Gun Review: Taurus Millenium G2 – 9 mm

Call me an elitist, but I’m a S&W and Springfield fan when it comes to my polymer pistols. Gaston’s guns are OK, but they’ve never fit me. So when it comes to a carry gun, mine either says M&P or XD(m). However, the folks at Taurus have me begrudgingly admitting that I might have been a narrow in my assessment of carry guns. And here’s why . . .

Fit and Finish

In my mind, Taurus guns have always been associated with “The Judge” and generally larger, cheaper handguns. So imagine my surprise when I unboxed the Millenium G2 to find a well-crafted, compact polymer handgun. I racked the slide a few times and rattled it in the hopes of finding some sloppiness. No dice. I slid an empty magazine home, heard it click, and then hit the release. I watched the magazine drop free. Damned if everything didn’t seem to work. And then I saw that MSRP was $349. Consider my snobbiness subdued.


I immediately headed to the range and ran a few hundred rounds of Blazer 115 gr., cheap steel-case Tula, and 147 gr. HydraShocks. I’m pleased to report that the G2 ate everything without so much as a single hiccup. However, due to the current climate surrounding ammo availability, I was unable to put more than 200 rounds downrange and I so am unable to make a complete judgement on reliability. However, I ran the gun with only the lubrication from the factory (not much) and didn’t clean it at all.

Millenium G2 – 147 gr. HydraShock

Millenium G2 – 115 gr. Blazer


I found the G2 to be quite accurate given its diminutive size. I was able to produce minute of bad guy groups at combat distances. Even though the rear sight is adjustable, there was no need to mess with it as the gun hit what I was aiming at out to about 15 yards. The targets above were slow fired at 7 yards. The G2 uses fairly standard 3 dot sights and I found them easy to get lined up and on target. Beware aggressive cleaners as these are just painted. Caustic substances could likely eat those dots away.

To Carry or Not?

As a gun, it does the basics of what a gun should do. It fires with each squeeze of the trigger, and it does so fairly accurately. A carry gun however, should be able to do all that as well as be comfortable to tote and dead stupid easy to use. The thin profile of the G2 makes carry extremely comfortable. I carried the G2 in my CompTac MTAC IWB holster and hardly noticed it at all. The gun is light and doesn’t have any major protrusions to jam into your side. When you do clear leather, you’ll find the G2 easy to get a grip on as it’s covered in nearly abrasive stippling all over. There’s simply no way to grip the G2 and not get a good purchase.

The G2, though, sports a manual safety which I believe fails the “dead stupid easy” test. The safety is very small and hard to flick off in a hurry. For that reason, I would be hesitant to have it has my personal carry weapon. During my time carrying the gun for this review, I carried it with the safety off.


There go pedal has a LOOOOONNNGG travel that measures 2 lbs. to get you to the very crisp 6 lb. break with just a tiny bit of reset that kind of pops back on you. In the video above you can see the trigger sort of spit past the reset. The G2 also features a second strike capability which some folks seem to count as a feature. Personally, if a round doesn’t fire, I want it out of the gun and now. However, with ammo in short supply, maybe it’s worth giving the primer a second tap just to make sure. Second strike or not, the trigger break is very crisp and contributed to the gun’s good accuracy.


The Millenium G2 breaks down just like one of Gaston’s guns. Clear the gun, pull the tabs down, squeeze the trigger and pull the slide forward. The G2 breaks down to frame, barrel, recoil spring, and slide. All the surfaces are coated and carbon wipes off easily with a bit of your cleaner of choice. Reassembly requires no fancy acrobatics and be accomplished in about 30 seconds.

Final Conclusions

The G2 is a surprisingly good gun. While small, it still packs 12 + 1 on board in an easy to shoot, accurate package. It carries nicely and is covered in grippy stippling so you can always get a good purchase. The only real “ding” I have is on the gun’s manual safety. And the only manual safety I’ve really ever liked in a carry gun is the big paddle on the 1911. If you give the G2 a try and like it, you might just consider carrying it with the safety off like a true mall ninja.

Specifications: Taurus Millenium G2

  • Model: 111G2
  • Finish: Blue
  • Caliber: 9 mm (.40 coming soon!)
  • Capacity: 12+1
  • Weight: 22 oz
  • Barrel Length: 3.2 inches
  • Length: 6.24 inches
  • Price: $349 (I was unable to find it for less online)

Fit and Finish * * * * *
The level of quality evident in the G2 is in line with $600 – $900 polymer pistols. No rattles, squeaks, or clumsy machining.

