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Slide Fire Solutions, the primary makers of bump fire stocks in the United States, has posted a notice on their site announcing plans to cease operations on May 20. The Texas-based manufacturer has been targeted by the media, politicians and gun control advocates since Stephen Paddock opened fire from the Mandalay Bay hotel on a concert crowd below using a bump fire stock.

The ATF is currently accepting comments on their plan to regulate bump fire stocks the same way they regulate machine guns. This, despite the bureau pronouncing the accessories legal back in 2010.

We tried to contact Slide Fire for comment, but they’re not accepting calls and their message system was full.

The Brady Campaign is exultant.


“Whether it was our lawsuit, business realities, or the impending federal regulation against bump stocks that led to this decision, we don’t know yet,” said Avery Gardiner, co-president of the Brady Center, which is representing the plaintiffs alongside the Las Vegas law firm Eglet Prince. “I’m sure in the lawsuit, we’ll learn more about their announcement about closing their website and what they plan to do with their assets.”

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    • Which of you want to go into business with me manufacturing bump stocks? Anyone? Anyone? We can throw up a website, and start churning out our own brand of bump fire stocks. We can even include a place on the bump stock where the user can install their own “rubber band” for even more added fun, and just not ship it with one (obviously).

      Any takers? We need to do this.

  1. So how long until the plans are available for 3-D printers so you can print one at home?

    • I think the real question is when will medium sized, high quality 3D printers drop in price to the point that anyone can afford one?

      The ~$500 models don’t really work as well as you’d like and they don’t really last. Actual good ones that will last are $1500+ at this point with nice models at the $2500+ price point. That’s a lot of scratch just to print a bump stock. I’d love a Ultimaker 2 or 3 or a Dremel Digilab 3D45 but the cheapest of those options is still like $1700 with the Ultimaker 3 at like $3500.

      The really serious price drop on these things is still a few years off.

      • Check out flag forge creator pro… Have been using it for a year for different work projects and it has held up to a lot of use and the prints come out pretty good… Get a good slicer program because that will make a lot of the difference

        • I’d have to research it more than I have time for today.

          The only FlashForge product I have any personal experience with at this point is their “Finder” model which… OK it’s only like $400, and the one my buddy got might be a lemon, but it’s a total POS. Well, it was a total POS until it died after his like 12th job with it.

          I kinda want the Ultimaker 3 (the 9671) but at $3500 it would put a couple NFA projects on the back burner to get it and that’s just not going to happen. Especially since I still have to find a way to explain to my wife how it is that there’s a new (to me) CNC machine that just magically appeared in the garage…

        • Same song as I was hearing in 1990 when I was 1st looking for equipment/vendors. See also solar panels, high performance batteries, practical windmills, etc. The etherware that the progs never can quit deliver (AT A PROFIT).

      • it’s more surprising that you’re focused entirely on printing bump stocks. Are you aware just how versatile a 3d printer is?

      • Quote—————-I think the real question is when will medium sized, high quality 3D printers drop in price to the point that anyone can afford one?——————–quote

        I hate to be the bearer of bad news but quite a few States already are in the process of drawing new anti-gun laws that will prohibit the making of guns or possessing of receivers made with this new technology and with newer and better Governmental electronic spying even trying to do this illegally will be a ticket to the slammer.

        And as far as any laws prohibiting the U.S. Governmental spying on you France24News over 2 years ago revealed the U.S. has foreign governments that spy on U.S. Citizens and then give the info to the U.S. Government that way the U.S. Government can get around laws prohibiting them from spying on U.S. citizens because technically they did not. Its just a way to make a mockery of any laws that prevent the U.S. from spying on you any time and any day and for any reason.

        • I’m thinking y’all have already forgotten the real reason this comment line is here, an American business is now shut down because of this anti gun bulsh!÷. They will always figure a way to get their agenda done. And if u keep posting how your going around it to get it done on here. They are going to throw in extra language in it that states “and anything that accelerates rate of fire” so come on now folks plz keep this comments to yourselves. U know how they absolutely love that word LOOPHOLE

    • Why do people seem to think that ‘printing’ is the only way they can make anything? I hope these people realize that you can’t just take the parts out of the machine and go right to using them; there’s a lot of finish work that’s just as ‘difficult’ as making the whole thing from stock material (which yields a far higher quality product in the end)

      A bump stock is basically a stick attached to a loose telescoping stock, guys.

      • Because few people know how to turn dials on manual machines. For $3500 you can buy a decent old lathe and mill and make whatever your heart desires. And I’m not talking some HF chicom mill drill. I’m talking a bridgeport mill and a southbend lathe…

        • Difficult? There are a handfull of knobs on manual machines, watch some youtube for operation instructions. Its not rocket science, just be sure to take the play out of your machine before cutting.

