t really matter, I probably won’t find this new Eley stuff in any more quantity than I can find Eley Sport or anything else.


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