Reliability * * * * *
Zero FTF/FTEs during testing, but due to current ammo shortages, this wasn’t really a complete test.

Accuracy * * * *
For a carry gun, it was accurate enough. This is definitely not a 50 yard pistol, but can definitely be considered combat accurate.

Carry * * * *
From a form perspective, this is a very concealable gun capable of holding a decent amount of 9 mm. However, it has a manual safety that’s hard to (de)actuate in a hurry.

Trigger * * * * *
Crisp and breaks like glass at 6 lbs. exactly. The reset point is a short throw away, and has an audible click. The second strike capability is nice, but in my opinion doesn’t add a lot of value.

Cleaning * * * * *
Super easy.

Overall * * * *
As a standalone product, this is an awesome gun. I was thoroughly impressed and I would have expected something like this to cost $500-$600. For a $349 price tag, this may be the best “bang for the buck” pistol I have had the opportunity to test.


About Tyler Kee

Tyler Kee is a small town kid trying to make it in the big city of Austin, TX. A salesman by day, he is an avid motorcyclist and aspiring chef out of the office.

72 Responses to Gun Review: Taurus Millenium G2 – 9 mm

  1. avatarRS says:

    I have a Millenium Pro PT111 which is the predecesor to this and it has been terrific. The new version hase some nice additions like the acc. rail and take down pin. Great piece at a great price.

    • avatarPulatso says:

      I also have a Milleum Pro PT 111, I use it as my primary carry gun, and I have no complaints. Good to know the G2 is also up to snuff. I’ve been wanting a .45 ACP, and I had been focused on either the XDm or the new SR45…I might have to look into the G2 .45 also.

  2. avatarLauderdale Vet (@lauderdalevet) says:

    Love my Taurii. Love the direction the company is going. More, please.

  3. avatarSaul Feldstein says:

    Have a PT145 thats great, acquired a PT845 that was total garbage (FTF and a poorly finished slide.) Sent it back to Taurus and they screwed me around for 2 months before finally doing the right thing and sending a replacement. The replacement was OK but still an occasional FTF so I sold it at a loss and chalked up a lesson, any hint of Taurus trouble dump it because their service facility in Miami sucks.

  4. avatartraye says:

    My Taurus pt140 has earned my trust. I have put thousands of rounds through it (every kind of ammo I could find) and it has gone bang every.single.time. Shoots straight and shoots every time. All I want in a gun.

    That being said, my wife cannot use it, (She carries glock 22), because the slide lock is forward of the safety. Between the stiffness of the spring and her small hand she cannot lock the slide open with her thumb. Don’t know if that would be an issue for the smallhanded on this gun, but maybe.

  5. avatarPulatso says:

    Double strike is a boon for practicing with crap ammo. I shot 50 rounds of Tula 9mm this weekend, two FTF that shot with the second pull of the trigger. My wife’s LC9 has one FTF with her 50, no double strike with that one.

    • avatarSaul Feldstein says:

      Your use of FTF is interesting, in my nomenclature it always meant “Failure To Feed” however you seem to use it as “Failure to Fire.”

      I would call your situation a “misfire.” I just wonder if FTF is interchangeable between the two malfunctions.

      • avatarPulatso says:

        Yes, I meant “Failure to Fire”. No idea if FTF is interchangable, or which is correct.

      • avatarDan A says:

        FTF can mean both, like FTE can mean either failure to eject or failure to extract. That’s why I prefer to avoid the initialisms entirely and just say what the actual problem is.

  6. avatarDarryl Eymard says:

    I have a Millennium Pro PT-140. Not a problem for me. As for the manual safety, each to their own. Some people want them, some don’t. So long as you practice in the method you decide to carry. I’ve carried with safety on, and with safety off. I also have a PT-111. Like both pistols, controls are the same, so no issue of rechecking where controls are when carrying either pistol.

  7. avatarmediocrates says:

    mine had a 3 stove pipes in the first 150 rounds. took apart the magazines and oiled and lubricated them (one was absolutely dry). Since then, I’ve had 100% reliability as well…

  8. avatarCulpeper Kid says:

    Have an at least ten year old Millenium PT145, after a lot of use, the trigger smoothed up nice. Ten plus 1 .45 acp, 22.5 oz empty, what’s not to like. It cost $400 back then, so this sounds pretty good, for the money.

