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A couple of men decided to turn a Durham, North Carolina, shopping center parking lot into the OK Corral Memorial Day Monday when they began shooting at each other.


Police reported they received a call about a shooting around 6:15 p.m. at the shopping center located on the 4800 block of N.C. 55.


One man was found wounded in the parking lot and taken to a local hospital for treatment of life threatening injuries, and the other had fled the scene by the time police arrived. It is not yet known why the two engaged in the fire fight with each other, nor how many shots were exchanged.


The case is still under investigation and more details will be forthcoming. WRAL and ABC 11 both reported on the incident.

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  1. Mutual combat. Society needs to re-establish arena’s for this kind of thing. Complete with betting and televised events.

    • Hot dogs, cracker jacks,, cold beer…..
      The Great American Sport….
      How much are season tickets?

  2. Maybe they could water board the wounded guy until he decided to talk.
    Or a caged rat strapped to the narjuls?

  3. A couple of men decided to turn a … shopping center parking lot into the OK Corral …”

    I suspect that no one yet knows whether this event was an instance of a violent criminal scumbag ambushing an innocent victim or opposing gangs who decided on a spur-of-the-moment duel. But why let facts get in the way of increasing a visceral negative opinion of firearms? Any why bother trying to persuade people to support something that is good and righteous when you can manipulate and coerce them into “support”?

  4. Not much information however being as one fled the scene it could have been a robbery. Advantage goes to a perp having a firearm in hand whereas an armed victim needs time to draw, etc. And then it could have been two equally ignorant azzhats who think Memorial Day was all about them.

  5. Wow. Strong déjà vu. 25 years or so ago I was called for jury duty and was assigned to a murder trial. Shootout in a Durham NC parking lot. It was a drug sale and I strongly suspected that the guy with the coke brought along a gun to steal the money, and that the guy with the money brought along a gun to steal the coke. The survivor admitted shooting the other guy but claimed self-defense. There was beyond-reasonable-doubt evidence that that was NOT the case. And since there was no clear-cut evidence that my suspicion above was true, we found him guilty of second degree murder (not premeditated).

    Listening to the Durham police gunshot evidence “expert” witness give really crappy testimony was an educational experience.

    • I remember being on a jury for a criminal case listening to “police experts” give testimony under cross-examination. It made me think cops versus crooks is a case of dumb and dumber.

      The best, or worst, was the fingerprint expert when they were asked when fingerprinting a car used by the perp why they didn’t try to take prints off the contents (bottles, syringes, and other objects). The answer was they were told to examine the car and were not told to examine the contents. They added they do not exceed their directions or show initiative.

  6. The OK Corral gets a mention. Now how did the author know that Memorial Day weekend is “Wyatt Earp Days” in Tombstone?

  7. Some people shouldn’t read Jennifer Sensibas article on safe places to park.
    One spot left and two guys wanted it.


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