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TTAG reported yesterday on the violent long holiday weekend Chicago was experiencing—yet again—and with the weekend over, the final tally of shooting-related violence left 41 people shot, nine of them fatally. Among the victims was a 5-year-old girl, Reign Ware, whose tragic death has garnered significant attention and a plea for justice from her grieving mother.

Following is a rundown of just some of the key shootings that took place with details provided by ABC 7 News in Chicago:

Friday Night, Albany Park
Time: Just before 11:30 p.m.
Location: Alley near Leland and Troy
Victims: Victor H. Rodriguez (20) and Jaime I. Serrano (21), both shot in the head and pronounced dead at the scene.
Suspect: Black sedan seen speeding away.

Friday Night, Englewood
Time: Just after 10:30 p.m.
Location: 300 West 59th Place
Victims: Three men (29, 29, 25) shot, all transported in good condition.

Early Sunday Morning, Near West Side
Time: Just after 3:30 a.m.
Location: South Campbell near Jackson
Victims: Reign Ware (5, deceased) and her 24-year-old father (in good condition).
Suspect: Group of men in an ambush attack.

Early Sunday Morning, North Lawndale
Time: Around 2:58 a.m.
Location: 1300-block of South Christiana Avenue
Victims: Man (28, deceased), two women (18 and 28) shot in the legs, 25-year-old man shot in the leg (good condition).

Sunday Night, Roseland
Time: Around 7:43 p.m.
Location: 0-100 block of East 113th Street
Victims: Three men (49, 42, unknown age) shot and critically injured.
Suspect: Two offenders in a vehicle.

Monday Morning, Mount Greenwood
Time: Around 6:02 a.m.
Location: 1400-block of Sacramento Avenue
Victim: Man with multiple gunshot wounds, later died in hospital.

Monday Morning, West Chatham
Time: Around 8:47 a.m.
Location: 8000-block of Stewart Avenue
Victim: 43-year-old man, later died in hospital.

Monday Evening, Albany Park
Time: Around 5 p.m.
Location: 3100-block of West Carmen Avenue
Victim: 23-year-old man, shot in the abdomen and pronounced dead at the hospital.
Suspect: Shots fired from a vehicle.

The violence over the weekend tested Mayor Brandon Johnson’s summer safety plan, which he had announced prior to the weekend in an effort to reduce the crime the city experienced during last year’s Memorial Day weekend, a time intended for somber reflection on those who died for our country, but also the unofficial kick-off to summer where a lot of people are out celebrating and carrying on.

“Technically” the mayor’s office can try to spin their plan as a success. There were “technically” fewer shootings and deaths this year than last, which horrifically saw 53 people shot, 11 fatally. But in all seriousness, I doubt anyone is going to call 41 people shot instead of 53 an actual success. It’s an abject declaration of a failed community and nothing less.

Mayor Johnson emphasized the need for investment in the city’s communities and youth, criticizing past administrations for neglecting these areas.

“They have run this city to the ground, but now, you have progressive leadership that’s invested in people to building it up,” Johnson stated during a community walk over the weekend and reported on by ABC 7 News. Guess, we’ll have to wait to see how that progressive leadership does in building up the community to prevent violence. So far, it’s earning a really low “F-“.

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  1. Keep voting blue. High gas prices. High food prices. Homeless everywhere. Taxes being pocketed by wealthy elites.

    Keep voting blue.

    • … they like the free shit that voting blue nets them – notice that the 5 year old victim out with daddy at 3:30a.m. Sunday goes by two different names – Danae Razor and also Raine Ware
      (rainwear – has a twin sister galoshes ?) … that will probably cause the baby momma to lose TWO afdc checks each month.

    • And apparently nobody even mentions, any more, just why a 5-year-old is in the car alone while Daddy is standing outside at 3:30 AM. Just 10 years ago there would at least be a mention of his drug dealing, and a note that he will be arrested as soon as the hospital releases him. Not any more, that is just normal, to be dealt with by gang law only. Good grief!

  2. Chicago’s Final Tally of Weekend Violence: 41 Shot, 9 Fatally

    Compare that tally in Chicago’s population of approximately 2.67 million people with 2.67 million people who have an active faith in God and healthy families.

    I would bet good money on a tally of ZERO shot and ZERO dead in that 2.67 million people of strong family and faith in God.

    Want to significantly reduce the frequency of violent attacks and murders in Chicago–and everywhere else for that matter? Start promoting strong families and faith in God and stop encouraging/rewarding contrary attitudes.

    • On the other hand you have to remember at in the movie “Escape From New York” they had a very large wall around the city which something “Chicago” hasn’t got. Might be good idea if they did.