  9. avatarRyan Finn says:

    I’m actually the only one of my friends & family that has had all my Taurus handguns run perfectly. It’s nice to see they are moving in a positive direction because I really liked all the ones I’ve owned.

  10. avatarDamon says:

    not a poly gun but my circa-2009 PT1911 has been trouble free. fired a triple once when another shooter limp wristed it, but that’s not the guns fault. i really like the idea of their smaller poly guns, especially if they’re just as good.

  11. avatarMark N. says:

    Almost dry when you broke it down? Well, that’s a change! They used to come so gunked up you had to clean them before the first shot. I bought my daughter a PT111 that came that way. They are also well known for having mags that are very difficult to fully load.
    I was going to buy a PT745, but they went out of production. And that is the ONLY Taurus .45 on the California roster. Not one of their new pistols is on the approved list, and all that’s left are a compact .40, a .38, and two full size 9mms. I’ll be interested if Taurus decides to renew its interest in our market.

    • avatarAlphaGeek says:

      I was wondering if this was available in CA. The lack of a big ugly loaded-chamber indicator should probably have been a giveaway. (As an aside, I see that Taurus is continuing their storied tradition of selling obvious derivatives of successful handguns at lower prices. One might think this was an M&P or xD at first glance.)

      Seems like it would be a bit silly to import one under the CA single-shot exemption given the value of the gun, unless of course one lives in a county where CCW permits are actually issued.

      • avatarMark N. says:

        Location, location, location. Over 5000 issued in my county of residence, where “self-defense” is “good cause.”

    • avatarIng says:

      Yeah, at first glance it looks a lot like an M&P (not so much like a Springfield).

      The other day my wife told me I need to get a gun for deep concealment so I can break the law and carry where I work — all the recent national & regional mayhem has her worried. I don’t think I’ll take her up on that breaking the law part, but I’ll take it as a good excuse for a new pistol. :)

      I’ve been hankering for a Springfield XD-s, but they don’t come in 9mm and their $600 price tag is a bit much for my limited budget. I gotta go check one of these Millennium G2′s out — heck, if they handle and shoot that well for only $350, it’d be hard not to buy one.

      • avatarJS says:

        They do make the XDs in 9mm now but it is as pricey as the XDs 45. I looked at both the XDs 9mm and the Taurus Millennium PT111 G2 and for the money, feel and size of it, I decided on the Taurus. I do own the XDs 45 as my main carry gun. The thing that clenched it for me though was the price and availability of ammo for the 9mm versus the 45ACP.

      • avatarJesse says:

        I just got one last week and love it. I have shot around 50 rounds through it and to me it is very accurate for its size, and the purchase of the gun is awesome, when you grab it it feels perfect in your hand. Now I have to find a good holster for itm

      • avatarJesse says:

        I just got one last week and love it. I have shot around 50 rounds through it and to me it is very accurate for its size, and the purchase of the gun is awesome, when you grab it it feels perfect in your hand. Now I have to find a good holster for it.

  12. avatarMike says:

    An ammo shortage is the perfect time to review a Taurus. LOL.

  13. avatarRalph says:

    The worst problems with Taurus pistols in the past has been customer service. I wonder what Taurus has done to improve its service levels.

    Any company can turn out a lemon from time to time. What the company does afterwards is what separates the best from the rest.

  14. avatarMax says:

    I have owned many Taurus pistols over the years (still own almost all of them) and I have been a “fan boy” from day 1. My father presented me a pair of PT92′s for my 40th birthday and they have never had any problems. I have owned a PT845 (sold) and currently carry a 24/7 G2 compact. I also have the 24/7 G2 full size and can’t praise them enough. In these times of short ammo, the Tula steel case runs through more often than anything else and I find the strike-two capability of the 24/7′s works every time.

  15. avatarSixpack70 says:

    This looks like it might be good to carry in the summer. I tried all three of my fullsize guns in .45, .40 and 9 mm today. They all print way too much with just my t-shirt. They are all fine with a jacket in fall winter and early spring. As I am heading south I will have to find a smaller carry gun.