        • If I wanted to I could make a bump stock with a 2×8 board, a saw, and electric hand held drill.

  2. Typical communist rejoicing, at punishing private buisnesses and putting hardworking Americans in the unemployment line.

  3. Slide Fire, you may be gone, but I suggest you upload the CAD file of the slide fire stock to the internet. You know, just as a parting F-U to all the grabbers.

  4. One fool ends another tool. This should be the caption pertaining to this. A bump stock is a fun tool. In the hands of a responsible shooter. I wonder what is next on the leftardlist of what accessories we can or can’t have ? Dispicable .

    • Drop in triggers are next. Guaranteed. They’re already covered by Trump’s bump fire regulations and the state laws that have been passed.

    • Nuclear weapons. In the right hands, they’re the best fireworks in the world. Atom bombs don’t kill people, people kill people. They used to have shows in Vegas where people could watch nearby nuclear tests. But then those stupid libtards told me that I couldn’t have a thermonuclear warhead because they hate our freedom for reasons.

  5. Well, I guess the middle class are not allowed to have a low cost rapid fire alternative to a real machine gun. But the rich and the police can have all the machine guns they can pay for. The police will use my tax money to pay for their firepower.

    Many on TTAG support it. The NRA supports it. The NFA is here to stay forever. Same for the Machine Gun Act. The majority of the gun community support gun control for heavy firepower. I would like to see “Big Sandy” before it goes away.

    I’m glad I bought my slide fire bump stock two months ago.

  6. Yay for tyranny.

    It probably gives warm and fuzzy feelings to all malcontents and murderers to know their evil deeds will impact even more lives negatively beyond those of their immediate victims due to tyrannical politicians.

    Way to incentivize crazies and people whose goal is to cause the most damage possible.

  7. I am neither for or against…bumpstocks sure weren’t the shite we’re going through!

  8. if this was me??

    I would reset all the stamp dates that embed during the making of plastic parts to the day BEFORE the LV shootout
    GO 24/7 making and selling this shit till they shut me down

    go out like a raging oil derrick fire, not a match in the wind

    • No grandfather on this one ALL of them will need to be destroyed or handed in or face 10 years in a Federal jail.

  9. I gotta take the bump stock off my mosin nagant?

    • No.

      That one would probably make it under the wire.

      Call it the Great-Grandfather Clause.

      When they ban full-auto bolt-action rifles, we’ll make the House, Senate and ATF&E pull down their shingle and go home.

  10. We’ll trade them CNN, the rest of the MSM, and the (D)NC, in Nov. and 2020.

    Someone else will pick up and run with the patents soon.

  11. Another gun company killed by Wayne LaPierre. How that fraud can avoid getting slapped with false advertising is beyond me.

  12. No surprise, it is hard to run a successful, publicly known, illegal machine gun factory. Even if they retool to sell something else, probably better for them to let the slidefire name die. And possibly reduce risk of lawsuits. Once the stocks were banned, could owners seek to recoup money from them? Maybe like three hole IMI Ace guns?

    • They were told upwards of thirty times, over a span of over ten years, that their products were legal and not machineguns. It’s completely ridiculous that you’d think they are producing products with anything besides good faith in their legality.

      If there’s any justice, Uncle Sam’s boot will come down on your neck one day in a similar arbitrary fashion when you do something legal but unpopular.

    • That just shows the level of ignorance in this country! How are they making illegal machine guns? They submitted there product to the ATF and it was approved to be sold! That’s known as legal! And like others have stated the left is all to happy the get to shut down a pro 2nd amendment business then say ohh look more people on unemployment guess trumps plans are failing. It’s a win win for these disgusting people who are destroying our country! And as for turning my 5 bumb stocks in….. hahaha
      How’s it go? Ohh yea. COME GET IT!

  13. My chosen choice of events
    1) Idiot feds make bumps ticks illegal
    2) Essentially nobody turns the in
    3) Leftists whine and wail
    4) Republicans grow some balls
    4a)Propose solution to encourage people to turn in unregisteted bump stock and get to buy a registered machine gun ar15 lower.
    4b)Gets those nasty unregistered bump stocks off the street and in return have registered devices
    4c) The gun grabbers said bumps were just like machine guns so they can’t complain
    4d)Go on the offensive

    • Fascinating idea! The Feds could choose between facing a court fight on a “takings” argument vs. giving-away (even selling!) a few tens-of-thousands of tax stamps.

    • “4) Republicans grow some balls”

      Right, they will grow them right next to the winged unicorns in the magic fairy garden in the Land of Oz.

  14. It’s my opinion that this move was tactical in that it confined the damage to, essentially, a single insignificant artifact of no apparent practical value.

    I hasten to add that we would have preferred that Trump had stood-strong and opposed any gun control measure whatsoever. But we ought not to be so naive as to imagine other outcomes.

