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We didn’t make it by the 5.11 booth at NRA, so we don’t know if the latest Highlands-inspired battle wear was on display. And if you’re thinking about getting one for your favorite dad, they won’t start shipping until September. But that’s OK. Print out a screen shot of their site (don’t forget to white out the price) and slip it into the envelope along with his Father’s Day card so he knows you didn’t forget him. You know he’ll be the only dad on the block with one. The only question is, what will he wear under it?

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  1. Was the tactical fanny pack not embarrasing enough by itself? They had to add a dress to up the ante? good grief.

  2. Oi! The kilt was the garment of choice for my people’s warriors. We were kicking asses in kilts long before fatigues came to be.

    As to the question if we have anything on under there, the answer is yes. It’s on and in perfect working order.

  3. Having a couple of Scotsmen in the family (by marriage), I know better than to make fun of anyone that wears a kilt.

  4. I think I’ll get one of these and match it up with the shemagh/keffiyeh head scarf. Walking around Portland with that outfit might get the grunge and goth dressed punks to think they’re dressed too conservative.

    • I live in the Hawthorne area….you’ll blend right in…..right next to the guy wearing the Darth Vader helmet riding a unicycle juggling chickens.

      • I was just in your area. I think I might have seen that guy a few times riding around. Is he the same one that has a huge motorcycle mustache and also rides a 10′ high clown style old-fashioned bicycle? Have you ever seen the 20-something year old woman riding around Portland 100% nude on her bicycle? Apparently it is legal here to ride that way. I saw her riding down 39th Avenue (err now called Cesar Chavez) near Belmont. The dude who dresses up like a Mad Max character and rides a black motorcycle on Hawthorne always gives me a laugh.

  5. “I don’ know what ya done, laddie, or where ya been, but ya won first prize.”

    One of the best punchlines ever.

  6. A little too late for April Fools Day.

    Beside no true Scotsman would be seen in a khaki kilt. “Ye wear yer tartan or ye wear nutten’ atall.”

    • Actually I believe the “advertisement” was done up as an April Fool gag but they got so many requests they decided they needed to start making them!

      Can’t wait; let the boys have some fresh air without worrying about getting arrested.

  7. Torn between calling this a “Tactikilt” or the “Shoot me skirt”…

    *ducks before any haggis is thrown*

  8. I wore my Utilikilt last weekend in Beaverton in anticipation of the 5.11 kilt. And compared to the price of a Utilikilt, the 5.11 is a smoking deal! I’m placing my order this weekend.

    Actually, the initial email promo for the 5.11 kilt was sent out on April 1st. They got so many people clicking the link and leaving their email to learn when it will be available that they decided to do a one-off production run.

    And under the kilt? Nothing, unless you’re doing parkour.

  9. The kilt was sent out as a April fools joke originally but due to popular demand they decided to start making them.

  10. Any proud Scot would tell you that “… nothing is worn under the kilt… everything is in fine, working order under there.”

  11. The other answer about what he wears under his kilt:

    “If he is lucky, lipstick.”
    – Craig Ferguson (I think)

  12. Looks like Utilikilts just had their lunch eaten. This is a great idea. Ironically, at least. Seems that the market for this- the center of the Venn diagram of people who like to wear kilts on special occasions and those who like to pack heat- would number perhaps a few thousand at best. How many of those people do you suppose will ever discover this thing’s existence?

  13. My preferred manner of dress when not at work or on my motorcycle is a kilt. I have both tartan kilts and Utilikilts. Yes, I carry while wearing both types. I figured this was an April Fool’s Day joke but I sent my e-mail just in case. I later confirmed what I wanted when they announced their one off sale.

    As for what is worn under the kilt, nothing is worn it is in perfect working order. Usually when asked what I wear under a kilt I say boots and socks.

  14. I will be buying 2 of these, Utilikilts at $250 approx seem a little expensive and the measurements are to complicated, 5.11 hit it right on the money with price point and standard sizing. I have asked many girls 21-29 what they think of guys in kilts and if you can rock it they like it.


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