  16. avatarRokurota says:

    Tyler, what’s the height and width on this pistol? (By width, I mean slide width — how much gun is shoved in your waistband — not grip width)

  17. avatarGov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    Thanks for the review. I’m shopping for a CCW gun and this might be in the lead right now (open to suggestions). I live in an extremely low crime area and it will probably spend most of the time in my truck’s console, with the safety on. I never understood the aversion to safeties, if you want it use it, if you don’t don’t. I can see why some don’t want it for carry, but then again I’ve read several anecdotal stories of LEOs getting the firearms wrestled away from them and survived because the perp couldn’t get the safety off. To each his own. Personally I’m more worried about a ND than a quick draw contest. Probably even leave it condition 3 when it’s sitting in my truck.

    The price is right (I’m cheap) and it’s about the right size. I’d like something that functions as much as possible like my Beretta 92 just to avoid confusion if I ever have to use it, but I don’t seem to be having any luck finding a small, light 9mm with a flip up to fire slide mounted safety. I’m a little concerned with Taurus’ reputation for customer service, but I’m not sure better service is worth an extra $200 or $300. Unless I get a lemon, of course.

  18. avatarKage says:

    Love my Millenium PT140 it eats everything i feed it, very comfortable, reliable (thousand or so rounds and only two misfires that fired on “strike two”) and accurate. it also has a fantastic SA/DA trigger.

  19. avatarpercynjpn says:

    Jeff Quinn was very impressed with it as well; of course, there don’t seem to be any guns that he doesn’t like, so . . .

    Nice demonstration of the trigger pull!

    • avatarGov. William J. Le Petomane says:

      I think his rule is he doesn’t waste his time reviewing crap, so yeah, if he writes it up he must have liked it.

  20. avatarg says:

    Love the trigger pull video. More gun reviews on TTAG should have it!

  21. avatarTyler Tulchinsky says:

    I have a pt845 and love it. I use it as my home defense gun. It has proved uber reliable. More people need to take Taurus seriously.

  22. avatarBob H says:

    Don’t all Taurii (I will steal and use it from now on!) have a key lock built into them? I am fairly certain I don’t want ANY gun with this “feature”.

    • avatarMark N. says:

      It’s not like you need to use it or anything, and it won’t self-engage. Think of it as a built-in child safety device, no more. I think my Sig Mosquito has one too, but it’s been so long since I’ve looked for it I hardly remember.

      • avatarWolfy says:

        The key lock is mainly for when you store it away for a long period of time or you are extra paranoid. The other reason I could see using the system lock feature is shipping it to a destination where you would pick it up with the keys in your possession.

  23. avatarJack Broadbent says:

    I have the new Millennium G2 pt111 and it works great I have put multiple different brands of ammunition in it with not one single misfire. Ive put federal FMJ 115, Fiochi FMJ 115, Remingtion JHP 115, American Ammunition FMJ 115, and what ever type of frangible ammo THE GUN STORE uses in las vegas were I took my cfp test. Ive put more than 100 round each for all those except the Remington I put 24 and the frangible I put 36. I love my gun and it feels great and shoots well. Great for begginers like me.

  24. avatarJB7710 says:

    I’ve had a 1st gen PT 145 for 10 years. It has been to and fro Miami 3 times in its lifetime, all for the same problem- a broken safety lever. Currently shopping for a replacement.

  25. avatarTom says:

    I bought one of these a few months ago, I’m not even a big fan of 9MM’s but I love the feel of it so I had to have it. I’ve had no issues with it.

  26. avatarron k says:

    I have a taurus 709 slim and love it! All the good things that I hear about the G2 makes me want to go out and buy one. Oh what the heck

  27. avatarNate says:

    Ive had this gun since Jan. . I seen it at the gun shop and loved it when i held it but I wanted to do some homework on it so I put it down, went to research it and it was to new …Taurus didnt have anything on it but deminsions so I desided to give it a try being the gun was priced at 329 at that time they hadent even priced it went back to store it was gone ….store owner said he had 3 and they flew off the shelf and would be getting 1 or 2 more in in a couple days . so two days later i went in at open and bought 1. 4 days after that i went and bought 2 more to make sure my friends could get one…..this gun is great ive put well over 600 rounds through it of all types of ammo not one mess up and anyone else that shoots it loves it and wants one, however i havent seen them on the shelf anywhere for some time now. Taurus did a awesome job with this gun and I would recommend this for new,women,men ,carry shooters of all types . I’m looking forward to trying the .40 when i see it i want to see how it will compare to my M&P.40c

  28. avatarBill S. says:

    I bought my G2 4 months ago and have put 700 rounds down range. Gun is well made and i have had no issues with it at all. Fun to shoot and very accurate. Besides my G2 i own a 85 ultra light revolver and a 738 .380 made by Taurus. I had to send the .380 back to Taurus since i started having extraction issues.Customer service paid to have gun returned for repair and was returned to me within 3 weeks.It has worked perfectly since they installed new ejector .

