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Ever been to a really nice range, whipped out your rifle of choice, and noticed that all of the cool guys were running silencers on their guns? I know — I used to be one of those guys. Silencers just make everything look… better. Surefire is about to release a brand new product that not only makes you look like one of the “cool” guys, but also serves a proper function as well.


The internals of this device are completely hollow except for a fixture that the end that works like a muzzle brake. It will be interesting to see how the ATF reacts to the device, but from what I can see its a muzzle brake and not a NFA device. The thing clamps onto the existing quick attach mounts Surefire cans use, so no needing to crank off your can mount to add a new brake.

There was no additional information about this at the Surefire booth — the guys said it magically appeared the day before the show and no one had any idea what it was. Apparently they didn’t have time to get any press materials out on it, and expect some lead time before it will be available for sale.

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    • So what about all the “faux” silencers that are affixed to long arms to make them the 30″ required to make them CA compliant? Those have been used in CA for a long time and sold through FFL’s with no issues in one of the most Draconian states in the union?

  1. Nothing really for the ATF to react to. AAC, Silencerco, Griffin Armament, and Gemtech all sell these devices.

    Same things as the Ferfrans CRD.

    • ATF considers the latch on the aac 51t mounts a silencer part so they can’t sell a qd brake shroud. I know…. dumb. IIRC there’s a 3rd party that sells a 51t compatible version, but it’s not qd (uses a set screw).

  2. F* that. Just let everyone be cool and have a “silencer” and not have to pay a freakin’ tax on it. Then we’ll all be cool together and not have to waste our money on crap like this.

  3. So it attaches to a brake or flash hider and turns it into a linear compensator. It’s nothing new. Griffin Armament has the blast shields for their brakes, and Noveske, PWS and a dozen others make linear comps all the time.

  4. You’re going to look pretty stupid paying surefire kind of money for something that does nothing. Considering it mounts on a surefire brake/compensator you have to already have. I bet the price of this thing will cover the cost of a tax stamp.

    • I’m not sure that it does “nothing”. My guess is that, like other devices already mentioned, it will reduce concussion to the side, especially on my SF muzzle brake, and reduce the divot diggin’/dust’n debris blowin’ up effects of the brake when shooting from low, unconventional positions. Intriguing, to say the least. Doesn’t look like it will attached to the older hiders/brakes.

  5. My current policy, is to point at my FAL. Point to my ears. Point to them. Point to my ears again. And then pause for about 45 seconds before ripping a three shot string down range.

    The fact the people’s first reaction to this is to speculate if the ATF will try and call it a Suppressor is SAD. How did we allow it come to this, people?

    How long are we as adults going to continue to play this game like any of it matters? How long are we jump through hoops in the ATF’s circus? Its so arbitrary, contradictory and utterly whimsical that its degrading to all persons of intelligence…

    • How dare you imply you are educated! Check your privilege bro. You probably didn’t even minor in Gender Studies or Minority Cultural Sensitivity! Total Neanderthal. Besides everyone that has a college degree knows gun owners are all evil republicans who want to kill babies. Now where’s my rape whistle? Your micro-aggressions are invading my safe space.

  7. This is useful if you run a long handguard that overlaps the mount and can. On the days you want to run unsuppressed you don’t have to worry about where your hand is on the handguard and where the blast from the brake will come out.

    Obviously you could just run the can the all the time, but sometimes it’s not worth the wear on the can. I think 300 blk is a perfect example, why run suppressed supers, especially all the time? Save the can life for suppressed subs.

    Of course with the newer handguards you can swap handguard length, but then you have to not have anything on the handguard that’s aligned to the bore (lasers, BUIS, etc…).

  8. Personally I’m looking forward to such a device so that I can use it during the times when I’m firing unsuppressed.
    Whenever I’m at a crowed range firing unsuppressed I tend to blast everyone to my left and right with my muzzle brake and I think this is just the ticket to help with that issue.

  9. I love this idea! Great for those times when your running a brake among others. Since I’ve already got the Griffin Armament QD Brake Shield coming (same concept as this); I’m curious how they will compare.

    This Surefire unit attaches via the same QD method as their Socom Suppressors, while the Griffin one uses the same QD method as their M4SD II suppressor.

    Both seem like very nice options to have!

  10. It’s a blast diffuser. Directs concusive force forward to spare shooting partners on left and right from your muzzle brake blast. Very functional and certainly not designed as mock supressor.


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