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With all the political talk recently, I thought it might be time to break up the monotony a little in the form of a video of someone shooting one of history’s masterpieces. I was at the ranch this past weekend letting my mother shoot the Taurus Millenium G2 I reviewed last week. She loved the gun, but then asked if she could, “shoot this Garand she’d been hearing so much about.” Here’s my mother shooting my Garand for the first time. And loving it. She scores bonus points for making fun of the way Nick laughs at the 0:18 mark.

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  1. Man, I saw the email notifying me of a new post and, based on the subject line, I was really hoping that Nick had written it.

  2. Tyler, I thought that your mom was going to get knocked on her backside. Please tell her that if she leans into the rifle, she has a better chance of remaining upright.

    • I took my Dad to the range for his birthday last year. He used my SW1911 (his first time firing a 1911 since the early 60s). He now has his own 1911 and a concealed handgun permit – though I don’t think he uses one with the other.

    • I took my ex-hippie Dad AND my Rastafarian brother to the range when they came to visit and they had a good old time making things go boom.

      A good time they sure as shit won’t be having back at their home in MA.

      • I live in MA and I haven’t been able to shoot my Garand yet. Ive had it for two months. They made it so you can’t shoot in the state forests. It’s a bunch of crap.

      • @Swarf, there are several ranges in MA where your peeps can rent guns and blaze away. And depending on the town in which they live, licensing can be de facto “shall issue.”

        Even in hoplophobic Boston, anyone who’s willing to go through the rigamarole will be issued an LTC for hunting, home protection, sport and target shooting. CCW in Boston is rare, but in other locales it’s commonplace.

        • Thanks for the info, Ralph.

          Dad has already expressed an anger based disinterest in jumping through MA’s hoops, but I’ll pass it along.


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