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Michael Aronold for TTAG
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I did not obey common sense when I was growing up as a hunter and shooter. I often shot .22 rimfires, 20-gauge shotguns and even centerfire deer rifles without hearing protection. I finally stopped ignoring common sense…once I had hearing loss.

Yep, I know, dumb.


Fortunately for me, there are hearing aids for everyday life, and now for my shooting and hunting, there are products like Jack Homa‘s electronic hearing protection. Jack describes for us why his Electronic Shooters Protection earplugs are so sought after by shooters and hunters, not just from North America, but from around the world, too.


[Video and photos courtesy of Frances Arnold.]

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  1. Ridiculously not necessary. Get quality active ear pro muffs and use foam plugs, use both properly. Better hearing protection and about $1900 less.

    • Does have its place though. Shooting precision rifle you want to be able to hear the commands, especially safety related ones. Even with the slimmest profile headsets, I’ve had the stock push up on the headset rendering them useless, when moving position to position quickly. And worst of all, when your turn to shoot is up, and its not till that first round cracks when you realize you forgot to put your earpro on……self correcting problem, but still little late. Wish they were more economical, but would pay 10x as much to get back the hearing I’ve already lost.

  2. Peltor 500

    Haring protection, and blue tooth. I can listen to music, or podcasts or talk to my wife on the phone while shooting.

    Of course if suppressors were not heavily regulated this wouldn’t be a problem. Maybe you should sue the government for creating a situation that is causing injury to people.

    • Been using a pair of the Peltor Tactical 500’s for the last year…great muffs!

      The USB recharging is nice…but, I wish that there was an option for using replaceable batteries as well.

      About the only thing that I don’t like about them is how tight the size adjustment is (I felt like I was going to break the brackets each time). I dusted a bit of micro-powdered PTFE (for bicycle maintenance) on the adjustment rods where they slide into the brackets a couple of times and it has greatly decreased the force required to adjust the muffs (with the added benefit of being a non-staining and non-oily / greasy dry powder lube).

  3. Naw, Mr. Tepid, .38 Special with the base rim hooked into the ear canal (bullet facing out for safety’s sake) much more secure than a slippery, rounded bullet getting waxed up in your ear.

  4. Getting Walker Razor Slim muffs. They seem to be the YouTube winner. I have “electronic” muffs but they’re way too cheap. My hearing is a little crappy and I don’t want to lose any more at nearly 66! These ESP things look great but I don’t have the dough to blow…

  5. These ESP would have to give me some real good ExtraSensory Perception for nearly two and half grand.

  6. Buy a box of quality foam ear plugs and use active electronic muffs over that. Save your hearing and save your money.

  7. I’m glad he put the sales info up front and center. I usually have to read all the way to the fine print at the bottom to find out I can’t afford it.

  8. In the last issue of the NRA’s propaganda rag there was a special “members only” offer from AXIL, a set of free digital earplugs. Not so free, really, I had to pay $8.95 for the ubiquitous shipping and handling charges, but what the hell, I figured I’d give them a try. Still waiting for them to arrive.

  9. Mr. Arnold, you might wish to pass along to the man you spoke to in the interview that an iPod is *not* better or higher-fidelity than a CD. If anything, an iPod is about broadcast FM stereo quality.

    Other than that, great interview. The audio quality was *superb*…

  10. I’m 60 years old, should be using heading aids but then again alot of the crap spewed out peoples mouths nowadays i can say i don’t care to hear. Add rock concerts and drag strips along with go carts and street cars and all i hear is bla bla bla and concert of multi toned crickets and buzzing wings.
    Teach your children to respect their hearing and as adults you also. Ear plugs and muffs. Electronic muffs for hunting are the greatest. Keeps the ears warm and safe plus you’ll be surprised at all the critters you can zoom in on becouse of the extra amplification and volume added before the null that shot.
    Also many say suppresors are the way to go but with high powered rifle rounds the db suppresion still isn’t enough to stop wearing ear pro. Only sub sonic pistol caliber rounds give that advantage. The 300 bl is really border line in sub sonic if your not using shorter barrel lengths.
    Same your ears. Wear as much ear pro as possible and stay safe.

  11. Great product for hunting when it is important to be able to hear what your hunting partner is saying or your guide.

  12. As a kid I thought showing yourself to be a “Macho man” by not wearing ear protection was just stupid. They made fun of me.
    Now in my 50s I have better hearing than most my age.

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