    • The odd thing is that I live just 40-50 miles away from Shitacago, and things were quite peaceful here this weekend, just like every other weekend.
      The only shooting we hear, and we do hear it regularly, is people conducting target practice in our peaceful rural area.
      Any shitstains that decide to ‘escape from Chicago’ and try their shit here would likely be transported home in a horizontal position and at room temperature.

  3. Strong evidence of a breakdown of morality on the part of the citizens and a loss of the will to protect the community on the part of the elected government. One goes with the other.

    Answers are easy to find. Enforce the law that says no one may carry a gun without a permit (towns and cities have been restricting the carry of guns since, I dunno, Dodge City days out west). Stop and frisk. If you have a gun, its one year in the slammer – no TV, no internet, watching only Leave it to Beaver and Mayberry TV re-runs, plus classes in Civics.

      • I’m okay with that, as both “Human and Civil” hardly apply in this case. They certainly don’t mind pissing on OUR rights, now do they

    • Rove Sig,

      Government “solutions” to crime are the equivalent of putting cheap adhesive bandages on gaping wounds which need stitches.

      The true root cause is a breakdown of traditional values and families in all groups (citizens, bureaucrats, and politicians). And therein lies the answer. Sadly, there is no fast/easy way to recover and come back after breakdown of traditional values and families.

    • But they have “progressive” leadership!

      In reality this “leadership” just lifts themselves up while pulling everyone else down to the lowest level.

    • “…(towns and cities have been restricting the carry of guns since, I dunno, Dodge City days out west).”

      The ‘Wild West’ was a full 100 years *AFTER* the founding of this nation, when gun laws were set in stone. (Source, the 2022 SCotUS ‘Bruen’ decision). They were also widely (and rightly) ignored by the lawful citizens that lived there…

  4. A couple days ago someone in Winnetka, an expensive, left-leaning Chicago suburb, saw four people trying to steal his car at 5 am. He exchanged gunfire with them, and they absconded. (No one was hit.) Maybe times are changing.

    • His neighbor was upset. He said he should have let the perps just have his Maserati. Oh & Winnetka is the 2nd richest town in America. Rich enough to hire a private army🙄

    • “A couple days ago someone in Winnetka, an expensive, left-leaning Chicago suburb, saw four people trying to steal his car at 5 am. He exchanged gunfire with them, and they absconded. (No one was hit.)”

      In LA a day or so back, a bartender coming off-shift found someone under his car sawing his catalytic converter off. He confronted them, they shot him to death…

    • Watching the news, there were a HUGE number of spent shell casings in the ground with the little yellow number signs. They were in the street, so my guess is that the perps opened up with Glocks with switches and just sprayed the place.
      Shot placement, please! Focus on the front sight!

  5. WTF is a 5 yr old doing out at 3:30 am even if she is with her “father”? And, the “ mother” wants justice? That “mother” should have had that child at home and safely tucked in bed.

  6. You posted in the article yesterday the 5 year olds name was Razor, Danae Razor.
    Now its Reign Ware?
    So is it Rain Wear, Rusty Razor, Reign Coat , or Rusty Shacklford?

  7. Reading the article you will notice most of the shutings involved a veehickle. When , I say when, is our beloved giverment going to address this tragic use of murderous veehickle violence. Driving is a privilege that is not protected in the Bill of Rights and yet the giverment will not do anything about it other then to hand out more drivers licenses.
    Veehickles should be more heavily regulated then a firearmn. In fact they should be totally banned. But no, humans are allowed to have access to a handicapped equipped veehickle so they may be able to drive being handicapped and yet arm braces for a gunm are illegal.
    I’m beginning to think the worst thing a firearmn can have going against it is being in the Bill of Rights.
    Save the planet
    Save lives
    Ban Veehickles Now

  8. Thats 41 shot, 9 fatal officially. Actual milage varies, wildly. The numbers will always be grossly underreported, unless its covid related.

  9. Where’s Bruce Springsteen now? 41 shot, apparently it only matters when the cops do it. This wouldn’t fit the liberal agenda.

  10. Well the South Side of Chicago is the baddest part of town.
    And if you go down there, you better just beware of anyone black or brown.

  11. Those youts out at all hours of the night, no wonder they struggle in school.
    Maybe they would be more attentive if the school district was to start classes in gun handling and how to fire a Glock with a giggle switch and not wound / kill so many that were not the intended target.
    All those wounded over the weekend show poor shooting skills.

  12. You young blacks are just amazing people. The day you all disappear won’t come soon enough.


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