  29. avatarPCnotPC says:

    Just bought one of these PT111 G2s today. Trigger is better than my PT709 Slim and I get five more rounds in each magazine. Looking forward to wringing it out on the range.

  30. avatarr.ray says:

    Tight my behind,Sounds like a childs rattle.430 rounds down range often jammed at an angle upward toward chamber when slide racked,Often ftfeed into chamber requiring a push of the slide to finish the cycle.Back to Taurus,Hope it works out,gun feels great.As of this time it’s a pos.Stoeger Cougar compact 35 dollars more far better quality.Xd compact,sr9c,m&p compact all far more reliable,not that much more costly.Little Taurus felt to good in hand to pass on though really hope they can turn it into a working gun.

  31. avatarTom C says:

    Have put 500 rounds through mine with no FTF or FTE. My other carry is an XDm 3.8. They are equally accurate at 7 yards. The only jam came from manually racking “too slow”. My fault, not the guns. Would love it if i could find some hi-vis sights for it. Would recommend as a comfortable, easy to conceal carry.

  32. avatarGeorge says:

    Can anyone tell me how hard it is to rack the slide for someone with limited strength?

    • avatartom says:

      Similar to other 9mm’s like xd-m or SW. Needs to be fast or you may not feed properly. Still looking for night sights.. Any help?

      • avatarGeorge says:

        I have a Walther PPX I have no problem with, but I can hardly rack my Ruger SR9c, so I’m looking for something a little less stiff than the Ruger.

    • avatarbad influnz says:

      Check below

    • avatarRenitar says:

      Ok I can answer that question. I am 67 yr old female with a bit of arthritis in my hands. But, I Love the P111 g2. It actually fits my small hand. It’s ok on the slide, but I have to admit when having to take apart to clean I cannot pull back and get the slide locked open because I have trouble holding the slide back long enough to get it locked. Strength being the issue. Powerful spring. I usually ask someone to help when I need to clean. But racking myself to fire is just fine.

  33. avatarbad influnz says:

    I have a Taurus PT809, straight out of the box to the range, no cleaning, no oiling, shot 500+ thru it so far, and 2 failure to eject.. maybe the cheapo ammo I was using.. ? I love it, a little bulky for my wifes small hands, but she can hit target 40- 50 feet out with only 2 misses… She’s either getting a PT709 slim or a PT111.. My 17 yr old can shoot it reliably also, and he’s just in love with it.. Taurus had improved over the years, and I’d gladly take anyone to the range with mine to prove it..

  34. avatarbad influnz says:

    George, my wife can the slide ok with my 809, a lil difficult, but she’s just starting out and getting used to it… Main thing is repetition and training.. she’s come a long way since we’ve first started shooting together.. the PT111 is a little smaller, 12+1 compared to 17+1, but she’s getting there..

  35. avatarOgden Lane says:

    I bought a PT145 first generation to replacea 380 PPK which jammed frequently, but wish I still had. The Taurus shoots very well for a 3.25 inch barrel. After 6 or 8 years, I was ready to trade it away because of jams which increased in frequency to 1 in 2; soon thereafter, I noticed the grip had a jelly bean on it and it turned out to be part of the grip! I sent it to Taurus to repair the grip and mentioned the jamming as an afterthought, It came back with grip replaced, and the barrel was new, too. It was a victim of faulty tooling and was a magnet for dirt which I could not remove or clean away. It is now a really fine gun with few jams; accuracy is be very comforting especially at 50 or 60 feet. It’s not a great fine gun, like Wilsons, but it will do in a pinch-11 rounds of 230 grain HP. Maybe I got lucky, but what’s wrong with that?

