Just Released 9-1-1 Recording May Shed Light on CCW Manslaughter Case

Alan Corder of Charlotte, North Carolina, is being charged with voluntary manslaughter after he recently shot and killed 20-year-old Justin Anderson, who had broken into his small garden supply store. Now, 9-1-1 recordings have been released that might help us understand what happened and why he’s being charged. As we reported when this story first […]

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Criminals in the UK, a ‘Tyrant Registry’, and Kudos for Liars

Police fear gun links between UK crime gangs and terrorists –  “Counter-terrorism officers believe the fact Britain is surrounded by water gives police a significant advantage in controlling the flow of guns into the country. But senior figures say a recent increase in the numbers of guns seized from criminals is making them ‘anxious’. (National Crime […]

2010 NRA ConFab: Final Observations

As I get ready for my trip back to the real world, I thought I’d share a couple of observations about the NRA show. Keep in mind, this is my first NRA National Convention, but it’s not my first trade show. Not by a long shot. Also not my first gun show. This show is […]

Stupid People Tricks: McVey Edition

A well-equipped moron was unceremoniously apprehended over the weekend, at the Asheville, NC airport, where he was apparently ready, willing and able to go President-hunting. He was equipped with a sedan sporting Ohio plates, LED squad car-style lights on the front and rear dash, a dash cam, four antennae on the trunk lid, and a […]

Good Guns Gone Bad: Home Invasionsology 001

Millions of people own guns for personal defense. Most of them will never face a situation where their firearm is needed. Some will find themselves in mortal peril and use their weapon for home or personal defense and use it well, either as a deterrent or a “solution.” Guns rights supporters showcase these incidents to […]