    One possibility, which we might be avoiding, is that Congress would pass a bill named “Bump Fire” but which went much farther; making us fearful of oiling the fire-control group during cleaning. If Congress passed such a bill there would have been political pressure on Trump to sign it.

    I’m hoping that Trump will have accumulated enough political-coin from “banning bump stocks” that he will be in a position to do something for us concerning silencers or National Reciprocity. Or, he will be in a better position to veto another gun-control bill such as UBC or an AWB.

    The foregoing aside, it’s amazing that all the oxigen in the Mandalay Bay incident has been sucked-up by the least important factor. The shooter in this case had the overwhelming advantage of the high-ground position. Nothing was more important than this factor. The Las Vegas police had no preparation whatsoever to respond to a sniper firing a rifle from high-ground. Yet, not a single word about this aspect; and, accordingly, it’s hard to imagine that any police force (probably Secret Service excepted) is doing anything to plan for a repeat.

    The U-TX Austin shooting in the ’60s should have alerted police departments to this risk. Any time there is a vulnerable crowd below a high-ground position the police must be prepared to respond. In no future case will the police have the advantage of 18 – 21 year old militiamen immediately returning rifle fire to keep the shooter’s head down. (What was that about a “well regulated militia necessary for the security of a free campus” – or something like that.)

    No one mentioned the fact that THIS particular shooter could have purchased a belt-fed water-cooled machine-gun LEGALLY. Looks like he planned ahead 6 months; he would only have had to wait another 6 months to get his stamp and pick-up his gun from his friendly neighborhood FFL.

    The shooter might have scored a few more kills had he aimed each shot. His kills wouldn’t have been much lower than 58 if he had aimed each shot. Bump-fire probably only enabled him to score far more wounded than would have been possible with bump-fire. Even so, here we are quibbling about the difference between degrees of unacceptable casualty-counts. Shouldn’t we be far more concerned with preventing incidents? Far more concerned with halting attacks within seconds of the first recognition of the threat?

    • This “insignificant act” applies to damn near anything you can do to damn near any autoloading firearm design. “Rate increase” is such a vague and broad term, anything from drop in triggers to muzzle brakes, to silencers, and even lubricant could be drawn in if desired.

      It effectively puts *ALL* semi-autos under a “sporting purposes” clause at the Attorney General’s discretion. If they think the gun was designed to have an “increased” rate of fire (whatever they think that means; anti-gunners think revolvers shoot too quickly) they would be able to have it classified as a machine gun. Same goes for any accessories that can be installed to make a gun shoot faster (which includes sights, stocks, and even lubricants)

      Just because you aren’t interested in bump stocks, doesn’t mean you won’t experience consequences from your refusal to defend them. Leave a comment at the Federal Register and maybe you won’t have to.

  15. I think bumpfires are silly range toys. That said, I think it’s downright stupid to ban them. Moreover, it is just facepalm-inducing that, with both houses under the control of the GOP and the white house filled with someone who ran on the GOP ticket, this sort of concession happens without any give on the other side. Typical “compromise”. Only the names change.

  16. what a victory! Because I’m sure mass shooters will just give up now that they can’t order a range toy online.

  17. The NEW TTAG Is censoring the HELL out of comments. No cuss words or anything and my comment got tossed….as I’m sure this one will. That didn’t take long. Oh well, bye TTAG it was fun while it lasted.

      • Working on what? What exactly is being “worked on” and why up until now did it work just fine? Whos censoring the comments in the first place? Never had this problem before. Sounds like a crappy Hillary type excuse to me. Is someone also wiping your servers with a towel too?

  18. I think the register has about 20,000 comments at this time.

    Imagine how great it’d be if the number of comments ends up greater than the margin by which Trump won the presidency. That’s fewer comments than the defeated M855 ban received, btw.

    • Barely over 15,000 comments, sad, millions of gun owners and they can’t even get off the couch to make a comment.

  19. so what. countless companies make these now and im pretty sure that had a bigger effect than any boycott.

  20. I am waiting for them to be reintroduced in slightly modified form as “Trump Stocks”, yes I like that!!

  21. Maybe they realized that any AR buttstock which is attached to the grip can become a slidefire stock with the addition of a finger shelf?

    Look at it for five seconds and try using your frontal lobes a little bit:

    Not clear enough? Look again:

    They’ve been charging 200 bucks for a five dollar modification you could buy at Lowes.

  22. The vegas murderer most likely did NOT use the bump stocks because the rifles
    had tripods, you can’t use the bump with a tripod.

    Unfortunate a US Company is shutting their doors and putting workers out of a job as well as the suppliers.

    • Even if he did use a bump stock, how many other legal items get banned after they are used to commit ONE crime?

  23. Slidefire should publish all their cad models and release all their IP into the public domain, so that any idiot with a 3D printer can simply print one up.

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