  36. avatarJim says:

    I just purchased the Taurus PT111 G2 spent the afternoon at the range and shot about 50 rounds with no problem. I also have the PT 740 have shot 500+ rounds and no problems. The PT111 is slightly easier to rack just barely. My wife is a small woman with small hands and she can rack and clean either one in fact she carries a PT 740. It is easy to remove the slide if you hold the gun upside down with the back side of the gun resting between the thumb and first finger just behind the trigger between the slide and handle, I use my right hand . Slide pull the slide back with your fingers on the right hand and operate the release catch with your other hand. Make sure you pull the trigger after you release the catch and hold the trigger down until you remove the slide.

  37. avatarMike Campbell says:

    I bought a new G2 at a gun show.. I am not very familar with hand guns, but I thought I would be able to pull back the slide and release without any problem , but the only way I can pull the slide back is with a magazine clip inserted. Is that the design ? I actually fiddled with the slide Hex lock and no difference.



  38. avatarRON johnson says:

    I have a millennium 9 mm my uncle gave me and after you fire the first shot the gun jams the bullet catches on the silver part inside the chamber and only fire that one shell and then jams how can I fix this

  39. avatarLaMarr Clemons says:

    I bought a first generation PT145 which worked great for a long time, then began jamming more and more so that it was at least half the time. I sent it back to factory and received it in 10 days with a new barrel and explanation that it had accumulated a lot of dirt, powder, etc., in fine parts of the barrel. I think there was a rough manufacturing process which made it impossible to clean and/or remove those microscopic particles. Since then it almost never, rarely, jams. It is 11 rounds of 45. It weighs about 23 oz. empty and is 1.25 inches wide at the slide, so it is a problematic carry for all day, but for an occasional or temporary, it does just fine. Most people clean only or lube/oil only when both should be done. Taurus gets a bad rap, I think; their lineup is reasonably priced; if you want the ultra, like Wilson, multiply the price by 10 and there you are. I’d rather have 10 Tauruses (Tauri?) myself.

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  41. avatarAlan Harrison says:

    I use my G-2 as my carry weapon. Very happy with the size, weight and reliability of this side arm. So far, several hundred rounds and no problems. I also have a model 99AF which was purchased in 1985. After several thousand rounds without a jam or any other problems I guess it has proved itself. I bought my G-2 at Academy Sports for $329.

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  43. avatartom says:

    Still looking for hi-vis sights for my G2… any help?

  44. avatarMike Ferros says:

    I like my Taurus PT111G2 9mm….Its a good lightweight carry and fits my hand (with clip installed) better than most other compacts I it shoots well with the limited amount of ammo I fired through it…I used both clips to insure a good feed and no problems whatsoever.
    My primary drawback on this weapon is loading the clip….If you plan on installing 10 or more rounds, you need a super grip with your weak hand and a strong thumb on the other!
    Other than the clip loading, I give it a 9+.

  45. avatarDave says:

    I bought this Taurus Millennium G2 for $299 and love it. I was going to buy the M&P Shield but the G2 was more comfortable in my hand plus it has a 12+1 capacity. Also it was $130 cheaper. I like the multiple strike capability as well, why not have that option? You don’t have to use it but it’s better to have it than not. The gun has been flawless with both FMJ’s and HP’s so it is now my main carry gun. I had been carrying a Taurus PT-145 and sometimes still do but the G2 is a smidge smaller and a nice change. I think it’s an excellent pistol and the price can’t be beat for what you get.

  46. avatarRocky says:

    I own the Taurus Mil. G2 9mm and also my main carry gun is a Taurus 24/7 .40 cal. Both of these weapons were superb straight from the box. Taurus is a top quality forearm.

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  48. avatarTed S. says:

    I bought a pt111 pro used and I’ve fired a few hundred rounds thru it. With the exception of two FTF (probably due to cheap ammo ) the gun has been a gem. Good quality and exceptional value.

  49. avatarkarll says:

    I bought a pt 111 in 2002….never had any firing issues and am thinking about using it for ccw…it does shoot low and takes some practice on how to use the sights accurately…buddies of mine shot it without practice and were able to hit targets, with tight groups hear the center…

  50. avatarGunner123 says:

    My PT111 G2 is on the way from GrabAGun. Can’t wait. I understand that taurus 9mm mil pro mags will fit too. My Academy has them in stock so will get at least a third mag. Anyone know if other higher capacity Taurus 9mm magazines will fit?
    Looks like 12+1 in a small 9mm at this price point is fantastic!

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