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Depending on the state, possession of a fully-automatic knife can get you into a whole heap of trouble. Is this a problem? Although I’m not a knife fighter by nature (or experience) I reckon a switchblade doesn’t offer a significant tactical advantage over a slick inertia-based opening system—in the hands of a practiced owner. That said, I carry a gun. My blade is a back-up safety system. So if I’m going that way I’m gonna need to go there fast. The magical appearance of a sharp blade with a significant snick makes for a nice bit of security theater, perhaps even intimidation. Hmmm. Automatic knife, folding knife. Why choose?

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  1. With a name like “SCORCH”, I’m severely disappointed that it’s not a knife with a flaming blade. C’mon, H&K!

  2. Possesion of an automatic knife IS legal under federal law, IF you meet certain guidelines. You must be unable to use both hands. In my case my left arm is totaly paralyzed. As a result it is legal for me to own and carry an automatic knife. The term switchblade is very Hollywood. They are automatic opening knives, through the use of a spring actuated blade. I have had this discussion many times with those that sell these items, and it never fails that I MUST educate these self proclaimed experts as to what the law is. Also I own a Lobo, which is in my estimation a better knife, than this H&K.

    • Here’s the language of the one armed man exception “the possession and transportation upon his person of any switchblade knife with a blade three inches or less in length by any individual who has only one arm.” I expect that “only one arm” includes people with two arms, but with only one that works.

      Federal law prohibits owning or carrying switchblades on federal property within a state, not off federal property. That’s the state’s business. Federal law also prohibits interstate sales, transpo etc.

  3. Every time I see a switchblade, I think of Blackboard Jungle: “He’s crazy, he’s high, he’s floating on Sneaky Pete wine.”

  4. Cant play the video. Does it cost at leas a grand, cuz you know we suck and H&K hates us.

  5. If I had the money to buy that knife, I would just set that amount back towards buying another gun and skip the knife.

  6. I like the sneaky aspect of it.

    Doesn’t the fact that these are all side openers instead of stiletto style forward presenting knives have something to do with their being mostly legal? Thought I read that there was a distinction made.

  7. I won’t buy a damn thing from HK any more.

    Too much elitism and obnoxiousness from their employees, both in sales and service. Their earned motto among people I know: “Because you suck. And we hate you.”

    They can go self-procreate.

    And this is from a guy who had six HK black guns at one time.

    Sold my last one in January and I don’t miss it one little bit.


    • Same here. I don’t appreciate HK’s attitude towards civilian firearm ownership, and will not purchase any of their products.

  8. That tip looks suspect to me: it’d break when you needed it most. Furthermore, while it’s not unattractive, it’s UGLY. Plus I also hate H&K. A real, street-punk switchblade would be better. I know, they really ARE déclassé, maybe a Katana in a between-the-shoulder rig would be better.

  9. To be fair H&K knives are made by Benchmade, the title in this case is mainly for marketing. The prices for the blades actually tend to be about equivalent or a bit lower than their benchmade brethren. I carried around an HK ally for a while that cost me about $23 courtesy of AAFES and it was a decent little blade for the price.
    As for the switchblade question, sorry but i’m not really buying into the hype. A knife with a thumb-plate or wave can accomplish the same task without the social stigma and as a rule of thumb, for significantly lower prices.

  10. Tip strength vs. stabbiness is a personal thing, as is edge geometry, blade thickness, etc. I like them thin, sharp, and pokey myself, but I’m what some call a ‘darksider’ when it comes to these things (not my term, and I’m not sure of the relevance). There is absolutely no distinction between a side folder and an out-the-front auto, I can tell you that with relative certainty (there could be some crazy state law I’m not aware of). And as for speed, nothing beats a fixed blade with a well thought-out sheath system, but second place goes to a manual folder with an effective ‘wave’ opener.

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