Duluth Conceal & Carry Satchel
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“The Duluth Pack conceal and carry satchel is made exclusively in America and guaranteed to last your whole lifetime. Just like this country’s hard-on for handguns.” – Duluth Pack unveils ‘conceal and carry’ gun bag, Twitter not impressed [via citypages.com]

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    • If Robert wrote this article, you should give him some credit, stepping up to the plate and saying it like he sees it, ” hard on for guns” vernacular ,,,Oh look Robert you fucked up and rote rote instead if wrote, and you should have had an double apostrophe at the end of that that. ….. I ain’t hear for kno galldarn English class

    • Yup. Even with the twiterverse having their panties in a twist, the comments at city pages were more calm and pro 2A.

        • There is no “pro” 2A twitter-verse. It’s one of the reasons Twitter needs to be regulated like a utility.

        • @pwrserge

          I usually agree with you but when you say things like regulating Youtube/Twitter like a utility it really makes me wonder. People are free to create their own platforms and say whatever they want on them. I honestly haven’t heard of Twitter deleting pro gun comments so it is an open platform for both sides (most likely fewer pro gun people are the Twitter types). Besides, do you really want the government deciding where the line is??

  1. Looks like the carry compartment might be a bit hard to get to. Most of the concealed carry purses my wife uses have an edge mounted zipper, not something buried on the back flat side of the purse. With edge mounted zippers (which can still be hidden) you just reach across with the opposite hand, pull the zipper and get to the weapon. I bet this purse requires two hands and fumbling to get to the weapon.

  2. The author continues the snark:
    “The satchel’s built to satisfy both right-handed and left-handed people, provided they have a feeling they might shoot someone today. The conceal-carry pocket comes with a zipper, which serves the dual purposes of safety and really hammering home the Freudian thing.”

    I guess this is what passes for journalism up there.

  3. As Americans purchase more and more firearms, the anti- Second Amendment crowd get more strident.

    It’s obvious to me, America has spoken, with our wallets…not satchels

  4. duluth pack to me was a generic term for huge canvas duck containers with corrugated boxes inside that held 40 to 60lbs of essentials. and liquor. the leather shoulder straps bite with no waist support, but they are close to indestructible and arrange nicely in canoe tetris. one on your front, backpack behind and a canoe on your shoulders. now march the meadows portages. look out for eel snot.
    at least the ones we rented from bill rom back in the day lasted forever. glad to see their still at it.

  5. The source article, like countless other articles, statements, tweets, etc. from Progressives, clearly and unequivocally illustrate their utter contempt, disdain, and downright hatred for people who are “different”.

    Make no mistake: Progressive controlled government will not hesitate to silence/eliminate people who are “different” (their political enemies) via bullying, coercion, fines, imprisonment, and/or executions if they think they can get away with it.

    Progressives fundamentally and vehemently oppose the idea that people should be able to think and live freely. THAT is why we must never give up our arms.

  6. There is a place in this world for purse (satchel) carry.

    For a woman, carrying concealed in business attire isn’t all that easy, and she is generally pretty safe in the confines of her office. When she gets to the parking garage, though, she may want to be prepared.

    She can walk through said garage with her hand in her purse and her finger on the trigger, ready to address any threat without brandishing or arousing suspicion.

  7. everything with the left is turned into some kind of sexual fetish or sexual urge or sexual innuendo.

    sometimes a carry bag is just a carry bag.

    • You could just as well take a whiz on an electric fence. The City Pages isn’t a real newspaper. It’s mostly stories about the local arts and food scene in the Twin Cities area, and is really just a big circle jerk where the “reporters” write stories about their friends’ bands and restaurants.

      Nothing to see here. Move along…move along.

  8. ‘Why are you marketing a bag specifically to people trying to hide a gun from the general public? ”

    Perhaps because it’s the Americans People’s right to exercise their right if they choose and said companies choice to produce a product catering to that market.

    I gain joy from watching Leftist’s panties getting all in a knot from something as this.

    • ‘Why are you marketing a bag specifically to people trying to hide a gun from the general public? ”

      Because open carry makes special snowflakes uncomfortable and scares the livestock.

  9. Apparently the leftists have nothing better to do. Maybe they were tired of boycotting the new Peter Rabbit film for it’s apparent bullying of people with allergies and this is the latest thing to get their panties bunched up.

  10. Duluth Pack rocks! I’m drinking coffee from one of their mugs as I type this. They have been hand making bomb proof bags the same way for over 100 years. The people that used to use their bags were actual outdoorsman who always carried firearms. Now their customers are lumbersexual hipsters who use their bags to carry beard grooming products and ride fixie bikes.

    Oh well, those guys rock and good for them for marketing this bag. If these triggered snowflakes only knew that people like me are carrying a scary gun while shopping in Duluth Pack LOL.

  11. Ho ha …— … OPEN CARRY, ,. EVERY STATE EVERYWHERE…..choice of carry, how ever you chose to fight your opponent is up to you. If you can carry it it’s legal.,. , Choice of carry, I like that!!!!!!


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